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Big Brother 22- Friday Recap for 9/11/20

September 12, 2020 | 71 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, hope you’re starting a great weekend. Yesterday began with Nicole and Dani talking about their DR’s and who had spoken to them about what. They were trying to talk in code but the gist of it was over the remarks that had been made about Ian. Nicole asked if it was going to be aired and Dani said probably. Nicole said “the Ian stuff” and Dani said no. (I was a bit lost on that part) It sounded like they’d picked up on a potential problem based on the kinds of questions they’d been asked the day before. This was the night Nicole was talking to Christmas and saying she’d just not laugh or joke anymore. She said she would stop talking entirely. (This isn’t Nicole’s first time on the show and she knows what she’s doing. It’s a way to tell production, if you throw me under a bus, you won’t get good tv out of me anymore. I’ll just shut down) She even told Christmas “I shut down when someone tries to make me out to be someone I’m not.”

After what was probably a tip off by DR questions, (that’s a guess) some of them had actually spoken to someone about it, including Dani. That’s what she was asking Nicole. She wanted to know if she’d had her conversation yet. It also sounded like Ian had been talked to about it and Nicole wanted to know how he took it. (This happened at a different time in the day) During this morning conversation with Dani, Nicole was worried and then she was pissed. She started making comments about just leaving. She said she’d had a dream she left. (Again, this is a way to say ‘if I’m confronted about this or put in an uncomfortable situation, I’m outta here.’)  It’s a way to simply try and avoid it because production will go to great lengths to prevent people from quitting. Nicole knows this and has zero intentions of leaving. Sorry to start the recap with this shit but it’s how the day began.

Nicole woke up to find out there’s this thing called live feeds and that people actually watch them.

Don’t worry, she was stressed at first but came up with a plan. She realized she could threaten (in a subtle way) to leave if anything was put on an episode that might make her look bad. For emphasis, she dropped the F bomb…and it wasn’t “freakin.”

If all else failed, she could simply blanket.

On a lighter note, Dani met with everyone for the pre-nom meetings. She already knew who she was putting up and did most of them for show. The highlights from these conversations:

  • She and Tyler agreed to put everything in the past between them. He said he didn’t blame her if she put him otb. She offered him a F6 and said they shouldn’t go after each other until they were down to the Committee alliance. He did one better and offered her a F4. They shook on it.
  • Dani told Cody she didn’t believe Tyler’s F4 offer. They also agreed Christmas and Tyler are closer than they first thought. She told him about Kevin telling her he wouldn’t be friends with her if he got evicted. Cody said it wasn’t fair to Dani to say that but Dani said he was just being honest.
  • Dani told Day the plan for noms. She asked her to help keep Kevin calm and assure him he was only a pawn. Day pushed for Tyler and Christmas as noms a little but Dani acted like she was too scared. She said she’d consider it but would need to make sure they had the votes first to get him out.
  • Dani told Nicole she’d thought about backdooing Tyler but was scared she’d piss off Memphis and that Chriatmas would punch her. Dani was worried over someone using the veto and not knowing what to do. Nicole said maybe that would be a sign (to backdoor Tyler) but encouraged her to take out the other sides numbers before their own. Dani mostly agreed but said she was afraid if  she didn’t get Tyler out first, he would get her.
  • Dani told Memphis about Tyler trying to get Bay and Day to go after her. He said they might have to get rid of him. She worried how Christmas would feel and he said they should keep it from her for now.  Later, she told Nicole Memphis was really pissed which was a bit of an exaggeration.

Dani trying to convince Kevin he’s just a pawn and that you can always trust someone wearing a quilt shirt, right?

Kevin told Day everything he talked to Dani about and said he made it clear anyone who jeopardized his life wasn’t getting his votes. He said “I’m not some dumb assed bitch.”

The nomination ceremony took place and feeds came back with David and Kevin on the block. These were always going to be Danis noms because she’s in an alliance with everyone else in the house, if you count the new deal she has with Day.  It would’ve been better for her if Nicole or Cody were hoh this week. It would be easier for them to put up Kevin just like it would be better for Nicole for someone else to put up Ian. Until recent events, which have some of the hgs worried, Ian was a possible plan for the week. That idea ended the moment some of them were talked to about the Ian comments in the DR. Cody and Nicole want Kevin out because he put them up against each other in the knock out hoh comp.

David right after noms as he planned to disrupt Danis hoh reign.

  • Christmas seemed a bit agitated all day. Was it starting to dawn on her that she’d been used to do Dani and Nicole’s dirty work? Maybe, because she told Tyler she’d noticed the love triangle being together a lot. (She didn’t call them the love triangle) She said they stopped talking game when she came around. She told Memphis she thought Kevin knew he was going on the block in advance and that freaked her out a little. (Christmas didn’t know for sure so why should anyone else know?) She spent part of the day hinting to Dani that she should be chosen to play in the veto comp. She also spent some time telling Dani how an hoh week works. (Dani used an hoh week to go after Brendon and Rachel. Christmas took out someone who won 1 comp in their season, which was a luck comp. Sit down Christmas)  Dani has started giving her short answers to everything and mostly stopped talking game with her.
  • After the noms, Kevin cried and everyone else went on with their day.
  • Earlier in the day, Kevin had asked Ian if he thought anyone would prescribe medications while they were in the house. Ian didn’t think so but asked why. Kevin said he knew some people there had been prescribed mood stabilizers so….the feeds cut. (Poor Kevin, his stress really is thru the roof)

The feeds went down again for David to use the disruptor power. Dani put Tyler on the block as a replacement.

