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Big Brother 22 Monday Night Live Feed Spoilers

September 8, 2020 | 116 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

The afternoon thread was getting full of comments so I figured I’d start a second thread for the day.

Here is a quick afternoon recap:  Christmas didn’t use the veto and Bayleigh or Da’Vonne will be going home.  Oh, and of course Tyler tried to quit by volunteering himself as a sacrifice for the week but was told that would forfeit his entire season stipend for breach of contract. You know.. normal Monday! The big question of the week will be how they spin this for Wednesday’s episode.  Will they show him talking about wanting to go home? Or just play it off as trying to be a hero?

Now, this is going to come off as a surprise here, but I understand production’s involvement.  Unlike most seasons, the players are all guaranteed a contract for the entire process of the season. The contract is also substantially higher than regular seasons with rumors are around $40k. That is about $25k more than jury members get from regular seasons (they normally get paid around $1k per week). Naturally, CBS doesn’t want these people signing the contract and then quitting after a few weeks. It’s bad business and bad for ratings.  Tyler could have blown up his game and been evicted naturally, but blatantly asking to go home because he doesn’t want to be there anymore is just a violation of their contract.

(Update – I saw on Twitter that the contract structure is a $40k for the season plus $1k a week like the normal seasons.  So, Tyler probably thought he was going to get $45k but they told him the $40k was for the completion of his contract either by winning or normal eviction. Asking to leave is considered a forfeit. That does fit what I heard so far. Someone mentioned something about more money for making jury so I was confused how it went)

“Where is Steve and what have you done with him?” – Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pissed about last night. While I support production not wanting Tyler to just up and quit, I still don’t support them cutting the conversation on the feeds. And the fact they did that actually hurts the show more than helps because now fans are going to just sit back and assume the producer stepped in to save her golden child Tyler. We’re adults watching the feeds. If we hear Tyler say “they will void my contract” on feeds, it’s not going to instantly ruin all immersion into the game and make us boycott the show because there is a production concerned about players upholding their contracts. We can handle a bit of honesty and actually prefer it.

The overall point is, I’d much rather people know he should uphold his contract rather than thinking production is rigging the game for him. The latter is far more damaging to the show. Especially if he goes on to win the season.

Alright, rambling over. Time for some updates:

  • 6:45 pm – Feeds return from being down a few hours
    • They had a Labor Day cookout and feeds were cut as expected so they could play music
    • David is talking to Bay,Day, and Kevin.  He says people think he is going after Memphis so he is letting them think that, but he wants to cut the head off the snake. I haven’t figured out who he was referring to
    • He tells them to keep that there (he hasn’t really opened up about game all season)
  • 7:25 pm – Dani is in the kitchen telling Da’Vonne she is good

Random note – I want to start a new blog talking about all other shows. Especially 90 day Fiance, etc.  Toss your website name suggestions in the comments!

  • 8:15 pm – Bayleigh pulls Ian aside
    • She says she is a big target in the house which eases some pressure from him being a target
    • She says she is likely going after some people he is friendly with (meaning he doesn’t have to do it himself)
    • Continues that Ian is definitely a target because he’s a former winner, but not currently bigger than she is. So she would be a shield
    • Ian asks if the veto were used, who she wanted next to her. She says Tyler. She opens up about the Tyler situation and what he said yesterday
    • He asks about the untouchable comment and learns how Nicole and Da’Vonne are untouchables but Da’Vonne and Bay is as well. He asks “just to clarify, you can’t have more than one untouchable?”
    • He tells her he is leaning 60/40 toward Day. She understands
    • Bay says for the respect to the game, she’s campaigning, but Da’Vonne did nothing wrong so she completely understands why Ian would keep her

  • 8:45 pm – Da’Vonne tells Bayleigh that Tyler said he feels recharged. He can re-start and play
    • Bay says Tyler doesn’t want her in jury because she’ll ‘pollute the votes’
    • Bayleigh says he’s right. She did pollute the jury because he’s an asshole. And little Ms Angela had to sell her range rover.
  • In another room, Cody says he doesn’t believe that David even really cares about going after Memphis
  • 9:15 pm – In the kitchen, Dani whispers to Cody that Kevin told her that Ian is Christmas’ untouchable. They say they need to watch what they say about him around her


  • 10:15 pm – Uh oh. Some drama. I step away for a few minutes and shit goes to hell. Let’s flashback to see what happened….
    • Okay, starts with Da’Vonne talking with Christmas in the bathroom
    • Day is explaining why Bayleigh feels betrayed by Christmas. Because those two had a connection yet was still nominated
    • Day says XMas hurt Bayleigh and Xmas continues to deflect
    • They argue about the semantics between the term personal game information (weird)
    • Da’Vonne keeps saying Bay trusted Xmas and she (X) continues by saying ‘This is Big Brother’
    • Christmas says Day and Bay are a duo.  Bay enters. Da’Vonne leaves yelling at Christmas
    • Christmas tells Bayleigh that the argument happened because they both love Bay.
    • Bayleigh explains how much she told Da’Vonne that she trusts Christmas so Day feels like XMas took advantage
    • Christmas continues and Bayleigh tells her not to play victim. So Christmas starts yelling and walks away. They go face to face in the hall
    • Da’Vonne comes in and pulls out Bayleigh to calm her down.  Outside, Tyler is trying to calm them down while Christmas is ranting about the personal game
    • Da’Vonne comes in and goes to the bathroom. Kevin calmly tells Christmas ‘I think you should go to the HoH room’ and Christmas snaps back ‘No, I live here, I can go wherever the FUCK I want’
    • Da’Vonne walks by and Christmas makes a crack. Day tells her to shut the fuck up and Christmas pulls the ‘I live here’ thing
    • Day heads to the DR I think. Bay heads outside and David tries to calm her down. Christmas is playing victim inside of course.
  • 10:40 pm – Dani is re-telling the situation to Nicole in the bedroom
    • Dani is re-telling how Xmas was carrying it too far. Pointing her finger. Swearing. Cody is in the room and also explaining it.
    • Dani says Bayleigh is allowed to be upset. She’s on the block. Dani says XMas isn’t sorry at all now
    • Cody explains what Bayleigh said outside. Bay told Cody that if she acted that way, she’d be portrayed as the ‘ghetto black girl’ and Cody feels bad about that.
    • Cody says that Christmas started speaking louder about Tyler wanting to go on the block and then screamed ‘everyone knows now’
  • 1:10 am – Enzo, Tyler, David, and Cody are outside chatting
    • Enzo jokes how Christmas used the ‘untouchable’ thing as her excuse to nominate the two. He’s like ‘damn, they’re nominating for things that small now? I better watch what I say’

Alright, I’m going to bed.

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