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Big Brother 22 – Monday Ramblings

October 19, 2020 | 70 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Monday in the Big Brother house and it may or may not be the final veto ceremony day. Why do I say ‘may’?  That’s because I seem to remember the final week going like this:

  • Thursday – Down to final 5
  • Tuesday (aired Wednesday) – Down to final 4
  • Thursday – Live veto ceremony and eviction to final 3

Because it’s just the one person voting, it’s usually all done at the same time where the veto ceremony happens and then the sole voter stands up to evict the fourth-place finisher.  My memory isn’t 100% but I’m fairly sure that’s how it has worked in just about every season I’ve covered, so this one is clearly new as they’re not doing the fast forward week this week. They can still do the veto ceremony today, but considering it’s 12:40 as I write this as the ceremony almost always happens around noon, I just don’t think it’s happening until Thursday night.

It’s not like the veto ceremony was going to have much of an impact. Cody is off the block which means he can’t use it. Well, I mean he can use it in a roundabout way but they don’t make it official because it’s the same result.  If he ‘saves’ Nicole from the block, Christmas is the only one remaining and she’s automatically evicted. That means there really can’t be a meeting today because he has no choice but to use it on himself. Just a weird situation really and the way I make it sound confuses people even more. Basically, he can’t use the veto so they won’t have a meeting. If they do have a meeting it would be really strange because the two noms typically plead their case why the veto holder should use the power on them.

And yes, that’s how boring the house is. I managed to convert me saying “There won’t be a veto meeting today because Cody can’t use the veto” into 300 words.  For future seasons, production should learn that a triple eviction is good and fun but do it much earlier in the season because the house completely dies when it goes from 9 people to 6 people in one day.

Seeing as I have nothing else Big Brother related to talk about today, I want to touch on something that has captured my attention during quarantine, and that is scams.  I watch this guy on Twitch/Youtube named Kitboga who spends his days calling scammers just to waste their time. It’s his way of spreading awareness of the scams in a funny way while tying them up to prevent them from actually scamming people. Click on the link to watch some of his videos, many are funny, but quite a few are scary just how good some of the scammers are.

Here is how they work and why they’re dangerous:

  • Refund Scam – They will claim to be a company going out of business and for some reason they are refunding their customers (this logic makes no sense but whatever). They immediately convince the victim they are no harm because they don’t want any personal information and want to give the person money. They’ll connect to the victim’s computer and set up a fake refund by having the customer log into their online bank. Again, they put you at ease because they don’t ask for any login information. They have you log in yourself and keep your info private.  This is where it gets interesting because they start playing browser tricks to make you think they actually refunded you.
    Not only will they fake a refund to you, but they will fake overpaying that refund. So, for example, they will promise you $400 but then fake put in $4,000 in your bank. Neither is real but when they see the $4k, they beg for you to return the overspend back to them.  And their payment of choice are usually gift cards because they’re untraceable. So, they’ll beg you to go to the store and get like $3,600 in Google Play cards to square things up. They’ll cry and beg and plead and say they’ll be fired unless you do it. Then they’ll give you a sob story how they have a family to take care of, etc.  Many are really bad at the scam, but some are really convincing and that’s scary.

    • How to fight this – If someone calls you and tells you they owe you a refund, don’t believe it. And if they insist, tell them to just credit your account that they already should have access to. If they can’t do that, they are likely not giving you a real refund. It’s super rare a company would call you for a refund anyway.
  • Tech Support Scam – This one is pretty basic. You find some pop-up online that locks your browser and they give you a number to call. You call and the people tell you they can fix your PC and even provide a warranty for a few hundred dollars. Many of these people even accept credit card payments online because they pose as real tech support companies. They then connect to your computer, clear up the fake virus using fake scans and then ask for money.
    • How to fight this – If your computer is ever locked for whatever reason, don’t call the number on the screen. Use your phone and call local PC repair shops or friends/family to figure it out. Never ever call that number.
  • Social Security Scam – Here they will say someone stole your identity and are renting cars and things like that under your SS#. They try to sound authentic and even make you feel like you’re helping catch the criminals who stole your ID. They just need a payment to issue you a new SS# while they fight the criminals.
    • How to fight this – If your identity is stolen, they will never call you. If they are convincing, tell them you’re going to call your local police department or social security office to clear things up. If you’re really convinced, hang up with them and call those people using numbers you got from doing searches on Google. Your local PD will be happy to tell you not to fall for that and they will assist you further.

There are more scams, but those are the most popular. There are also things like Craigslist scams where people rent out fake apartments and demand an upfront security deposit. Never pay anyone for an apartment until you can physically see the place for yourself, you’re given a tour, etc (or you directly call an apartment complex but even they will likely set you up for a tour and have you come down to sign papers before accepting payment).

Why am I posting this? Because Big Brother is slow right now yet I still have visitors so I want to spread awareness. It’s truly painful hearing stories of people being scammed so if I can stop just one person from being scammed, I’ve done my duty as someone with a reach of viewers. You can tell these scammers you will starve or go without medication if you pay them, and they won’t care.  They will happily let you starve or go without meds and drain your bank account.  So, just be aware and tell anyone you know who may not be tech-savvy who could fall for this.

Alright, it’s now 1:15 in the house and still no meeting, so I am going to end this here. Like yesterday, I’ll update this thread if anything interesting happens but don’t get your hopes up lol.

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