  • David thought it would be a good idea to act like he didn’t win the power. I think the fact that it could be anonymous made him think it should be but this was a bad move. I can see him not wanting to be questioned for not using it on Bay but why would he use it? He was going to need it for himself and this nom proved it. Not only does no one beleive him, it doesn’t help him look trustworthy to people like Kevin and Day. Memphis is an asshole but he was right. Who was going to take David off the block besides David? He’s also giving up the chance to say he won a comp which is obviously important to this particular group of people.
  • David went around asking everyone if they were the person who used the power. He also cried but some of the hgs know David said he could make himself cry in one of his intro packages last summer. (True) The only person who may have actually beleived David is….shocker….Kevin.

Kevin is explaining to David the best way to find out who used the power to save him.

Meanwhile, Day investigated the ant trail. She also made homemade ranch dressing from have not approved items.

David may have the Disruptor power but Kevin is going for some kind of invisibility cloak to save himself this week.

  • Dani swore to Tyler (many times) she didn’t know what to do, she was caught off guard and they had the votes to keep him. She told him she didn’t have another option to avoid blowing up their fake alliances. She screwed up by telling him he had the best chance to win the veto so that was also a reason to use him as a pawn. (He’s the most likely to take himself down with a veto, leaving her to put up someone else, after saying she didn’t have other options???) She told Tyler not to let Christmas be mad at her and said she was scared of her.
  • Tyler asked if he was already her plan and again, she kept swearing he wasn’t. (In less than 8 hours, Dani agreed to a F4 with Tyler AND put him on the block) Hahaha
  • Christmas went to the hoh room to see if Dani was ok. She really went up there to find out if Kevin knew about noms in advance. Dani said he had a head up.
  • Cody asked Dani if she thought Nicole was about ready to get any blood on her hands or if she’d just continue to let everyone else do the dirty work. He said Nicole is always saying “I’ll win if….” Dani said Nicole was trying but Cody thinks she might be too comfortable.  They both think Enzo is in a great spot. He tried to convince Dani that Tyler wasn’t going after them.
  • Day went to the hoh room when Dani and Nicole were there.  She said she wanted to come up before ‘Tis the Season’ got there. Dani laughed and said no one liked Christmas on her season so people called her every holiday they could think of except Christmas. Day admitted she may have been the one who started it.
  • Everyone kept talking about David lying. Enzo thinks its stupid but Cody and Memphis really want to get him to admit it. Memphis said he was going to get it out of him and Cody said “no intimidation.” Memphis said Rich told him he could use intimidation. (Rich is one of the producers) Tyler told Cody not to push too hard because he’ll need his vote. (David has already promised it to Kevin)
  • There was alot of speculation over what the veto comp could be because they had the back yard open and they usually don’t.
  • Talk continued over trying to get David to admit he had the power. Nicole said it didn’t matter and to let it go. Cody went into this long thing about solving a murder and getting the person to admit to it. (It was stupid and Cody needed to shut up so for once, I agreed with Nicole)
  • Christmas asked Cody how everyone was voting. (She’s either nervous or wants to make sure she’s still included) Cody told her he’d need to wait until after the veto comp before deciding.
  • Cody told Enzo they needed to stick with the Core 4 but needed to make moves that benefited them, not Nicole and Dani. Cody pointed out that Dani put up people who weren’t even going after her. (Kevin and David, not Tyler) Enzo wanted to be sure they would be loyal and Cody said yes. (about Nicole and Dani) Enzo said he was trusting him with his life in the game.

Dani needs to talk everyone into taking out Tyler. Cody needs to talk them into keeping him. Tyler needs the veto. This could get even more interesting this week.

  • Enzo told Dani and Cody that people hate Memphis in the outside world so they shouldn’t protect him in the house. (Enzo isn’t in the Committee with Memphis) They talked about Memphis hitting David on the shoulder too hard when he was congratulating him and doing it on purpose.
  • Cody said he can’t wait to hear what Derrick has to say about his game. (I’m over Derrick and frankly, don’t give a shit what he thinks) Cody and Dani have already started the tug of war for a backdoor plan. Dani is pushing for Christmas if it doesn’t end up being Tyler and Cody thinks it should be Day.
  • They both agreed that Tyler probably looked really stupid on the show for wanting to leave. Cody said he thought Enzo would be ok with backdooing Tyler if they had to do it. (I’m 50/50 on that one. He won’t want to get out Tyler but he’s more loyal to Cody, I think) Cody said he’d do what Dani wants but said he won’t like it if its Tyler.
  • Dani plans to tell Kevin that Day knew about the plan (backdoor Tyler?) and tell him she was the only one who knew. Cody told her it may backfire.
  • Day and Nicole laughed over people thinking Kevin may have been the one with the power. Day said Kevin would’ve  saved himself, not David.
  • Cody and Dani had to keep watching the cameras since Kevin stayed up so late. Cody wanted to sneak downstairs and go to bed without Kevin knowing he’d been in the hoh room so long.
  • Nicole was able to take off her Sloppies costume.

Dani has already had to put up one alliance member and after the veto comp, it could be two. (maybe even 3) Cody and Nicole said two days ago they wouldn’t evict Tyler yet, no matter what Dani might want. This isn’t the scenario they were talking about so if he stays on the block, that could change. I think Memphis will be fine either way depending on what Cody would want. Enzo may be another story. There isn’t much reason to speculate on it before the veto is even played. I really want Tyler or Kevin to win the veto because Dani would probably try (and fail) to put up Christmas since she’d use her power. I hate to see anyones hoh so messed up, including Danis but what can I say? I need some excitement this season. I’d also like to get the powers out of the way as quickly as possible.

Have a great Saturday!

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