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Big Brother 22- Friday Recap for 10/16/20

October 17, 2020 | 25 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning! I hope everyone can go out and enjoy the weekend because waiting around for the feeds may not be the best use of your time. Everything will be focused on who wins the veto later today. After that, we’ll either see more of Christmas crying or Cody & Nicole panicking. I suppose a third option could be seeing Christmas driving Enzo nuts over his decision, if he were to win it. With only 4 people left, those are the options.

Christmas already had the odds against her heading into the veto. This was how she spent the day preparing so I really don’t have much confidence she’ll be able to win it. She tends to panic when her butts on the line.

Today should give us a good indication of whether or not Cody wins the game. Yeah, I get that anything can happen, (Josh beat Paul) but for the most part, its Cody’s game to win or lose based on todays results. There may still be some drama but it could be more from people realizing they’ve lost rather than continuing to try to win. Yesterday was a slow day on the feeds but here’s what happened:

  • Christmas met with Enzo to push for Cody to be a nom. She gave Enzo the same pitch she gave Nicole last week about him being a huge threat. On Enzos end of things, he tried to convince Christmas that Nicole was as big of a threat as Cody. Christmas was hoping Nicole and Cody would be the noms and Enzo tried to pitch that Cody was the biggest comp threat. He said maybe it wouldn’t be smart to get him fired up. Christmas said it was a good idea because putting him on the block might rattle him going into the veto comp. They both said they’d decide together what to do if one of them won the veto.  (They both had different agendas so they were never going to agree)
  • Nicole talked about her wedding and encouraged Christmas to come. (Christmas had gotten a verbal invite since they’ve been in the house) Nicole said Josh and Paul were invited so it would be like a BB19 reunion for her. (I listened to Andy, BB15 winner, on a podcast the other night. He’s friends with Nicole and said he was a little hurt he didn’t get invited. He said he was fine not being invited and was only hurt after finding out some of the people she’d asked to go. This is a Tweet of someone else summarizing what Andy said on the podcast and it’s basically what I heard too:
  • There was some kind of a luxury comp and Nicole won 10k. We’ll have to wait and see what happened but it sounded like they each chose a juror to play for too so Memphis also won 10k. (They were either playing for a juror or the juror they chose had something to do with the way they won, it wasn’t clear) Cody tried explaining it and honestly, he made it more confusing.
  • Christmas was upset and talked to the cams. She said she wasn’t upset that she’d lost and was only bummed she didn’t pick ‘her friend’ Memphis. She said she didn’t want him to feel betrayed. (Dramatic much?) She said she was mad Enzo hadn’t told her she wasn’t going otb yet. She said she felt like he doesn’t want to damage his relationship with Cody. She said she thought it would he Nicole and herself otb. She cried said she was ready for the game to be over and wanted to see her family.

Sure, Christmas has been on the block alot lately and that can start to wear on a person. (Kevin says hi) It also sucks when the one person you’re close to is evicted. She lost Tyler, realized Enzo wasn’t really with her and lost Memphis in a short period of time. I’m sure she feels pretty alone right now. However, EVERY time Christmas loses a comp, she goes to bed, cries and says she’s upset for a different reason. (Ya, the reason is that she’s a sore loser) When Kaysar was left with no allies, she thought it was fantastic! It was the same for everyone else too. What was it she told Nicole recently? “Put your big girl pants on.” Christmas needs to do the same because this nut is my only hope to shake things up this week! Her crying marathon IS NOT the way to mentally prepare for the veto comp. While she laid in bed crying, Cody studied most of the day. (I’m not rooting for Christmas, I’m rooting for chaos, to be clear)

  • Christmas finally got up long enough to shoot daggers at everyone and let them know she didn’t want to talk.
  • Cody did the dishes and complained about Christmas. He said most of the dishes belonged to Christmas. (I have no idea but I did see Christmas wash her own cup and plate after she ate yesterday but most of them could’ve been hers from some time earlier. Nicole made them breakfast so could that be where some of the dishes came from?)
  • Nicole went to check on Christmas and Christmas told her she was just upset she’d “betrayed her friend.” She was missing him being gone and Nicole promised to keep it to herself. (Christmas didn’t say ‘don’t tell.’ Nicole volunteered that she wouldn’t say anything to the guys.
  • Maybe a minute passed before Nicole told Cody and Enzo that Christmas was upset because she missed Memphis. (Haha, she really is a snake and that’s not meant to be an insult)
  • Nicole made dinner, the guys liked it and said the onion soup was good. Nicole said it wasn’t soup, it was just vegetables. (Don’t know, don’t care. I just dont have anything to write about)
  • Enzo put Christmas and Nicole on the block.
  • Enzo told Nicole he thought Christmas would yell at him and said he may lock himself in the hoh room because Christmas was angry. Nicole told Cody she’d never seen Christmas so mad because she’d slept through the argument she had with Bay and Day. Cody said he didn’t care. Nicole also said Enzo was afraid of her. (Christmas really was mad but alot of this was just Nicole being Nicole) Cody said maybe she was mad because Enzo didn’t warn her and Nicole acted out the way Christmas was sitting and not speaking. She said she couldn’t get Christmas to talk at all.
  • They all seemed to alternate napping at different times throughout the day. Enzo talked to the cow about Christmas being so mad at him.
  • Christmas continued to cry and avoided everyone. Eventually, Nicole and later Cody, checked in on her. Enzo had told Cody he’d talk to her the next day. (I guess he was giving her time to calm down or didn’t really care)
  • Cody and Enzo were annoyed at the way Christmas was behaving. Cody said the noms didn’t matter and it was ridiculous. Enzo said he’d told Chriatmas it would be stupid to put Cody otb and make the best competitor mad. (This was obvious bullshit, it’s just the only excuse Enzo could come up with and Christmas knows it’s bullshit. The noms really don’t matter this week….except for taking away the ‘never been otb’ from Cody. I do think Cody should’ve gone up for that reason but I dont think it’s that big of a deal either. It could help Enzo a tiny fraction but he won’t win this game because Cody went up the only time that noms don’t even matter)
  • Enzo told Cody he’d apologize to Christmas but Cody didn’t understand why he would. Enzo said the game had “passed him by” and said now, he just apologized to everyone. He was joking about being too old and mellow for the game. He said he’d apologized to Memphis, Day, Bay, Tyler, everyone. Enzo wanted to wait because he said Christmas “looked through my soul when I nominated her.” Haha
  • Cody did a lot of studying, sometimes by himself and sometimes, he and Nicole quizzed each other. Once, when Cody was studying, Enzo kept talking to him and distracting him. Cody told him to stop but Enzo just kept right on talking. Another time, Nicole and Cody were going over things together. Christmas came out of the DR but they didn’t know it. Nicole got nervous because she thought Christmas overheard them saying Christmas had only won 3 comps and said the powers didn’t count as a comp win. (I know this gets debated among the viewers and the players but I agree. How can something count as a comp win when sometimes it’s a secret? Often, they arn’t competing against very many people either. Yes, technically, its ‘something’ they’ve won but being included in their comp win count? No.)
  • Nicole checked in on Christmas before going to bed and told Christmas she loved her. Hahaha

We’ll have to wait and see how the veto goes today. It could be early or it could be a late one. That’s why I suggested not being glued to the feeds today. Nothing that’s discussed will probably matter today until after the comps been played. Enzo may ‘apologize’ to Christmas but that’s about it. Even that will just be a bunch of BS so I think I’m going to do something else for a while today.

Have a great Saturday!

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