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Big Brother 22- Friday Recap for 8/14/20

August 15, 2020 | 33 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! Yesterday was tense in the BB house and I’ll try to sort through it. First, I’m going to try to define “all star,” at least the was I see it in BB terms. Obviously, winners and top 3 finishers can be considered all stars. However, there are some top 3 finishers we barely remember because they were dragged to the end. Is Victoria from BB16 an all star? No, she was barely aware of her surroundings in her season so making it near the end doesn’t make you an all star player. Kaysar is definitely an all star based on his personality, story and style of play. He was considered a huge ‘get’ for the show and he’s never made it to jury. Different things make players memorable. It could be winning, making it far, having a huge personality, causing drama or having a memorable story. Truthfully, Kaitlyn Herman from BB20 could be considered an all star because she’s memorable from BB20 and she was a terrible player.

Everyone in camp comeback got a raw deal last summer. David was treated horribly, along with Kemi and Ovi and it made much of the audience furious. I know for myself, I didn’t enjoy doing recaps some of the time because it was depressing and infuriating. David also had good reads on the house which impressed a lot of viewers but he never really got to play the game. What happened during BB21 and his part  in it made him memorable on BB21. CBS also cast this during a pandemic and for a time, we didn’t think we’d have a show. Considering that obstacle and how many past players turned them down, I think they did an amazing job casting this season. Every person there either played well or had a big story during their season and I don’t have an issue with calling them all stars. This season isn’t called “battle of the champions’ so I think we need to relax a little bit and enjoy what they’ve given us.

If you’re someone who can’t enjoy the show unless your favorite player wins or goes far, well, you may be in for a miserable summer. Most of us have a different favorite and since only 1 person will win, the odds are on many of us being disappointed. If your fave leaves and you can’t root ‘for’ someone, then maybe you can start rooting ‘against’ someone. Its only week 2 but I thought some of you may need a pep talk because a couple well like players just landed on the block. I’m probably going to need it too at some point this season and it may be sooner instead of later. That’s all I got so if it didnt help, maybe meditation, therapy, booze?

Recap before Nominations:

  • Kevin and David talked about playing in the safety comp and how Memphis wanted people to play to increase his chances of winning next week. (True)  David thought the people who didn’t play would be telling too.
  • Tyler realized quickly Memphis was trying to make everyone unsafe so they’d play in the comp too. (Tyler and Christms recently talked and said they weren’t feeling the alliance with Memphis because he never wanted the 6 of them to talk together. They both feel its hard to build a team when you don’t communicate)
  • Memphis wouldnt tell his alliance who he was planning to put otb. Some ideas were tossed out but that was it.
  • Tyler and Dani both agreed if David went up, they’d need to vote to keep him. Tyler has David and Dani and Cody both think they have him on their side too. (Dani had been tossing out David’s name but that had changed. She’d also REALLY like to get out NicA) They talked about how Memphis was trying to run everything alone and how neither wanted to play that way. (This continues with several people who discuss not liking what Memphis was doing) Tyler brought up Memphis trying to work both side and work with Janell & Kaysar too.
  • Christmas won the safety comp and she was WAY too pumped up over it. (She won a comp, while her alliance was in power already, big deal)
  • Christmas saved Ian with her safety pass and really pissed off Memphis.
  • Memphis got suspicious over why Christmas chose Ian and said NicF also volunteered for have nots to keep Ian from having to choose someone. He said he didn’t like Ian being saved “twice in one day.” (It was actually 2 days but whatever)
  • Memphis vented to Cody, Enzo and Tyler. Tyler played it cool and got a little dig in to Memphis. Tyler asked Memphis if Christms knew that Memphis didn’t want Ian to be saved and he had to admit he hadn’t told Chrismas who to choose or not to choose. (Great strategy of not talking to your alliance dumbass)
  • NicF got paranoid when she heard Memphis  might not be happy and thought he might blame her for Ian’s safety. (NicF was in Christmas’ head the night before and she probably is behind it. If so, good for her….and Ian. It also explains why NicF got so worried about it right after it happened. She should never play poker)
  • NicF went to the hoh to make sure she was good with Memphis. He said their group can’t meet up and talk all the time and Christmas needs constant reassurance about their alliance. (Does he know who he’s talking to?)
  • Christmas was annoyed and said Memphis should’ve talked to his alliance and included them in his plans if he didn’t want Ian saved. (She’s not wrong) Dani said she didn’t think it was that big of a deal.
  • Christmas spoke to Memphis, bragged on herself for winning and told him she’d be able to influence Ian if he was hoh and keep them safe. He said it wasn’t a big deal and he just didn’t like Ian being saved from something 2 times in one day. (I think Memphis had already decided his noms but wanted to keep Ian as a back door option. Not really a plan, just an option)
  • Memphis told Bayleigh he wanted to make a “gentleman’s agreement” with her. He wouldn’t commit to not putting her on the block but said IF he didn’t, he wanted her to owe him and return the favor later. He also told her he didn’t  want an alliance with her but thought they could work together some on the side and probably later in the game, not right now. (Props to Bay for keeping her cool, agreeing to this stupid arrangement and mostly for not punching him in the face. Bays came a long way ya’ll)

