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Big Brother 22- Monday Recap for 8/17/20

August 18, 2020 | 61 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning! I’m just gonna day, this house is all over the place but I’m not complaining. It’s so much better than knowing what’s going to happen in advance. I agree with Steve and think one more week may make it easier to talk about the alliances in more detail. Right now, they’re just too many that overlap and change daily. For now, the entire house is against Janelle and Kayser. The most debating is about which one should leave first. This isn’t new for these two but one of them better win the next hoh no matter who goes home on Thursday.

Some things happening this week:

  • Dani and NicF keep trying to talk to NicA and get her to tell them dirt on Janelle before she leaves. The plan was to act open to the idea of keeping her, get her to spill info and then evict her anyway. It didn’t take much because NicA can’t keep anything to herself. I know she’s trying to save herself but geez, this is a mess!
  • Christmas has been busy trying to name the alliance with Memphis. (It’s about the only thing she talks about except herself) She’s came up with some really stupid names and Memphis keeps shooting them down. He finally named it the “Committee” (I’m going to assume he doesn’t know what the word means based on the way he wants his alliance to operate)
  • NicF started spending more time with Kevin.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence and I think she’s planning on trying to add him to her numbers once NicA is gone.
  • Kaysar’s been trying to get the people he wants to work with to see that not being part of the initial large alliance leaves you vulnerable because it’s almost impossible to offset it. He’s right and in recent seasons, the first large alliance usually controls the game, especially since the comps have gotten more physical in recent years. It’s also why the back and forth of power doesn’t shift like it used to the way Memphis thinks it will. (He played before the dominant alliance was really a thing)

Random tidbits:

  • Cody said he didn’t like hoh weeks that didn’t accomplish much. (This was when he was mad Memphis wasn’t going to backdoor Janelle) Enzo made fun of him and said he got rid of Keesha.
  • Enzo likes to eat on foil wrap instead of plates so he doesn’t have dishes to wash.
  • Janelle told Kaysar after losing Keesha, if they lose NicA too, they’re going to look like dumb asses. He said if they continue like this, he’ll go to all the places online where people are saying he sucks and just agree with it.
  • Janelle recently said “these people are here for followers. I could give a f*ck less about followers. I’m probably going to lose followers.”
  • Janelle told Kaysar about having lasik 19 years ago when he was asking her how bad her eyes were now. She said she’d gotten it done for 500 bucks an eye. He asked if it was a Groupon.
  • David said he wrote a letter to himself before the show. He said it was to remind him who he is and who he was before the experience.
  • While Dani and Cody were discussing Nicole F, Dani said “she’s like half old lady and half toddler.”

Recap from yesterday:

