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Big Brother 22- Friday Recap for 9/25/20

September 26, 2020 | 49 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! I hope your weekend is off to a good start. Kevin and David are in trouble this week but the tension is rising for everyone else too. Here’s the rundown from yesterday:

  • There was some back and forth over Christmas being the renom if a nom came down. (There were a lot of worked up people when noms hadn’t even happened yet) Dani has pushed for it, Nicole doesn’t want it to happen and Enzo doesn’t care either way.
  • Day DID tell Kevin about Danis power so when Memphis got to play in the hoh again, Keven knew who used it on him. He also knows about Slick Six and other game info Day had given him.
  • Enzo told Cody about the F3 Memphis made with Christmas and himself. He told Cody it’s called the Wiseguys, like the alliance they made with Memphis.
  • After talking more with Enzo, Cody settled on Christmas being a renom if necessary. They agreed if she gets mad over it, they’ll just evict her. They both think she needs to go soon anyway.
  • Christmas told Kevin she was sorry about making him a have not. He said it was fine but would’ve liked a warning so he could’ve eaten.
  • Kevin, trying to prove he wasn’t bothered, downplayed it and asked if she was mad for longer than a minute when she was made a HN. It was a great way to put it because he knows she stayed mad all week. (Of course, she had to act like she agreed with him and was over it right after it happened) After letting it slip SEVERAL times that she had been pressured to do it so it would make him weaker for veto, Kevin finally acknowledged she’d said it. She immediately put her hand over her mouth like she’d ‘accidentally’ let it slip. He asked her who pressured her but she wouldn’t say. (Her game has improved simce BB19 but not her personality)
  • After Kevin left the room, Christmas camera talked, said how stressful the game was and wanted us to see the bags under her eyes as proof.
  • Cody told David not to read into anything this week. He said he’s trying to keep part of the house happy but it’s only a charade and David will be fine. (Code for: don’t be mad at me but your ass is going otb) He told David that he trusted him and hoped he trusted Cody too.
  • The entire house seems to know Nicole and Dani voted to keep Day and know both of them are lying about it. (they’re lying to each other about it too)
  • The money prizes came up with Cody and Memphis. Cody told him Tyler admitted to winning some money. Memphis mentioned Tyler going for the money several times and said it wasn’t a cool thing to do because Kevin could’ve won the hoh. (Memphis also couldn’t make Tyler use the veto last week so he’s on his radar for sure) They talked about Dani trying to get people to target Christmas. (They’re both doing this to each other) Cody said he wouldn’t do it and knew what Dani was trying.
  • When Nicole met with Cody, he told her if Kevin came down, he’d have to put up Christmas but said he wouldn’t want Christmas to go. Nicole told him it was a stupid thing to do and said he was doing Dani’s dirty work. She said Christmas wouldn’t come after him. He disagreed and told her about the F3 Christmas made with Enzo and Memphis. He asked Nicole,  after Dani, who would Christmas target next and said it would be him. Nicole was still upset and said it would be 3 people in a row she was close to and would have to lie to them and vote them out. (She mumbled something about 3 jury votes) Cody said they all had to go and was aggravated over what she expected him to do. He brought up Day, Ian and all the people Nicole said she couldn’t put up. (He didn’t say it but he was basically telling her, she hasn’t done shit so far and until she won and had to get messy, take a seat) They also talked about the week Dani came to him to try to get him to do a hinky vote with her the week Janelle left. He said she wanted to blame them on Bay and Day.
  • Nicole told Enzo she was mad at Dani for “yelling” from downstairs that Nicole had been up in the hoh room for an hour. Nicole said it was only about 15 minutes but Dani said an hour. (I’d say 30, they’re both wrong) Nicole said she told her “no, I wasn’t” and Dani said “yeah, you literally were.” (Later, Dani asked Cody what they were talking about for an hour)
  • David camera talked about his issues with Day and why he had to vote her out.
  • Cody met with Tyler and they talked about the 2 votes for Day. Cody said Dani tried to claim one was from David. They don’t beleive it but briefly thought it could’ve been Christmas, just because she was weird when Tyler asked about it. (She IS weird so I don’t think that should be a clue) Cody told Tyler that Dani wanted David out this week. They agreed it’s good to keep Dani & Christmas going after each other. Tyler said he told Christmas about Dani using the power on Memphis (Memphis told her already) and told her Dani tried to blame a Day vote on her. Tyler jokingly tried to find out if Cody also won money in the comp. Cody denied it.
