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Big Brother 22 – Monday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s veto day in the Big Brother house which means we’ll know for sure the two people who will be sitting on the block Thursday night (spoiler: It’ll be Keesha and Kevin).  This house is starting to settle and look beyond this week as we’re in the stage where everyone aligns with everyone before an eventual major blowup that forms the solid smaller alliances.

Here is an example:


Right now Cody and Enzo are in an alliance with Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. They assigned each person an ‘alliance buddy’ so to speak where they are going to work them for information and to be disposable when the time comes.  They suggest Da’Vonne work Dani, Bayleigh work Janelle, Cody with Ian, and Enzo with maybe Tyler.  At the same time, Tyler and Memphis are talking about an alliance they want to form with Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Dani, and NicoleF.

So, by the end of the week we could see the actual alliance of Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, Dani, and Tyler with a few sidekicks. I doubt that’ll happen, but I’m just going by the people who overlap above.

On the health side of things, NicoleA seems to be feeling a little better. Both her and Ian had the pukes yesterday which is insanely odd and concerning but they are both on slop. It’s very probable the huge change to their diet is just not sitting well, but with covid lingering, I’m far more aware of their health than in normal seasons. I mean I’m down to noticing who coughed (Memphis and Keesha yesterday).

On the bright side, neither cougher seemed coronavirusy. I think Keesha coughed maybe 1-2x before getting a drink so she probably had a dry throat while I’m all playing doctor over here. Perhaps I should ease back on reporting that stuff because I’m sure there are other people as paranoid as me and I shouldn’t be fueling it with speculation.


Before I get to updates, a huge thank you to Michele, Sara, and Kathy for donations this week. Also, follow along on IG for pictures


  • 11:30 am – Enzo is in the bedroom with Nicole talking about the vote this week. They basically agree on keeping Kevin over Keesha because Kevin is alone while Keesha has Memphis in the house.
    • I mean it’s sound logic, but if they were paying attention they would have seen that Memphis and Keesha have had almost zero interaction.
    • However, to counter that point, that’s a very common strategy that actually makes it look like they’re working together.
  • Meanwhile, Memphis catches NicoleF alone so he runs the idea of working together by her
    • Memphis says he wants Tyler, Cody, and Nicole. He kind of wants Bay and Day but they scare him because they seem too close.  He also mentions Dani.
    • I can actually see Tyler, Cody, Memphis, Dani, and Nicole working together.  He also tosses in the name Christmas.
    • Memphis mentions how he put a knife in Keesha’s back last time they played so they’re not exactly close.
    • He leaves and she said it’s great. She wants to be part of that.
  • Nicole is telling Kevin how the first group last year had a rough time on slop. They were all bleeding out of their …  okay.  Too much?
  • 12:30 pm – Feeds down for veto meeting

  • 1:45 pm – Surprisingly long ceremony finally ends. Enzo didn’t use the POV. Keesha or Kevin will be the first evicted.

On a side piece, Cody and Dani are showing signs of a little drama as they debated the coronavirus. For the record, Dani, we rewound the tapes and he didn’t say he got it. He said ‘yea I have’ regarding knowing people who have gone through it



  • 2:20 pm – NicoleA and Ian are in the HN room talking
    • She asks where he is at with the eviction and he fears Kevin is the target. He likes both but he’s definitely leaning on keeping Kevin. Keesha is screwed. I’m predicting it now – Keesha eliminated in a unanimous vote.
  • 3:30 pm – Dani is coaching Nicole on trying to be more social and less isolated. Nicole mentions how she’s been sick but agrees and doesn’t want to repeat last year
  • 4:45 pm – Da’Vonne is catching up with David on stuff.  She is confident she has Nicole in her pocket

Check back for updates


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