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Big Brother 22 – Monday Feed Updates 9/21

September 21, 2020 | 86 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

First, congrats to Mel’s daughter on her wedding! And to Mel for her much deserved break from writing about this crazy season.

Alright, on to Big Brother….

There isn’t a whole lot to write about yesterday because nothing happened other than Christmas nearly losing her shit when she confronted Da’Vonne (again) about the havenot situation. Christmas pulled her aside and once again asked why she chose her. Da’Vonne was clearly just not in the mood for that, so she deflected and said stuff like ‘who else was I going to pick? I was going to pick Cody but he nearly died last time’, but Christmas does what she does best and continued pressing for details. You can tell she immediately didn’t believe that excuse and claims it didn’t fit with Da’Vonne’s original reasoning that Christmas put her on the block last week.  Da’Vonne continued to de-escalate a fight that Xmas was looking for, so she just humored her questions until she could get out of the conversation. Realizing that Day wasn’t going to take the bait, Xmas finally accepted her answer and left the room.  She (X) proceeded to march around the house until she put herself in a timeout upstairs where she was clearly stewing in rage as her feet were shaking and she was rambling to herself.  It was wild.

Speaking of that situation, the edit last night was fucking phenomenal. Showing Da’Vonne make a CLEAR joke to Kevin about putting him as a havenot and then have the camera pan further up to see crazy Christmas stalking over and listening to the conversation was brilliant. Well done, CBS. Your editing has been pretty mediocre this season, but that was the type of editing we’re used to seeing.

Moving on but continuing with Da’Vonne.  She and Kevin spent the better part of the day trying to figure out a way to get Tyler to use the veto. I’ve listened to Kevin’s plan a few times and I’m still kind of confused what he was trying to do, but it sounded like he wanted to say that David actually did vote Tyler out because there was some master plan to get them all to split their votes to show their cards. Some bullshit like that. It was weird. Basically what I got out of it is that David voted out Tyler. Nicole stole credit for that vote. Kevin was then trying to steal it back by pretending David actually did vote out Tyler while thinking he voted out Ian while saying he was going to vote out Tyler.  Bonkers.

They were expecting some drama over it and possibly be called in to testify which would have been fucking hilarious because everyone in the house except those two know that David really did vote out Tyler and that Nicole was the one who voted out Ian. So no matter what they would have said to flip the house on David, it wouldn’t have worked because they chose to believe Nicole over David. But, to be fair, it’s hard not to after the shit David pulled with his power. I posted that was a completely dumb move and it took no more than a week to show why that was dumb. I get keeping cards close to your chest, but the crying and denying well after the power was played was only good to have the house trust David even less. So while it would be funny to see them do this scheme, it’s generally overall sad because we all know the truth.

Okay, it’s 11 am now. Feeds should be down in about an hour for the veto meeting. I don’t expect the veto to be used. So, during this time, Follow me on Instagram!

Check back for updates when the veto meeting is over

  • 1:00 pm – Feeds back
    • Veto not used. Kevin or Da’Vonne will be the second in jury
  • In the bedroom, Kevin, Da’Vonne, and Dani are talking
    • Kevin is mentioning how the Memphis group is just pure shit for how they like made fun of Ian, treated Keesha, Kaysar, Janelle, and everyone else leaving.
    • Da’Vonne tells Dani she is probably right behind Kevin if there is a double
    • Kevin noticed they all worse sunglasses (some group of people). That’s funny because I remember a few people talking about wearing them because they were called shady

  • Upstairs, Enzo and Christmas are chatting
    • Let’s hear what CrazyC has to say
    • She says Nicole has to go soon
    • Enzo says Day is always in the bathroom trying to talk to him
    • Xmas wants credit for consoling Kevin last night. Real hero
    • She’s mad because Kevin didn’t gush all over her with warmth and kindness after she consoled him.
    • Now she’s on Da’Vonne ‘that was the Da’Vonne that came and charged at me that night’  what??  lol.  Wow. Playing victim. Poor Xmas.
  • Note – I generally try to keep my negative opinions of people out of my updates (haha, okay maybe not) but I am extra snarky with Christmas because she’s just a flat out terrible person. She was on 19 and is now. Hasn’t changed
    • Christmas knows nobody else is throwing shade at her in the DR causing some zing.  Yea, nobody is.  Nobody.  Hahahaha
    • She’s getting herself worked up!

    • Take those keys away
    • Christmas is now upset that Dani is somewhere talking to Kevin and Da’Vonne
  • 2:10 pm – Nicole and Da’Vonne are in the bedroom talking
    • Day asks her one last time ‘game aside, what happened with that vote. I don’t want to look stupid on the outside for blaming David’. Nicole comes clean and confesses that she voted out Ian
    • I’m kidding!  Nicole still denied it because she is just begging to lose jury votes
    • She tells Nicole they don’t even hide their alliance now. Well, I guess they hide it a little because you haven’t figured out Nicole is in it
    • Da’Vonne mentions the group making fun of people again. She watched them make fun of Kevin, Keesha, Janelle, and Kaysar for campaigning.  And it’s not even close to funny how they made fun of Ian for the way he campaigned.  Nicole says ‘oh you mean the campaign stuff’… yea Nicole. She’s not referring to you laughing at Memphis making fun of Ian
    • Da’Vonne leaves and Nicole whispers to herself that she’s going to tell her, she just needs to find the right time

  • 5:45 pm – Alright, boring afternoon. Let’s see how the night goes
    • CrazyC is chatting with David in the heart room
    • Christmas says she has information that can benefit both of them.
    • She says if they play it right, both of them can be in final 8. Wow. So fucking generous, Christmas. Wow.  This is a game talk that may change the game. Final 8. Wow. How can she make such a commitment so far away?  Oh wait, he’s already in the final 9. You’re basically telling whatever the dumb plan you come up with makes Kevin go before him. Amazing.
    • Serious note here, how fucking condescending is this? She’s talking to him about the top 8 like it’s a major milestone. Does she really think he’s that stupid where he’s going to get all excited about any chat here?  C’mon Christmas. You’re terrible
    • Anyway, she mentions who Da’Vonne called out today ‘Cody, Memphis, Christmas, and David’ (but she actually didn’t call out Cody)
    • C starts saying Dani and Nicole will go for the top of Da’Vonne’s list and…. feeds cut.
  • Oh random side note – Last night when the feeds cut, did anyone notice how I just said…. Fuck.   Whenever I do that, picture that in a Geralt of Rivia tone (Witcher)
  • 9:00 pm – Hasn’t been a lot going on tonight other than Christmas’ condescending talk with David
  • I think I’m going to just take a break for the rest of the night. I’ll keep an eye on the feeds to see if anything breaks out but doesn’t seem to be the case
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