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Big Brother 22- Monday Recap for 8/10/20

August 11, 2020 | 21 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! The hgs survived another day and I survived the 3 year old. I’m just going to get right to it because she’ll wake up soon and I should probably have this done or it may not happen. The hgs still have the yard, the house is still freezing but they may have solved the hot water problem. Yes, I know none of that is game related but I’m giving you what’s available.

Don’t worry, there was some game talk but it’s the first week and people arn’t going to put everything out there just yet. We’re gonna get there and besides, we can’t claim they arn’t playing already when there’s about 500 alliances forming. Here’s some highlights from yesterday (and maybe a few from Sunday that I’d overlooked):

  • Enzo seems to want Tyler gone but he’s playing along for now. He doesn’t know Cody paired up with Tyler in the first couple days and may be replacing Tyler without even knowing it. I’m hearing a lot of alliance talk that involves Enzo but not always Tyler. (Just something to watch)
  • Unlike some viewers, I haven’t gotten tired of the “on my season” talk yet. I like hearing the back stories and even reliving some of it with them. I do see where it could be boring if you haven’t see the seasons they’re talking about. Maybe it will get people curious and they’ll go back and watch them. (You won’t be disappointed)
  • I AM tired of hearing about Memphis’ restaurants and Christmas’ fitness stuff tho and we hear a lot of it. Memphis isn’t as bad because it’s usually one on one with someone like Kaysar but Christmas is a walking ad to anyone who will listen. She changes the subject to make it happen. Someone could say ‘I’m feeling a little sick’ and she might say ‘I have this new protein bar and it’s never made me sick.’ (Kind of like that, girl, give it a rest!)
  • Bay was talking with Enzo about their new 4 person alliance along with Da and Cody. The plan is to each get an extra person to work on the side. It was funny watching Bay school Enzo on how a Brigade style alliance could work. (I mean, Meow Meow IS the Brigade. On second thought, he’s the only one in BB12 who didn’t actually get a side person so maybe he does need the tips)
  • Memphis lays around with scarves and blankets like he’s in a nursing home. They’re saying the house is colder than it’s ever been but it’s a funny look.
  • They think DaVonne solved the problem of never having hot water except for the first couple showers in the hoh room each day. They’d already discoved if someone keeps flushing the toilet while someone else showers, the water gets warmer. (They’ve been putting people on toilet duty) Da thought the have not shower head and the regular one was mislabeled and were switched. I don’t know if that was the problem because the girls showed up at my house and I didn’t watch to find out. (Stay tuned for that one)
  • Something interesting that’s been developing is  many of the women want to work with Kaysar if Janelle goes and the men want to work with Janelle, but only if Kaysar is gone. This will make most of the house want to split them up sooner vs later. Dani is never happy when Cody mentions wanting to work with Janelle.
  • Cody and Memphis checked in. Cody said they had to watch for people having one on one convos (like they were doing) and feel good that Tyler doesn’t ever have them. (He does it ALL the time. He just keeps them short) Memphis suggested replacing Bay with NicF in one of their alliances. Cody played dumb but said he liked the idea. Cody told him NicF didn’t trust him because of their season and suggested Memphis be the one to approach her. Lol (Memphis had a group in mind that included Bay. Once Dani told him Bay and Da were very close, he’s backed off the idea. I don’t think it was anything against Da, he just didn’t want Bays loyalty somewhere else) Memphis was also planning to talk to Tyler so it’s good he finally stopped calling him Taylor. Neither think Janelle would put them otb soon and wouldn’t mind working with her.
  • Cody recently told Dani he wants NicF to talk to him more. Dani told him she’s the one who told her to avoid it.
  • NicF told Dani she’s sure Nicole A is working with Kaysar and Janelle because they were the ones who were taking care of her when she was sick. Dani told her that didn’t mean anything. NicF said it did because she’d take better care of Dani than the others if she were sick, since they were working together. (WTF? Wasn’t she a nurse? Lol)