  • Janelle began her day by working on Memphis  again about backdooring NicF. He admitted to her hed wanted to back door Ian so she told him NicF and Ian were a thing. (If you can’t get your target, get their #1) It didn’t work because Memphis didn’t use the veto.
  • Janelle and Kaysr know they don’t have numbers and can’t depend on Memphis. They think the best plan is to go after Cody next week. Kaysar said they have to get rid of the top of the alliance for it to crumble and allow the game to reset. (meaning people will have to start over with alliances, he doesn’t know there’s already about 100 of them)
  • Kaysar told Memphis that NicA would be going home and Memphis didnt buy it. Kaysar got him to say he’d talk to Enzo and get him to vote his way.
  • Christmas told NicF she’d been giving NicA a pep talk for campaigning. NicF wasted no time telling her to stop. She said “we can’t keep her.” Christmas didn’t argue over it but she looked annoyed. Later, Christmas kept doing it and I think she’d rather have NicA stay. (Tyler will explain they have to keep David and I don’t see her going against Tyler)
  • NicA campaigned to people and was disappointed to find out she didn’t have DaVonne. She talked to Kevin about it and said DaVonne was playing with her heart and not her head.
  • NicF drilled NicA over Janelle suggesting backdooring her when she campaigned to her. NicF asked if Janelle didn’t like her because of something she’d done in the house. NicA said “no, it’s just a general dislike.” (Haha)
  • David also campaigned and when Dani asked him what his game plan was, he stared blankly. She told him he better get one. She also told him she wanted to keep him.
  • Enzo told both David and NicA he was voting to keep them.
  • Janelle went to her bedroom and cried when she realized they weren’t going to be able to save NicA. Kaysar told her they’d tried hard and done everything they could. Janelle said she could tell NicA had questioned their friendship and doubted her. She said it made her so sad. (Janelle has spent more days in the BB house than any other hg. She recently passed up Paul. This is only the 2nd time I think Janelle has cried in the house, the first being when Howie was evicted)
  • Meanwhile, NicA was trying to decide if she should blow up Janelle & Kaysars games. She knows she’d lose their votes and is doing the math to see how many she’d gain. (What’s left to blow up? I dont think there’s anything left she hasn’t told)
  • David made a 1 week safety deal with Janelle if she voted to keep him. She told him she was concerned since he was so open about going after Memphis and she’s working with Memphis. (she thinks she is)
  • Kaysar approached Ian about working together. They’ve talked about it before but nothing solid. Kaysar made some great points and got Ians attention. He told Ian there was already an alliance that included NicF but left Ian out. They talked about how to work together with their #1’s going after each other. Ian said he’d like to get to the halfway point, Kaysar said he could help, the made a deal. They plan to take it from there afterwards. (I’m not doing this convo justice because everything coming from Kaysar was so intelligent and well thought out)
  • NicA’s campaigning got DaVonne to question things and she talked to Bay about whether or not David would really look out for them. (They’ve  both been leary of an all guys alliance. They’ve been trying to determine if there is one and if so, are either Tyler or David in it)
  • Dani and Day hashed things out from the tension the day before. Day told Dani she needed to be able to tell her things she didn’t  run back and tell Cody. Dani worked on her with how much she liked her and had her back. Dani said she worried about how much stuff Day told Bay that might get back to Janelle. Day is the one who caved and spilled shit again. (Dani is close to Day and Janelle is close to Bay. Day and Bay are together so it’s been an issue)
  • Dani told Cody everything Day said and they’ve agreed they can’t tell Day anything anymore. Dani also whispered to Cody (without her microphone on) about getting a warning in the DR. They were trying to avoid spelling it out on camera but guessing, it sounds like the DR told her to watch it with the comments about Ian using hia autism as a strategy in the game.
  • NicA told Dani she may have to have a house meeting and try to blow things up on Janelle. (NicA better stick with unicorns, she does NOT want to tangle with Janelle) Dani told her she shouldn’t and said house meetings never go well. (They do for us!) She reminded NicA she should be focused on staying, not getting the house against Janelle. (NicA is so lost in Kevin’s BS, she can’t separate them anymore. Besides, Dani has gotten all she needs out of NicA already)
  • Even tho Day and Bay had agreed to wait a bit before deciding which side of the house to go with, Day told NicF all the dirt she’d been getting from Janelle and Kaysar. They both said they wanted David to stay this week.
  • Day told David that Kaysar had told her there was a guys alliance and got him to admit to being in one. He said it would help protect them. He also told her to stop campaigning for him because it made it look like they were together. He was a little abrasive with her which pissed her off but later, she told Kevin it was a little sexy. (Lol)
  • Day and Bay said Kaysar was right about the guys alliance but Day worried that she’d told David it came from Kaysar. She said David better not go to Kaysar over it.
  • Janelle and Kaysar are still trying to solidify a deal with Day, Bay and Christmas. Day and Bay keep trying to put them off. Janelle told her David said he was going after Memphis but would make her a 1 week deal. (DaVonne isn’t happy because she knows Memphis could have to break a tie this week and this may get back to him) Day said she may change her mind but for now, they knew how she was voting and why. (Davonne has tried to make sure people know she isn’t working with David, she just doesn’t want to be the reason he goes home. So far, everyone seems to be beleiving it)
  • Bay told Kaysar and Janelle she would vote David out if they had the votes. She didn’t want to depend on Memphis breaking a tie. She agreed to an alliance with them and Christmas said she was on board too. Bay said she’d work on Day.
  • Janelle told NicA about the new alliance and NicA questioned them doing it when she wasn’t there. Janelle assured her she was in it too.
  • NicA questioned Day about the things Janelle had told her. NicA said she was told they had a group with Jan, Kay, Christmas, Bay and Day. Day said 4 out of the 5 was the truth. Day said she’d told them she wanted to sleep on it first. NicA said she didn’t really want an alliance with them and didn’t think Janelle and Kaysar wanted her in it. Day tried to tell her if Janelle and Kaysar were doing all this, it should tell NicA they were trying to work with her. NicA said they’d already screwed her.  (?????) (I guess she still thinks they got her put up otb and she thinks they’re using her to try and split the house)
  •  Christmas told Tyler and NicF all about the Janelle and Kaysar plan and how it may include Ian.
  • NicF met up with Ian to put a stop to it. Ian told her they should work with Kaysar after Janelle was gone. NicF said she didn’t want to work “with that side.” (This should tell Ian Kaysar was right. If NicF isn’t worried about needing numbers, it’s because she already has them)
  • NicF pumped NicA for more info on Janelle and told her they were trying to manipulate Ian. NicF said Janelle just goes around spreading all kinds of lies to people.
  • Dani and Day hinted to each other about making a F2.
  • Cody, Tyler, Dani and Enzo made a new F6 with Day and Bay which isn’t real to try to make Day and Bay feel more comfortable about things.
  •  Cody, Tyler and Enzo have a F3 too. Naturally, Enzo thinks they all need nicknames. Tylers is the Bandit.

If the house wasn’t already decided, this week would be a race between NicA and David as to who can work the hardest to get themselves evicted.  All of these overlapping alliances makes things confusing but we can’t complain about lack of game play and a boring house.

Have a great Tuesday!

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