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Big Brother 22- Friday Recap for 8/28/20

August 29, 2020 | 35 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! There was a lot of conversation in the house yesterday and much of it was repeating the same things over and over. It can get a bit boring but sometimes it’s telling too. The cracks are starting to form in the two main alliances which also happen to overlap. It may not feel that way with Kaysar sitting on the block (that was inevitable) but it is happening. I liked the top image because Kaysar is truly a sitting duck.

I hope Kaysar can pull out a victory today in the veto comp but I’m mostly paying attention to who’s pushing what agenda and who they’re pushing it on. Sometimes hgs have quick convos several times during the day with the same person. I often combine the comments in one section just in case I haven’t mentioned that before. (If you’re wanting a recap in chronological order, ya got the wrong gal)

Recap from yesterday:

  • Enzo had his one on one meetings with everyone before noms.
  • Cody warned Nicole that Enzo doesn’t trust Ian. (I think he was preparing her for a possible Ian backdoor if Kaysar wins veto) Nicole was worried Enzo didnt trust her enough to tell her. She said Ian was her “Victoria” and she was tired of Dani talking about getting rid of him. (It was really Dani who warned Nicole that Cody wanted Ian out soon. Dani told her Cody was worried Nicole was getting too close to him so I think this was Nicole fixing it) She told Cody she was fine cutting Ian but said it was too soon. Cody told her she was coddling Ian too much. He also confided to Nicole that he doesn’t fully trust Dani and said Nicole was his #1. He promised he wasn’t going to screw her over
  • Cody’s group keeps saying Kaysar is the leader of “the other side.” (It’s Kaysar against the house, what side?)
  • Dani told Bay she looked like a banana because she was wearing a yellow dress. (Yellow is Danis’color, it’s kind of her thing and she’s petty enough to get annoyed when Bay walks around looking amazing in yellow) Bay snapped back by telling her bananas are best dipped in chocolate or something like that. (It was a good comeback even if I can’t remember the exact wording)
  • Memphis made sushi:
  • Dani made herself into Cindy Lou Who:
  • Clothing continued to be a hot topic yesterday. Dani and Nicole mentioned several times to some of the guys and each other that Bay was wearing Janelles jacket. Dani pushed the idea that Bay and Day had to be the 2 votes to keep her. Dani also suggested to Nicole that Janelle hadn’t given Bay the clothes and said she thought Bay just took them. (False, this is Janelle going thru her clothes and giving half of them to Bay and also Day):
  • This is Janelle taking off the sweatshirt she was wearing when Bay asked her for it:
  • Kaysar asked Ian about possibly picking him for veto. Ian wouldn’t commit, told Enzo and said he wouldnt use it if he won it.
  • Nicole did a little complaining because people cheered for Day during the comp when she got a ball in the hole. She didn’t think they cheered for her too.
  • Day has an uphill battle because she told Bay she knew Tyler would work to keep Bay so she wanted to work on Enzo to get him to look out for her. (Enzo told Cody he’d like to replace Day with Christmas in the Slick 6) Bay said she wouldn’t vote Kaysar out if he was against Kevin. Day said no matter how close they thought they were to Cody, he was going to stick with Nicole and Dani. (Hopefully they can win an hoh and do something about it)
  • Tyler told Enzo some of the things Dani had been doing and Enzo had already seen it too. Tyler also subtly pushed Enzo in the direction of getting out Day before Bay. (Enzo already feels the same)
  • Enzo didn’t want to use David as a pawn but Dani feared Kevin wouldn’t take going otb well. Enzo didn’t care and said he didn’t have anyone in the game anyway. Day was also questioning why David wasn’t going up when they (Slick 6) knows David has said several of their names.
  • Enzo decided to use Kevin anyway and told Christmas he’d have to do a good job of saying he was only a pawn. They talked alot about wanting to play the same kind of game.
  • Day tried to convince Dani that Kaysar and David are close so Enzo would put David otb. (This isn’t true, Day wants David out and wants to protect Kevin)
  • Most of the house has discussed how strange David has been acting. He shouts, talks to himself and isn’t easy to communicate with. He danced a bit and asked Bay how he smelled. David may be losing it:
