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Big Brother 22 – Live Eviction Discussion Thread

October 8, 2020 | 62 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

This is the pretty huge night in the Big Brother house for the direction of the remainder of the season.  We pretty much already know who is going home, so that’s not big news. The big news will come when eviction is over and they do another HoH competition because things could swing wildly from here.

Here is why:

  • Memphis wins – He’s almost certainly going after Nicole which sets up the final 4 to be his ‘Wise Guys’ alliance which gives him two successful alliances to brag about should he make the final 2
  • Nicole wins – I think Memphis will be her target although Christmas will be the other option. This sets up a final 4 that looks completely different without the presence of Memphis in it
  • Christmas wins – She will likely echo whatever Memphis wants to do which should be to get out Nicole or even a big target like Cody
  • Enzo wins – While he talks a huge game for making ‘big moves’, his moves have been super weak so far. It’s possible he does the route of getting rid of Memphis as he says

And the thing that makes this big is all 4 really have a good shot at winning an HoH at any given time. While some may be better than others, it’s not like we have a final 4 situation of Cliff and Nicole who were insanely weak at comps (sorry guys, it’s true).  When that was the final 4 last year, you knew there was like a 100% chance Jackson or Holly were going to be in the final 2. The way it stands right now, a final 2 of Memphis and Christmas is just as likely as a final 2 of Cody or Nicole and just as likely as a final 2 of Enzo and anyone.  While these are super boring personalities, this is probably the most competitive final 5 players I’ve seen in my entire time covering the show. (BB12 sounds like it was also as tough but I started blogging at 13)

And yes, I’m sure you’ve been able to figure out that Tyler will almost certainly be the one evicted barring some last-minute scrambling today that I didn’t catch.

Let’s get to some updates…..

  • Some clips and a jury house segment before eviction
  • They are hyping up Christmas possibly leaving which means Tyler is leaving
  • Jury house segment – Ian didn’t go home so that’s something
    • Ian compliments Nicole’s game but Da’Vonne is still a bit upset
    • Da’Vonne says ‘Janelle, you were right’
    • These staged conversations are always so awkward
    • Da’Vonne lectured David on taking the money. Ian says he doesn’t blame him
    • I actually agree with Ian. While it ruined his game, he didn’t have a shot.
    • Dani seems really bitter at Nicole early on but I think that’ll fade
    • Kevin loves Tyler’s game. He’ll get to tell him that personally tomorrow
    • Dani wants to see Cody win
  • Christmas spends most of her time doing shoutouts.
  • Tyler gushes over Angela during his.  He also gave a super vague threat that it wouldn’t be good for anyone’s game if they voted for him.
  • Votes
    • Enzo – Tyler
    • Nicole – Tyler
    • Memphis – Tyler
  • HoH comp is the one where they balance balls or something on that little tray. It will certainly run past the CBS time but unlikely to be on feeds

I’ll make a post if this ends up on the feeds but expect results around midnight est

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