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Big Brother 22- Monday Recap for 10/12/20

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Good morning. Yesterday was the veto ceremony and Nicole didn’t use it. She never planned to use it. She could have if she wanted to guarantee Enzo and Cody voted out Memphis. In order to do that, she would’ve  had to put one of them on the block. If she did that, it would appear she didn’t trust them. At that point, what’s to stop Cody from breaking his word to her to and taking Christmas to the F2?  All bets would be off so she kind of has to trust them this week.



  •  Christmas followed Nicole around all morning repeating all the reasons she needed to use the veto.  Nicole hinted that she wouldn’t use it but assured Christmas she would be staying.  She told Christmas she should go talk to Enzo to double check she had his vote to stay. (Nicole has already asked Enzo to tell Christmas he’s  keeping her) Christmas pushed for Cody to go up and Nicole told Christmas she’d like to get Memphis out because she didn’t want to sit next to him at the end either.  Christmas said no one will be able to beat Cody. Nicole said they could take Cody out next. (Nicole is really bothered by the fact that Christmas doesn’t think Nicole can win against Cody.
  • When Memphis spoke to Nicole, she let him know she wouldn’t be using the veto. She made it sound as if Christmas was the target for the week. He said he was fine with it and knew he was staying.
  • Once Nicole was alone and HOH room,  she called herself brilliant, practiced her speech and modeled the new Spring line for the American Girl doll. (She wore this dress once on BB18 and I made fun of it then too)  She said she’s in great shape as long as Christmas and Memphis don’t talk to each other. She’s also annoyed Christmas thinks everyone can beat her in the F2.
  • Nicole, talking to herself: “I don’t know why she thinks I can’t win this game….It’s like what the hell?  Really? Do I really suck that bad?  I’ve thrown a lot of comps in this house.”
  • Nicole did not use the veto.
  •  Memphis joked to Cody and said he barely avoided going on the block. After Memphis left, Cody said “dude, I’m decades ahead of you in this game.  I’m playing a whole different season and you’re stuck in the first one.”
  •  Memphis consoled Christmas after the veto wasn’t used. She really thought she could try to evict Nicole one week and have influence over her the next. (I mentioned recently, she’s a combination of hostility and optimism)
  • Christmas told Memphis she wouldn’t be campaigning and said she figured they already knew how they were voting. They made jokes and references to doing laundry, which has caused a lot of speculation.
  • No, I don’t know what’s going on. Yes, the clip going around shows them whispering, not kissing. No, I don’t care what they’ve been hinting at because they’re adults. Yes, I am enjoying all the Twitter memes about them.
  • Nicole made Cody promise again he would take her to the final 2. She told him she knew she would lose to him because he was so great, but promised she would take him anyway. He played dumb as to why he would win, while still finding a way to fish for compliments on his game.  Cody was annoyed at the way Christmas brags on herself. Hey thought she needed to realize she wasn’t that great. He named off her comp wins that were thrown to her and the one she won by accident. He said she was counting her power as a comp win and said and that it didn’t count. (I enjoy Christmas getting under his skin but I have to agree with him about the power. It doesn’t count)
  • They also discussed what a hard journey they both had this season. (It was nauseating) Poor Cody has had to bite his tongue so much and little Nicole had two votes against her in a triple. How will they ever survive?
  • Nicole told Cody about her conversation with Christmas. She said Christmas told her that everyone wanted to take her to the end because she’s the worst player. (That’s not actually what Christmas told her but that’s the way she took it) She told Cody she hadn’t done very much but then changed it and said she kind of has and she hasn’t.  Nicole was frustrated and said “a lot of the back workings and manipulation doesn’t make the show.”  (Nicole is worried the viewers aren’t getting to see all the “back workings” she’s accomplished this season) She said “we did a lot of work to make sure I survived the triple, I survived it and that was a big move. Nicole also said “the one time I did a game move, it got blown out of proportion and I don’t even want to claim it.”
  •  It happens every season and they’ve officially hit the point of boredom that they sat around playing with grasshopper. Nicole cam talked and gave us all her thoughts on the other houseguests.  It was mostly just compliments about all of them, how much she liked them and the reasons she did or didn’t work with them in the game.
  •  Enzo has continued to stay in the hoh room to “protect Nicole.”
  • Christmas and Memphis ended their day with the usual talking in code and sexual tension that’s developed between them. Memphis asked the live feeders if we thought he should  change the name of his ‘Memphis in the morning’ show to ‘Memphis and Christmas in the morning.’ She wants it changed,he doesn’t but he said he’s afraid she might kill him in his sleep if he doesn’t. (So romantic)

Yesterday was a pretty slow day. I’m guessing Christmas is going to campaign to Enzo, even though she’s told Memphis she isn’t planning on doing it.  This is kind of a short one because I’m not feeling very well today and there really wasn’t much to cover.


Have a great Tuesday!


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