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Big Brother 22 – July 1st Ramblings

June 30, 2020 | 26 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

I can’t believe it’s July 1st and we’re still wondering if we’re going to have a season of Big Brother this year. For the past many years, I have been blogging my face off by this point trying to figure out which alliances are real and which will fail. Now? I’m watching coronavirus reports that LA County has been spiking and my hope is dropping.

Let me jump in and say the obvious, this is a Big Brother site and that’s all I’m concerned about when writing these articles. When I say that I’m sad about coronavirus expanding may impact the season, it’s obviously not all that concerns me. My state (Mass) was hit hard early and I have lost a few people from this virus, so I’m very sympathetic toward those suffering to this day.  Other than my ramblings about my cat and other occasional personal stuff, I try not to intertwine real-world issues with Big Brother stories. So don’t ever think I’m minimizing the virus by all means.

With that out of the way, let’s get back to the show, and here are some absolutes that I’m 99% sure on…

  1. If there is a season, it’ll be returning players. Every season we assume it’ll be returning players and end up wrong. However, this season we’ll be right. I think there is a minuscule chance of newbies based on everything I know from various sources. What I mean is, I haven’t heard of any casting since the outbreak, so it’s a basic process of elimination. Either there won’t be a season or it’ll be returning players. There is virtually a zero percent chance of newbies.
  2. They are attempting to get the show going. Up until two weeks ago, I was very certain we’d have a season because I know for certain they were racing to get one going. I still believe they are trying and will continue to try unless shut down by the state. These channels have lost far too much money for them not to try.
  3. It will be different, and probably a bit weird. This is kind of a no-brainer as just about every aspect of daily life has been different and weird since March. Evictions will probably consist of a video interview from Julie. There will probably also be toned down competitions and quite possibly far more of a social game than in years past. That will probably be a good thing if returning players, however.

Now, let’s tackle some rumors..

Swaggy is out ~ People are certain that Swaggy is out due to his statement on some podcast.  Here is the screnshot..

I’ll just say don’t believe anything you hear from potential contestants. Swaggy has no reason to deny his appearance on the show, so why would he? He has more of a reason to pretend he’s not going because CBS wants to throw people off as much as they can. It’s what CBS does.  Does it mean he’ll be on? No. I’m just saying don’t believe anything people say. That goes for all cast members – except Dick. I don’t think CBS will ever ask him back so you can believe him when he says it.

Dan vs Derrick ~ This one is an interesting rumor that I am actually getting behind. First, Dan mysteriously became ‘busy’ this week. Second, this is exactly something CBS absolutely LOVES doing. To have two of the best players return and battle each other is what Survivor has been doing forever. I can absolutely see this being true.

Something special happening soon ~ This rumor goes on a blank spot that CBS put in their schedule on July 12th (or their guide or whatever). People are speculating there will be something Big Brother related that day, but I’m not sure. I can’t even speculate on what it could be because it could be anything.

I’m still trying to dig up any information I can get and this post is really just a lot of nothing but I’m bored so I ramble. I’ll be writing again soon!

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