I’m going to hit pause for a minute. I just got an image or wish (don’t know which) of Bay being the hoh, putting Memphis otb and saying “take a seat old man and by the way, I’m a woman, not a gentleman, b*tch.”  I’m not calling Memphis old but in BB10, he had an argument with Jerry, who was 75 and called him ‘old man.’ That’s why I’d like to see that, just to be clear.  Ok, back to the recap:

  • Cody told Enzo he planned to push for NicA to go up and stull hadn’t given up on trying to get Memphis to back door Janelle.
  • Dani and NicF discussed how the alliance with Memphis  was stupid and how he wanted to be a king and call all the shots.

Recap after Nominations:

  • Memphis nominated David and Nicole A. During the non speech Memphis told David something like “welcome to the big kids table.” (When he put David on slop, he said “welcome to big brother”) He may have said more but we don’t  know for sure yet. Regardless of the exact words, he came off as unnecessarily harsh/mean/aggressive and it rubbed most of the house the wrong way.  Those were the words used to describe  it last night from other hgs.
  • Everyone was pissed at Memphis and took turns consoling David who was also mad. David said he knew he was going otb after the way Memphis had made him a have not. He said he just didnt understand the words he used and that’s what had him angry. David said he was 30 years old and shouldn’t be talked to that way.
  • NicF had an awkward moment with David when she brought up Zach calling her a fruit loop dingus in BB16. It was a stupid comparison based on what had just happened but in her defense, she also told him she knew she didn’t have the right words to tell him that she understood. (She can’t understand but she was trying to and it was very sincere)

Ok, I’m going to hit pause again so I’m not typing the same convo with multiple people over and over. I wasn’t there, I don’t know what was said but based ONLY on what little we do know, I don’t  think Memphis was making a racist comment. The internet blew up and that was the accusation being thrown around. I think what he said was douchey and extremely condescending. From things Memphis has said before and after noms, I believe his comments refereing to the ‘big kids table’ were about Davids BB experience. He doesn’t think David deserves to be in a game of all stars. This comes from David not actually playing the game until now and it also comes from comments David has made. David went into the house playing dumb about BB on purpose. He made a point to act like he didn’t know how veto worked and various other things. He really has only watched season 20 but he played it up too much. I’d said in an earlier post, I thought it was a bad strategy because players with a longer history with BB could easily take it as David not deserving his spot because he hadn’t ‘earned it’ in their eyes.

I’m not defending Memphis and I think he’s a jerk. I also understand why people (in the house and out) are assuming Memphis’ intentions are something else. Everyone in the house knows what happened last summer on BB21. It’s been discussed and multiple times. Maybe Memphis didn’t hear those conversations and maybe he’s been out of the BB loop and wasn’t aware. I genuinely don’t know but based on what last summer handed David in BB, I can completely understand why he may think he’s being singled out. David was called ‘boy’ last year by Jack and more than once. I can see where ‘big kids table’ could be taken differently. People receive things based on their own experiences and it’s not for me to tell David what he’s experiencing.

