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Big Brother 22- Monday Recap for 10/19/20

October 20, 2020 | 29 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, I hope most of you are still hanging in there as we’ve entered the most boring week of BB for every season. There’s such a long gap between the veto comp and getting to the final hoh comp, it really starts to drag. At least there was finally a bit more game talk last night. Obviously, it wasn’t strategizing because there isn’t much to strategize anymore. We did get a glimpse into what Cody may have been thinking about his F2, if it were up to him. For most of us, that’s been the biggest remaining question.

Before I start today, I want to say I’m glad we all heard from Nickie, (NK) as we’ve been concerned about her health.  Nickie, you are loved, appreciated and this site isn’t the same when you’re away. After years of chatting with you, I truly feel you are my friend. I don’t need to have been with you in person, or any of you for that matter, in order to feel that way.  I’m  wishing you the very best to get through whatever lies ahead and I’ll be thinking about you long after this season has ended. To keep this BB related, and to borrow a line from Victor’s letter, ‘I’m sending you positive vibes’ my friend.

Please don’t think me insensitive to make a BB reference, because from what we know of Nickie, I beleive she’ll rather laugh at my silliness over having me say things that are too heavy right now.  I also believe she likes her N-kog-nito status so I will say no more about her, other than, love ya girl!

I’ll recap the feeds from yesterday but I have to at least touch on last nights episode. It was one of the most bizarre shows I think I’ve seen on BB. I’d joked about them not having much content but wow! It was worse than I thought. Even showing the hoh comp wasn’t enough, and it seems like we got to see most of the comp play out. Since we didn’t see the luzury comp last night, I guess they’re planning to need it for filler on another episode.

Thoughts on the episode:

  • Christmas got to choose her starting point on the human chess board first….and she still chose a spot near a corner?? Why wouldn’t you start in the center? She would’ve had more options. If Enzo had actually been trying to help Cody, she’d have been out much sooner. (This will remains Kaysars comp imo, his rep is safe)
  • I’d said I didn’t beleive Cody threw this comp and after seeing it play out, I think I was half wrong.  He didn’t throw the comp to Enzo in the traditional sense, but he did forfeit his chances of winning it, in order to take out Christmas. (Ya, I know, it’s almost the same thing but I have a long day ahead. I don’t want to start it off being wrong, at least not a whole bunch and I’ve got another one further down in the recap)
  • Nicole was shown being livid over how selfish Enzo was in the comp.  This was another confusing moment because right before that, she was shown saying Enzo winning was best case scenario for her.
  • Cody and Christmas both looked stupid for having the conversation about why Cody went to after her in the comp. There’s only 4 people left and 3 people in the comp. (???) I can’t even blame production and editing for this because that’s pretty much how she felt. Cody could’ve been more direct with her too and wouldn’t have looked bad,  since it was a no brainer.  Of course, Christmas is the same person who wouldn’t speak to anyone for an entire day because they went on the block at the final 4, so Cody probably figured he wasn’t talking to a rational person. Nicole may not be that likable but at least she could understand noms don’t matter at final 4. This was her reaction to going up:
  •  The rest of the episode, I mean, I don’t even know what to say. We had a mushy banana segment, Nicole sneezing and Cody not liking his nose. (I think his nose is fine)
  • Even with showing Enzo getting the hoh room, which they don’t always show…
  • there was still time for Christmas to be shown practically begging to be asked to do a dance she couldn’t remember.
  • The worst moment I will blame on production. They let Nicole talk about putting Memphis otb and say he’d never been put up before and she was saying ever, on either season. I don’t fault Nicole for not knowing but BB should know that isn’t true. That’s a clip that shouldn’t have aired because not only has Memphis gone otb, it was a pretty big deal when he did during BB10.  At least if they were going to let her claim it, they could’ve gone to a flashback of BB10 and Memphis being otb.
  •  I did like the moment near the end of the episode, when Nicole was in the DR saying she was going to win BB again.  I know I’m a broken record and I keep saying, this level of cockiness from such a tiny person, is pretty likable and a stand by it.  Seeing small glimpses of a Nicole I could have liked, is often frustrating so I guess that’s why I keep saying it.


