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Big Brother 22 – Friday Updates 10/9

October 9, 2020 | 60 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

I’m going to say something that isn’t very popular with the Big Brother community right now, but Nicole is going to go down as one of the best female players in Big Brother history.

Now, before you click away and block my site,  hear me out:  I’m neither rooting for her nor do I agree with her gameplay.  But here are some details about her:

  • Her first season –
    • She was in a showmance which made her a huge target. That is the reason she got evicted. If she never played again, she’d be forgotten
  • Her second season –
    • She came in as one of four returning players (big target)
    • She had another showmance (big target)
    • Despite this, she managed to avoid even being nominated until there were only 4 people remaining in the house
    • She ended up convincing people in the jury to vote for her over someone who played a really phenomenal strategic game but had a poor social game
  • Her third season –
    • She came in as a former winner (big target)
    • She entered the house with someone who really didn’t like her (Da’Vonne)
    • She had a reputation of being a snake
    • Despite this, she managed to survive 8 evictions before even seeing the block and she went on to win the most important HoH of the season securing her in another final 4

I know people don’t like to think this, but that’s pretty impressive.  I am well aware that she had showmances and people don’t like that, but as much as some think it helped her (“slept her way to the end”), showmances rarely succeed in this game. It makes them bigger targets.  Plus, some of the best female players had showmances (Rachel, Janelle, Jordan). Will she be known as a comp beast?  No way. Unlike say, Rachel or Janelle, she couldn’t rely on comp wins to make it through rough parts of the season.

It takes a certain level of a social game to enter the house with a huge target on your back and somehow make it to the final 4 both times. She’s not charismatic like Will or Dan. She’s not sweet and innocent like Jordan. She’s not rough and blunt like Rachel. She’s not funny like Britney. Yet she takes what she has it makes it work. I’m not a fan of her ‘poor me’ routine, but it works. Dani has a better social game, she is rough and blunt like Rachel, and used to be really good at comps yet because she embraced the ‘villain’ role, she’s a 3x juror while Nicole has the potential to be a 2x winner.

Again, I have no opinion of Nicole. I’m not a fan nor a ‘hater’. I’m just giving credit where it’s due. Winning the game is impressive, but making it back to the final 4 is even more impressive. She didn’t ‘luck’ into it. Her pre-game alliance was all part of her social package that gave her the ability to maintain being friends outside the house despite clearly being a snake inside.  Anyway, enough about Nicole. I just had to ramble on about that because I see so many people bashing her, but I’m impressed. Her winning the most important HoH competition of the season when her game was on the line secured her spot as one of the better female players in BB history.

Alright, updates:

  • 12:50 pm – Up in the HoH room, Cody comes up to break up Christmas/Nicole talking.
    • They talk about the Christmas conversation then she re-tells the Memphis conversation where he told her he made no deals outside the committee (which is a lie as Cody knows)
    • Memphis promises Nicole a final 3 if he wins the veto next week. Cody tells her how Memphis has a final 3 with everyone in the house but her.
    • They confirm what we already knew, Christmas and Memphis are being nominated
    • Nicole asked Christmas if she left her off the block and she won veto, would she pull Memphis off the block. Christmas hesitated before saying yes. Nicole knows she was lying
    • Nicole jokingly demands Cody say “my big brother life is in your hands” and they go back and forth about how the power is getting to her head already
    • They talk about the comp and mentions Christmas was extremely close to winning the HoH
    • As predicted, Memphis is the target but if he wins PoV, Christmas is gone
    • Nicole says she is fine with Cody and Enzo in the final 3. Cody says she wants Christmas instead
    • Nicole says she’ll take Cody because someone took her, Cody took someone, so it’s his turn to win $500k.
  • 2:30 pm – Memphis is pacing upstairs and Enzo is staring into space. Glad we had a few minutes of gametalk
  • 3:30 pm – Feeds were on stars for a bit. Come back to Enzo still staring into space and Memphis still working out
    • Enzo now speculating on what is going to happen.  He asks to himself if Nicole knows those two are going after Cody (Christmas and Memphis)
  • Cody eventually comes in and Enzo vents to him
    • Enzo tells Cody that Nicole is going home soon.  Cody tells him that Nicole would probably take him (E) to the final 2. Enzo says it doesn’t matter  (btw, Cody knows Nicole will take Cody)
  • 4:30 pm – Feeds are down for noms but I already updated the header because it’s no secret who is going up
  • 5:30 pm – Yup, feeds back, they’re nominated as expected
    • Christmas tells Memphis to start planting some seeds to get plans changed (which they won’t)
    • Her goal will likely be to get Enzo or Cody the new target so one of them is pulled off the block and the other is saved.  It won’t happen.
  • 7:30 pm – Nicole and Enzo are in the HoH room and Christmas comes up of course.  Fun stuff
    • I’m soooooo sick of listening to Enzo talk.  “That’s it. Let’s make it happen. That’s it. Yea. Yea. That’s it. Relax Yo. That’s it. Yea”

Check back for updates

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