  • David was upset over being otb with NicA and said she’s like his little sister.
  • NicA was upset over going otb and also said her experience last summer made the situation “triggering.” (I was annoyed last night because I thought she meant going otb. After listening to her last night, I don’t think that’s what she meant. She took Memphis’ comments as singling David out and felt like it was BB21 all over again. She was caught off guard by the mean spiritedness from Memphis and I think it threw her a little)
  • Janelle hugged NicA and told her she didn’t know Memphis was going to put her otb.
  • David and NicA consoled each other and David gave her a pep talk. He told her he hated it too but said she could do this.
  • Kevin pushed the idea that Janelle is the reason NicA is otb.
  • NicA and Kevin fed more of of each others bad instincts and started thinking Janelle set her up. Because Janelle and Kaysar told NicA (the night before) they were working with Memphis, she thinks Janelle may be in on it. NicA started beating herself up because she shared so much info with Janelle.
  • Dinner was eaten in a weird and awkward silence.
  • Cody pushed for Janelle a little but Memphis said he didn’t think it would be good for him right now. Memphis brought up NicA being the only person left who still has the safety pass for next week (that isn’t working with them) and said that may be a good reason for her to go.
  • NicA confided in DaVonne everything about Janelle. She told her they’d talked about Tyler, Cody, Dani and NicF being a group of 4 and catching them talking. She said Janelle wanted to go after NicF and how Janelle suggested working with Da, Bay and Christmas. NicA also told her she thought Janelle was working with Tyler.
  • Janelle and Kayser talked to Memphis and laid out who they think is working together. They named all of Memphis’ alliance except him. Janelle tried to convince him NicF would be a good back door plan. Memphis doesn’t see her as a threat. Janelle said how close NicF is with Cody but Memphis said he didn’t see it. Janelle told him its obvious Cody is NicF’s #1. (Memphis is too arrogant to ever buy this because he thinks he has Cody) She also told him NicA would be a good ally and that she would be loyal. Memphis mentioned David and said he wasn’t trying to gang up on him, he  just doesn’t see him as an all star)
  • NicF broke up the Da/NicA convo by saying she was looking for her water bottle. When she left, Da and NicA both said she was lying and there wasn’t any cup. (True. NicF was trying an Andy move. The difference is Andy used to actually leave things in rooms that he could go get later so it wasn’t obvious)
  • NicA has become more convinced Janelle, Kayser and Memphis are working with Tyler, Cody and Dani as a group.
  • Memphis shared his wine with Janelle in the hoh room which only fed into NicA’s suspicions. Janelle was actually trying to get the target off NicA when she was talking to Memphis.
  • Kevin went to Dani and spilled all his info (mostly wrong) in the hopes of teaming up. (Kevin is going for that ‘wounded bird’ thing that Tyler naturally has but Kevin just comes off as a weak player and whiny when he does it)
  • Da and Dani compared notes. They think NicF and Cody are working together but don’t care for now. Dani told Da to be careful because she thinks Bay and Janelle are closer than she thinks. (Not anymore) Da said she thinks Janelle has Christmas. (not true)
  • Cody and Memphis decided they’d rather NicA go this week. (for now) Cody also wants Kayser to go before Janelle.

This house is a mess and the overlapping alliances are what have so many people confused. Janelle really does want to work with NicA but they’re both to blame for why it’s not working in my opinion. Nicole A doesn’t hang out with enough people to have a chance at figuring out what’s going on and she’s quick to be suspicious of Janelle when she’s  one of the few people who shares info with her. Why isn’t she ever suspicious of all the people who DON’T hang out with her? Janelle is at fault too and I don’t mean because she’s trusting Memphis when she shouldn’t. Janelle wants to work with NicA but she dismisses everyone NicA is close with. She shuts down the idea of working with Kevin or David every time NicA mentions it. How would Janelle react if NicA said she wanted to work with her but not Kaysar because he sucks? It’s been off putting for NicA. Combine that with all the bad instincts Kevin has and one large alliance centered around Cody with multiple off shoots, it’s very confusing.

Check back later for Steves veto update and have a great Saturday!



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