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Big Brother 22- Friday Recap for 8/21/20

August 22, 2020 | 23 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJ fam! Today will probably be a shorter one. Yesterday wasn’t very active in the house and truthfully, the timing worked out good for me. I’m out of town with family this weekend and I was hoping to do shorter recaps the next few days before everyone is awake. (my family, not the hgs)  I just didn’t expect the hg’s to cooperate and make that possible.

As Steve’s already covered, Enzo won the safety suite and made Christmas his plus 1. Tyler put Janelle and Kaysar on the block. I have to admit, Tylers group is doing a decent job of hiding Christmas so she doesn’t look like she’s with them. Dani suggested Tyler pick Christmas for hg choice in the veto if he drew that chip. Dani said they should have Christmas act excited and say ‘pick me, pick me’ because everyone knows how badly she wants to play in comps. She said that way, it would look better if Tyler picked her. (She’s probably right too)

This weeks have nots have the most entertaining room so far. They (Cody, Enzo, Janelle, Enzo) joked about how many hgs come in there to hang out now that they’re in there. (not a lie) Enzo’s having a rough time as a have not and asked Bay if he could die from being on slop. She assured him he wouldn’t. Enzo doesn’t eat unless Cody or Bay make his food but this shouldn’t surprise anyone who saw BB12. He had a punishment in BB12, had to wear a penguin costume and he hid food in it all week. I won’t be surprised if he’s at it again this season, just without the penguin. Janelle doesn’t look to be enjoying the experience tho:

Honestly, other than a late night game talk between Day and Kevin, Nicole crying because Bay hurt her feelings, was about the only thing that happened. Keven can’t stand Kaysar and that came out loud and clear last night. Kevin won’t be working with Kaysar if he stays,  even tho he doesn’t have any people. He talked to Day about needing an alliance and not having one. Regardless, he’ll do what so many others do. He’ll sit on the outskirts of the ‘cool’ people, hoping they throw him a crumb.

Dani and Nicole spent a good amount of time making jokes and comments to Day and David separately about a possible shomance. Day kept telling them to lay off because she wasn’t there for a guy. It may have been all in good fun and this didn’t just start yesterday. They’ve been doing it for about a week. Day said she doesn’t want her focus to be off the game and doesn’t want to be made a target. Dani told her to “settle down,” “relax” and said “we’re just playing with you.” (Dani and Nicole know exactly what they’re doing)

Bayleigh was gradually becoming more irritable in general. She had a nice talk with Tyler about it. They talked about Dani being a “ticking time bomb” and being ready “to rip Tylers head off.” She’s on slop, worried she’s too connected to Janelle (as one of the only women to spend time with her) and she could also see what Dani and Nicole were doing with Day and David.

There was more shomance talk. Nicole thought all the joking and matchmaking about Day was great, even after Day had asked them to stop. Nicole assured her it was all in good fun and told Day she just wanted her to be happy. That fun ended when Bay made a joke herself:

Day and Bay were arguing against shomances to Nicole and Nicole was telling Day to stop “running away.” Day said she had to because  she was playing a game for 500k.  Bay told Nicole “that’s a pretty good point” because she could tell what Nicole was doing. Nicole told Bay (I guess to get some back up)  “you met your man here.” Bay said “I f*cked up my game and it’s the reason I was a target.”  Nicole and Day were laughing about Nicole winning her season and having a shomance. Bay said “yeah, but it took a few times and a few boys.” Bay said “it’s too risky Nicole” and Nicole said “ok” but the mood immediately changed. There was a little more chit chat between them over whether or not Day should be open to it.

Later, when Dani was around and Nicole was talking about what Bay had said, Nicole became emotional and started crying. (Yes, crying again) Dani hugged her and said it was a mean thing to say. (Remember, Nicole found it funny when Day and Nicole joked and it’s been funny when Nicole and Dani have talked about it. It was also funny when Nicole told Memphis all about it last week)

Day had to fill Bay in on the fact that Nicoles feelings were hurt. This was the stunned look from Bay:

Day told her it made her cry. Bay asked “isn’t it true?” Day said “its true but she’s sensitive about it.” Bay said she didn’t know but pointed out Nicole and Dani could say stuff all day and asked “but nobody can say anything about her?” Bay said she’d never dealt with anyone with Nicoles level of sensitivity.

Dani told Cody she would be in charge of keeping Nicole in a good space and Cody had to be in charge of keeping Janelle from going off on Nicole. (They think if Janelle wins the veto, she may go off on her)

Hopefully things pick up today and after the veto comp, I’m sure they’ll be a lot more to talk about. I know this was supposed to be my ‘compliment Nicole day’ but damn, she makes it hard. I’ll go with this one: Nicoles whiny, perpetual victimhood and crying seems to be working. She has Dani and Cody trying to protect her and the rest of the house thinking Janelle is being mean to her. It has her in a good position in the house and…..until she had another tearfest and ruined it, her make up looked pretty yesterday. That’s the best I can do.

Have a great Saturday!


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