  • Dani has changed her mind about Bay and agrees with Nicole about getting Bay out before Day. Cody and Enzo don’t agree with this plan.
  • Enzo nominated Kaysar and Kevin.
  • Dani and Nicole want to look out for Christmas because she’s planning to nominate Bay and Day. They don’t want to be the ones to do it. (Too bad they don’t realize Enzo and Tyler already have this covered)
  • Enzo spent a lot of time saying “the girls” need to win something and talked about them having a free ride so far. He’s all about the comp wins this time around since he’s winning and last time, he didn’t.
  • Christmas spent time with Kaysar and tried to pep him up for the veto. She got him to work out a little and seems to be trying to be his new Janelle. (Christmas is playing a great game right now but she’s no Janelle)
  • Enzo had a long talk with Kevin and assured him he was a pawn. Enzo basically called Kevin a floater while trying to cheer him up. (Haha) He also told him if Kaysar won veto, he’d put up another big target and promised Kevin he wouldn’t go home.
  • Kaysar talked to Dani to see if he could get her to work with him. He told her (in the way only Kaysar can say) he’d have to blow up her alliance when he stayed. He said he wasn’t stupid and knew there was a large alliance already. Dani said there wasn’t. (She’s a really bad liar. She has a lot of tells) Kaysar said “what kind of bullshit do you think I’m going to be fed on a daily basis?” Later, Dani told all this to Cody and he said something about confronting Kaysar. Dani told him to chill.
  • Kaysar told Enzo he’d like to work with him if he stayed and this went nowhere. Enzo said Kaysar hadn’t talked game with him this entire time. (True) Kaysar asked Enzo how far into the game he’d formed the Brigade in BB12. (Lol. Kaysar can’t save himself but he isn’t stupid)
  • Enzo tried to convince Day he didn’t put David otb because he didn’t want to compete against him in veto.
  • Kaysar was explaining to Day and Bay they were sitting ducks. Bay told him she didn’t appreciate Kaysar using her name as a vote when campaigning for Keesha, NicA and Janelle. She told him that he and Janelle had really hurt her game. (She didn’t feel that way when Janelle was handing out designer dresses the day before) Kaysar tried to get them to see the things he’d done the past couple weeks (fighting too hard for Keesha and NicA) was to prevent the situation they’re in right now.
  • Enzo and Dani continued trying to convince each other that Day and Bay were the hinky votes.
  • Bay reported to Enzo and Cody that Kaysar was campaigning. (to cover herself) Cody was irritated Kaysar had the nerve to try and stay.
  • Day and Bay told Kevin he needed to win the veto and he freaked out because he thought they were saying he didn’t have their votes. (Day is just trying to get David otb) Kevin also told Day he thought the Cody and co group were all working an extra person as a plus 1 and a shield. (Kevin usually has one moment of clarity each day. He reminds me of Haleigh in BB20. I’d compared her to Dory during her season. There will be a moment of realization, an ‘aha’ moment, then poof, the thought just goes away. Kevin does this about once each day.)
  • Dani and Cody snapped at each other a little bit. They were with Enzo and when she was talking, Cody told her “look at me, don’t look at Enzo.” Dani let him know he couldn’t talk to her that way. Enzo told them Kaysar thinks Enzo is being controlled by Cody and Tyler. Cody said it was like his season when people thought he was being ran by the house. Dani told him he was only being controlled by Derrick. (Lol) Dani was telling Cody not to say anything to Kaysar because Kaysar was starting to confide in her. She knows anything Cody says will be obvious it came from her. Cody told her not to get ahead of herself.
  • Enzo and Dani hung out by themselves for a while making fun of most of the people in the house before going to bed.
  • This is what it looks like when 2 old school players are in a house being controlled by new school players:

They’re starting to do a lot of talking and complaining about each other. This week could get messy even if Kaysar loses today. Dani is getting more grouchy being a have not. Enzo is a little stressed because he actually has to make decisions. Day gets herself in more trouble by the minute. Kaysar is threatening to burn down the house in an attempt to save himself or at least, go out with a bang. I’m anxious for the veto.!

Have a great Saturday.

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