  • While talking about Paul being on this season, NicF told Da she’s sure Da would have worked things out with him if he was there. Da said if not, she’d have to “get him out before they gave him bracelets, necklaces and anklets.”  (So far, Da has been the funniest person in the house this year imo) NicF agreed to have Da’s back with Ian and Da is supposed to help NicF with Janelle. NicF made the same deal with Christmas. NicF said “maybe the old school blonde is trying to take out the new school blonde.” (Girl, you’re not taking up that many of Janelles thoughts. I don’t like the whining but I’m not hating a potential battle between these two if it happens. They both play dirty and it could actually be good)
  • NicF told Enzo all about Janelles pregaming. She told Tyler she made sure production knew too. (I’m not sure who’s left to tell. Kaysar maybe?)
  • Neither Keesha or Memphis knew NicF had won BB before. They thought Ian was the only winner. (Let’s hope this doesn’t get back to NicF) Dani, Tyler and Kevin talked about Paul and how they thought he should’ve won his first season. (They really better hope this doesn’t get back to NicF)
  • Janelle spent the day making Kaysar a lemon cake for his birthday….from scratch, without a recipe. (You know Raven has to be shook) Memphis has made some nice looking food so far too.
  • Apparently, production told Janelle she had to wear her costume, even if she was cooking. (Don’t be fooled, they still don’t care. They probably just want footage of Janelle cooking in it)
  • Dani tried to convince Da she isn’t working closely with NicF by saying they don’t really know each other. She told Da she was only at Nic and Vics engagement show because CBS had asked her to come and host a comp. She said she found out it was to air the engagement thing once she got there. Dani said she thinks it’s because NicF doesn’t have girlfriends. (I’ve heard her say this before so it may be true but Dani tosss insults just like Janelle) Da wasn’t buying it at all.
  • Da and Bay went over some game, talked about liking the deal with Cody and Enzo the most. Da also filled Bay in on some of the weird Dani, NicF and Janelle dynamic that’s going on.
  •  Nicole A is still talking to herself and us, trying to sort out who is working with who. She thinks Cody, Memphis and Keesha could be behind this week. (Keesha a pawn on week one? No logic here) She did eventually say she was thinking too much and needed to stop.  Let’s hope she takes her own advice.
  • Kevin told Da he’s going to find out who was behind his nom and go after them if he stays. Da pointed out that Cody put him otb but Kevin doesn’t think he’s the one behind it. He thinks it’s Memphis. (It’s gonna be funny if on an all star season, we have some “Who flipped?” Fessy moments)
  • Kaysar and Da talked and she had to tell him he came off as very intense. He was glad she told him and said he didn’t realize it. He said he’d came in wanting to fly under the radar. They both had a laugh over that and he said he wanted to work with her. These two had a great vibe the first few days but Da was worried it was only on a personal level. (I’m really hoping something happens with this. They are so funny together and despite Da’s temporary bad house reads, they’re both smart players)
  • NicF couldn’t sleep and she wasn’t happy about it. She went to the backyard and vented to Christmas and Cody. She said they (Janelle, Kaysar, Bay, Keesha and Nicole A) were trying to make it so she couldn’t sleep. She was mad they kept talking about social media influencer stuff and said she doesn’t talk about that here. (Yes she does, she did with Tyler the night before)  She also said something again about Janelles costume and mentioned how she had to carry around a sausage and couldn’t put it down during one of her punishments. She said Janelle kept asking her questions about Corey from BB18. NicF said she answered some of them but was now worried it would make her look bad. Christmas told her to just say ‘I don’t know’ when she didn’t want to answer something. NicF said it was too late because she already did. She said Janelle was only doing it to make her look bad. Christmas mentioned it was probably just to get in her head. (Correct) Cody came to Nics defense and said “Who was in the room? They were hanging out in YOUR room?” NicF said yes and failed to tell Cody it was their room too. She said she loved  Bay so she wasn’t saying anything bad against her. (Even tho she was in there talking too) She was also mad Nicole A shouted out her podcaster friend. (Basically, don’t ever mention anyone NicF doesn’t like, don’t bring up anything from past game or relationships she wants to forget and go to bed when she’s ready to go to bed) I did like NicF complaining about people promoting their social media, career and influencer stuff to Christmas of all people. I doubt Christmas will make the connection to herself but good job NicF, even if it wasn’t on purpose.