  • Kevin and Cody had their meeting which Steve covered yesterday. It’s worth going back and watching if you have the feeds. Basically, Cody tried to either get Kevin to be ok with going otb or at least, blame Kevin for Kevin going otb. Cody brought up things about how Day was after him and said since he’d never told him, he must’ve been ok with it. Kevin told Cody convos always stop when he enters a room so it didn’t make sense that they’d talk game in that way. Cody asked if Kevin was saying only Cody stopped game talking when he came into rooms. Kevin said no and told Cody “everything doesn’t revolve around you.” Yes, Kevin made a couple of digs towards Cody but the way I saw it, Cody got pissed for two reasons. Kevin wasn’t going to make it easy for Cody to put him up and just say ‘no problem’ and Kevin wasn’t in the mood for Cody to play the victim. (like Christmas tried with Bay, just not so dramatic) Kevin brought up how it couldn’t be ‘poor, poor Cody, who has all the power and has to nom someone. Boo f*cking Hoo.’ (Cody always loses his shit when anyone criticizes him. Remember when Kaysar jokingly said he talked alot? Cody spent the entire week going on and on about it)
  • Nicole told Tyler they were “damned if they did and damned if they didn’t” when she found out Kevin wasn’t happy he was going to be nominated. She said he didn’t like not having a heads up for have nots so he got one for noms but still wasn’t happy. She didn’t think he’d be angry since he got a warning. (What more could he want, right?) Tyler agreed.
  • Kevin & David were nominated.
  • Christmas assured David she would go for prizes which would increase his chances to win the veto. (Saint Christmas?)
  • Cody told Christmas some of his talk with Kevin. He brought up Kevin saying Christmas told him he was made a HN to weaken him. She denied saying it.
  • Christmas was pissed…..and delusional. She camera talked about all the things she’s done to help Kevin in the game, the times she’s saved him, how she was there when he didn’t have anyone else, etc. Hell, she even made him fried rice!! Well, no more!  She’s done helping him. She said he was a snake, could’ve had a team and shouldn’t have thrown “his girl under the bus.” (this bisshhhh really is nuts)
  • Kevin filled David in on his convo with Cody. Kevin said he doesn’t have to like Cody and Cody will have to deal with it. They talked about Nicole and voting Ian out. They’re pretty close on how and why it happened now. Kevin acknowledged it was stupid to ever tell Nicole how they were voting and both think Dani knew about it. Kevin said Day really thought she had a good working relationship with Dani and Nicole. David explained to Kevin how some things went bad for he and Day, the distrust and why they had a hard time working together. They talked about Days need to fact check everything and how it screwed David’s game up. He said that was why he stopped giving her info, not because he didn’t want to work with her.
  • Cody spent the rest of the day retelling his convo with Kevin. As usual, with BB house retells, the story became greatly exaggerated. The Committee is trying to make it sound as if Kevin made himself the target because of this convo. (2 things: Kevin was already the target and Cody CAN NOT handle being told the world doesn’t revolve around him) Kevin and his blanket was brought up and Memphis asked what the deal was with it. Dani (or Tyler) said “it’s his thing.” Memphis said “that isn’t supposed to be a thing.” Tyler told him Kevin has DR’s about it. Memphis said said “about the blanket? Is that really a thing? Do I need to be sensitive about it before I just….” (the feeds cut, I think the sensitivity zoom training the hgs had was showing here. Memphis was asking if this was free game for him to make fun of or if it was something he should avoid)  My personal take: Make fun of the blanket, lay off Ian. This shit isn’t that hard people!
  • Cody and Enzo talked game and think Dani will be targeted as soon as next week. They went over Memphis and Tyler probably targeting Nicole and Dani and said they needed to keep them in the game so they can. Enzo said Nicole needs to go soon since she’s won the game. They both also said they arn’t carrying her anymore. Cody doesn’t like the “privilidge thing” being put on him by Kevin. Enzo mentioned how the fans must think the season “is boring as f*ck” because of the same people going otb every week. (We do, yo) Cody didn’t agree and thinks we’re getting to see “a powerhouse” alliance at work. (I guess we’re the privilidged ones) He said it’s almost time for us to see people going against each other. (Thank you Cody, for your permission)
  • Nicole and Dani are worried about being the only women in the house if Christmas leaves. (This began last week, that’s what happens when you evict the women, see a connection ladies?) They know Christmas will be after Dani so she still may have to go. (Or….she could stay and take out Dani as far as Nicole is concerned) Dani said she was going for prizes if she played veto. She told Nicole not to tell Cody. (She’ll definitely tell Cody)

After all these weeks on the block, Kevin has decided to get back a little of Kevin. I have to say, I like this side of him much better. Maybe it’s too far gone to change his situation, but he also doesn’t have to be a doormat. He reminds me more of BB11 Kevin and I hope it continues.

Kevin, BB11

Kevin can be annoying but I get his point. Cody hasn’t had more than an hour of what Kevin or David has dealt with the entire time they’ve been there. Sure, the game is fun for Cody, he’s been in power every week. (I’m not saying Cody hasn’t played the game to make it happen) I’m hard on Kevin’s whining too but I’d like to see Cody’s attitude if he spent 5 weeks on the block. If Kevin wins the veto, I could see Christmas going home over David. This is why I’ll root for Kevin today, over David.

Check back later for veto results and have a great Saturday!

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