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Big Brother 22 – Monday Feed Updates For August 24th

August 24, 2020 | 61 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s veto day in the Big Brother house and once again – barring a twist – we will have the final nominations for the week and know which 2 people have the chance to be the third person evicted from the house.

Now, without too much buildup, it’s going to be Kaysar and Janelle. There has been no secret about that all weekend and nothing even close to resembling a change from that position. The biggest question to follow all week is which one of them will actually be the one evicted.

At the moment of writing this, Janelle is likely to go home, and I still think she will, but she’s at least going to try and stay. She can possibly convince people to weaponize her moving forward but she already made a pretty key error by telling the group that she doesn’t want to be in the jury. Tyler and crew translated this as “I want to win”. That is because in order to weaponize her against say a Nicole, Janelle would have to win HoH next week and only next week. That is because if she wins the week after, that should confirm her spot in the jury where she doesn’t want to be. So they’re not going to try and weaponize her if she’s just going to take one attempt at it.

I don’t think they’ll try to anyway, but I’m just saying it hurts her pitch regardless. Da’Vonne made a good point about keeping her versus Kaysar and that is he seems very defeated so he’ll be useless to her moving forward whereas Janelle will at least be on fire and try. However, Da’Vonne alone isn’t going to save her and I think there is about a zero percent chance she is able to muster up even close to enough votes. Most of the rest want her gone and that’s where she’ll be.

Before I begin, you know the drill. Follow me on Instagram! Also, feel free to sign up for the live feeds through this link. You’ll probably see people pushing the live feeds over the next week because they’re running a contest for a bag (I’d rather the trip to LA), so if you’re going to sign up, at least do it through my link so I get the credit. Or not. I don’t care. I’m not your mother.


  • 12:20 pm – Feeds down for veto meeting. Expect them back up around 1 pm
  • 1:00 pm – As expected, feeds back and noms are the same.
    • Everyone is relaxing outside with some in the kitchen making lunch. Another boring day?
  • 2:40 pm – House still cooking. Janelle and Kaysar and chatting in another room
    • Random note while thinking about it. I planned on really shitty on Christmas all season long because I couldn’t stand her behavior in BB19 but I still haven’t found anything to bash. She’s actually been a pretty decent houseguest. Maybe that will change. Or maybe Paul just brought out a toxic side in people
  • 3:20 pm – Christmas and Nicole are in the love room taking care of Christmas’ kids.  So weird
  • 5:40 pm – The house is losing the back yard at 6 pm. I’m not sure if it’s for the rest of the week or not.
    • The biggest thing that happened recently was the HoH camera. Meh
    • But Da’Vonne also got a little time with the babies and had a conversation with one. It was pretty cute

  • 6:30 pm – Feeds are really difficult to watch tonight
    • This is because the person controlling the live feed censor is super sensitive and keeps blocking the feeds every like 30 seconds and it drives me crazy.
    • I have a headset on and listening to the feeds while playing a game and every time a conversation even gets remotely interesting, the feeds cut and that stupid annoying music pops up
    • But to catch you up on the house, Ian and Da’Vonne are playing chess and everyone else is around the house talking about stuff that apparently can’t be heard on the feeds
    • If you’re wondering why they do this, it’s copyright reasons. If a person didn’t sign a waiver or whatever, they’re not supposed to talk about them on the feeds.
  • 7:25 pm – Dani and Cody are chatting (shocker, I know) and she asks him who he wants out after Jan
    • He says his order would be Kaysar, Da’Vonne, and Kevin
  • 9:00 pm – Breaking News – Tyler has another final 2! Tyler has another final 2!
    • That’s right. Tonight he secured a final 2 with Bayleigh. This means he has a final 2 with about 70% of the house now.  If only the final 2 had around 8 chairs, Tyler wouldn’t look like an ass by the end of the season

  • 11:00 pm – Alright, let’s check in on the last few hours:
    • Bayleigh and Da’Vonne feel they have to get rid of David and pretty soon. He’s just bad at the game in general and clearly doesn’t have their back like they have had his.
    • Janelle said that Kaycee and Josh did get covid, but as I said back when it was originally mentioned, it’s possible she was referring to just them being around someone who had covid.
    • What I mean is, when it was originally mentioned, someone said “it’s too bad Kaycee had to go party with Josh in Miami” and now with Janelle mentioning it.
    • Again, this doesn’t guarantee either of them directly had it, but without a doubt, they were at the very least hanging out together and had contact with someone who did.
    • This circles back to Bayleigh and Kaysar talking earlier about how quite a few players were able to pre-game alliances which is bullshit. The way Bayleigh said it clearly hinted at how Kaysar had his built-in advantage with Janelle but I don’t think he caught on to that.  It’s not guaranteed they pre-gamed, but anyone who knows about Big Brother knew they’d pair up
    • And that circles me back to the Kaycee/Josh thing as Janelle was talking to Christmas about her closeness with Kaysar. She (J) said “I think this season was supposed to have more pairs like that” and that’s when she mentioned Josh (Christmas) and Kaycee (Tyler).
    • Cody and Tyler catch up on the day. They talk about how Bayleigh wants to backdoor Memphis soon and they’re not sure if they should tell him
  • Damn these people do absolutely NOTHING all day and then talk each other’s ears off at night
    • Janelle is now campaigning to Kevin.
    • Back upstairs, Cody says he wants Kaysar to stay as a pawn
  • And note – They had so many conversations tonight it’s possible my specific names got crossed but I’m pretty sure it’s all accurate
    • Janelle told someone how both Kevin and David are both extremely bitter at her for the first two weeks, and she’s right. That’s stupid. Kevin is bitter because Janelle campaigned for Keesha but she was on her side. David is bitter because she campaigned for NicoleA. Guys, wtf do you think is going to happen? Alliances campaign for each other. Kevin and David are going to carry their bitter asses out the door
    • Tyler tells Cody that he told Enzo not to use the power on Day specifically so he can not nominate her and build a little trust.
    • Kevin tells Janelle he wants her to stay
    • Janelle and Kevin talk about how they’re faking hating each other and they say it’s working. Maybe Kevin’s not bitter after all?
    • Yea, listening to them more, the Janelle distrust of Kevin is an act. I mean she probably doesn’t completely trust him but she’s bashing him to people as a smokescreen. So I take back what I said.
    • Janelle is talking about Dani and says she isn’t sure she trusts Dani because “They had me talk about it in the DR”. This is regarding Dani’s alliance with the other side. But she does admit she could be reading into it (but she’s not. She’s right)

Check back soon!

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