  • Christmas and Nicole talked about Cody’s  chances in the final hoh. Christmas said Cody is likely to win and will probably take Enzo to the end. Nicole said she agreed.
  • Once alone, Nicole cam talked about Christmas having no idea that she and Cody were each other’s final 2.
  • There was an entire convo about not wanting to talk BB once the season ended. It was mostly Christmas and Cody who felt they really only wanted to hang out with the final 6. Cody said if everyone started trying to question him about the game, he may have “to go off.” I think the other hg’s are safe since Cody loves to say he may go off, but never does. I can understand wanting to let it go once the season ends but I can also understand the players wanting to have some questions answered, because they invested 3 months into the game. (That’s another reason, but not the main one, I think they should go back to the lengthy jury questioning prior to finale night.  Many of the players questions would get answered at that time, while also giving the players at the end a real chance to explain their game before the voting)
  • Nicole retold the story about Bay, Day, the shomance jokes about Day & David and the ‘a few guys and a few tries’ comment from Bay. I’m not going to rehash it other than mentioning, Nicole definitely tells this story with her own spin. She did finally admit the ‘couple tries and couple guys’ remark (as Nicole remembers it) was the moment she began targeting Bay. Nicole fans on Twitter swore all season that had nothing to do with Nicole targeting Bay so suck it, we were right, you were wrong. (I’m realizing that I may be abnormally obsessed with being right this morning)
  • Enzo brought Moolan outside to enjoy some sunshine too.
  • I don’t know if the sun stretched out her plastic because eventually, she fell over. I saw a few people refer to it as BB cow tipping yesterday. I think it was started by Dingo at Hamsterwatch.
  • My favorite comments have referred to whether she’s Tyler’s girl or Enzo’s. Some are claiming she is NOT a jersey cow but we’ll probably have to wait for the finale to know for sure.
  • Cody finally cam talked and for once, it was game related.  He wondered if either Nicole or Enzo would cut him at the F3.  He said he’d put in a lot of work to make sure he didn’t have to win the final hoh. (He’s right) He said he’s confident Enzo won’t do it but he isn’t completely sure about Nicole, although he doesn’t really think she would either.  He’s pretty confident about his own chances in the 1st part of the HOH and he’s hoping Enzo can beat Nicole in the 2nd part.  He went over how many alliances he had this season, how many F2’s, F3’s and so on. He mentioned having an alliance with 10 of the 15 people he was playing against and was surprised he didn’t get caught.

Based on the way Cody was cam talking, combined with his convo with Enzo later, this was the other thing I was referring to when I said I thought I was wrong.  I’ve said for a long time we couldn’t tell who Cody’s true F2 choice was, but if I with guessing, I was leaning towards it being with Nicole.  From everything I heard yesterday, I definitely think he prefers Enzo.  While cam talking, he also referenced that he thinks Nicole downplays her end game during BB18 when she’s talking to him. He also thinks she downplays her chances this year. Cody is counting votes for Nicole that I don’t think she has but I think he feels confident he can beat either one of them. (He can imo)

  • Cody and Enzo made Nicole laugh so hard, she peed her pants. She mentioned having accidentally peed her pants on season 16 too. (She actually did it during season 18 but must not remember, based on what she said) I give her alot of shit but I’m not gonna make fun of someone for laughing so hard, they pee. Hey, it happens!
  • Nicole practiced that weird thing she does where she works on her different smiles in the mirror and makes sure she doesn’t have a double chin. I don’t know what the hell Christmas was doing.
  • Cody and Enzo talked about the F2 last night. They talked about Nicole and Christmas’chances at winning the last comps. (Cody isn’t really debating the decision. He’s evicting Christmas and he’s  never wavered from it. I honestly don’t even think he’s ever considered the possibility. All of the F6 made efforts to form some kind of relationship with Christmas, except Cody. He just doesn’t like her and he’s never liked her)

Cody is smart enough to know, if by some fluke, Christmas won the last hoh, she’d evict him.  It may have been smart for Enzo or Nicole to keep Christmas but it would be a terrible idea for Cody to do it. Christmas could actually win the final hoh because stranger things have happened. She’s the only person left in the game who would evict him, so for his game, she needs to go. He’s played hard enough this season, he doesn’t have to factor in that Christmas is easier to beat….because he can beat them all.

  • Cody told Enzo that Christmas isn’t nearly as good in comps as she claims to be. (True)  Enzo admitted he would’ve kept Christmas this week if he had won the veto.  They both pumped each other up about going to F2 together and Cody told Enzo, he better know his days. He told him that no matter what the comp was, he would perform slower if he had to stop to think about them.

I’m off to work so I’ll catch you guys tomorrow! Have a great Tuesday!

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