  • Christmas was right, Janelle absolutely brings this stuff up to get in Nicoles head and hello, it’s working.  It’s the same reason she asked Nicole about her clothes as a ‘compliment’ but said something about wanting that kind of stuff for her kids. It was NOT a compliment. Janelle won’t change to accommodate NicF the way people did in BB18 and NicF isn’t going to be able to ignore it. This is going to come to a head at some point and maybe NicF is right. We may actually have the battle of the blondes. It might be fun!
  • Memphis couldn’t sleep and he wasn’t happy either. He had a bit of a temper during BB10 and I guess he still does. He yelled at production for a little bit wanting the bdrm light off and got up to go to the DR and tell them. I thought it was funny because you lose the effect when you get out of bed mad, ready to storm downstairs but have to crawl thru a hole first. Haha
  • Here’s  Kevin when Memphis starts getting irritated. He makes the best faces:
  • Janelle and Ian talked about forgetting stuff from BB14 and watching out for each other this season. (We’ll see)
  • Tyler told Kevin about how he tries to stay away from Twitter. He said the fans were mean and posted pics of Chucky Cheese after B 20 because of Tyler’s eyes. He said he couldn’t handle it once he noticed the similarities in the two. (It was pretty funny and Tyler sounded like a good sport over it)
  • Speaking of Twitter, Kaysars birthday was a hit on Twitter and it cracked me up all day. I didn’t have time for feeds until late so I’d just get on Twitter occassionally to see what was happening. If you don’t already know, Kaysar was widely considered one of the best looking people to ever play this game. Turning 40 hasn’t changed that and pics of him getting in the pool and hot tub were blowing up yesterday. Even his wife got in on some of the jokes. I lost count of how many Tweets I saw calling him “Daddy.”  It was good natured and really funny.
  • Christmas cried over missing her son. (She took heat on Twitter because of how many people who have kids this season that arn’t crying) I don’t want to watch people crying all the time either but what’s the big deal? She misses her son and if the others have a moment like that, well, that’s fine too. However, Janelle may not be doing it. She was caught on feeds telling Cody her middle child is her favorite. It wasn’t a heavy moment and was actually funny but I’d be pissed if I were her other kids. I’d also use it for some good gift leverage when mom got home.
  • There was a whole convertion about the fact that they have bidets in the house this year because it was something Kaysar wanted if he came back. They are quite the hit with everyone and having an impressively accurate aim was discussed. They joked that Kaysar should use it as leverage and say if they evicted him, he was taking the bidets with him. (Before anyone gets their underwear in a bunch over this request and special treatment, keep in mind many of the hgs had some requirements. I’m sure people like Nicole A didn’t, only because she didn’t have that kind of leverage yet or didnt know she did. NicF has pressed juice every morning and she required it for her to come back. Tyler is vegan and he asked for things too. So did some of the others)
  • From what I’m hearing, I don’t think Tylers requests were met very well. Kaysar was trying to make him some vegan cookies but he buttered the pan heavily. Dani had to tell him that those probably wouldn’t work because of the butter. (I live in the midwest and grew up in the south. I’m just proud I avoid deep frying because based on what I grew up eating, that’s a milestone. Basically, I’ve set the bar very, very low and I’m at peace with it. What do I know anyway? My favorite food group is dessert)
  • Christmas threw out to Cody that maybe they should keep Keesha. She doesn’t see her as a threat. NicF said she was considering it too but she wanted to find out what Janelle wanted…and do the opposite. Haha, good for NicF, as long as it’s good for her game too.

That’s it for today guys. The tasmanian devil has awakened and requires my attention.

Have a great Tuesday!

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