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Big Brother 22- Monday Recap for 8/24/20

August 25, 2020 | 25 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies.  Sorry for the delay today! Yesterday was another back yard day which gives them more space to talk game. Janelle was campaigning while Kaysar was waiting to see if her campaigning was going to work.  I’m not saying he isn’t doing anything because he’s having conversations with people and trying to see if he can work with them if he stays. He knows she’s better at comps and thinks she’d have a better chance going forward. (No one’s THAT good at comps. I’ve seen players win out from final 5 or so but not pre jury)

It hit me about 5 minutes ago that Janelle is going to be evicted on my birthday.  That thought was a little depressing so I’m gonna shake that thought and see if I can’t make lemonade from these BB lemons this week. (In honor of Nicoles pressed juice?) I consider myself a realist sprinkled with a touch of optimism so here goes.

For starters, Janelle and Kaysar came back together and I never thought I’d see that again, especially Kaysar. If I’m honest, there was also never a moment I thought either of them could win the game. Sure, it would’ve been great if they could’ve stayed longer than 3 weeks, but at least we got those 3 weeks. The house has taken on a ‘gang up on the outsiders’ vibe which most of us loathe. The best way to stop that momentum is for the outsiders to leave.  The people playing the game the hardest are quickly going to run out of places to hide. Good game play will be the only way we’ll continue to see people hide and avoid putting targets on their backs. If they’re successful, it should be interesting to see how they pull it off.


After Janelle and Kaysar, Memphis and Kevin are really the only people left who I consider being on the outside.  Memphis is in a 6 person alliance (but not really) so if someone in it turns on him, how’s that going to go?  Kevin thinks he’s working with Dani and for some bizarre reason, Cody, so he’s going to have a fit if he goes on the block. They’re also going to have the issue of how many people are wanting to move DaVonne and Bayleigh up on the hit list.  Everyone is saying they want Kaysar to leave right after Janelle but not everyone saying it wants it to happen so that could be interesting too. It could be good for us that so many people have made overlapping alliances. They’re going to have to burn someone they’re working with sooner vs later. Janelle is a fan of the show and if she leaves pre jury, she should be on social media watching along with us and that might also be fun. These are at least a few reasons why the game may be good after Janelle and Kaysar are picked off.

There are some good players in the house, even if they’re players you don’t happen to like.  Now, if you’re someone who can only enjoy the show by watching your favorite stay to the end and your faves are Janelle and Kaysar, I got nothing for ya. I did say I only had a ‘sprinkling’ of optimism but I do think the game play is going to keep this a good season.

Between Steve and NK yesterday, I think they covered everything going on in the house so today is a good day to do a recap by player.

  • TYLER: He’s done exactly what he should’ve done this week since he’s in so many groups. He’s a player that would benefit from keeping big targets in the house but he gave up that option when he started making so many final 2’s. He talked to Janelle yesterday and they had the ole ‘it’s not personal’ talk. They also made jokes about Foutte yesterday which was pretty funny. He talked to DaVonne to try and make her feel more secure and he made a F2 with Bayleigh.  I’m probably the most curious about his game moving forward because he seems to have the most options, at least for now. Will he stick with the Cody, Enzo and Dani group or will he pull Day and Bay in even more and try to use them to take out Dani?  He doesn’t trust Dani but he has doubts about DaVonne too. Tyler could let other people take out players like David and Bay for him and focus on winning comps to take out people like Cody later on. If he wants Cody and Dani out sooner, he could quietly team up with Day, Bay David and Kaysar. I’m curious which way he’ll go.
  • JANELLE: She finally has the full picture on what NicA did to her game. It doesn’t matter because no one believes her anyway. People like Christmas have already picked a side and they arn’t open to anything else. Janelle tried to talk to her but Christmas just wanted to talk about herself. She campaigned to David but he told her she’d gone against him and thinks she did NicA dirty. (David wants it both ways, Janelle went against him trying to save NicA but she screwed NicA too?  I like David but as a player, he’s a nonentity for me)  It’s obvious he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. However, he’s a number and a vote wherever Tyler needs it to go and that alone, makes him important for now. Whatever, this is about Janelle so….Janelle is screwed.
  • KAYSAR: He sees the mistake he made telling NicA everything and I think he also realized he put too much faith in Memphis.  Unfortunately, it’s too late so he needs to hope Day, Bay or Memphis makes their targets bigger and soon. Ian would work with him but he can’t with Nicole in the house.  At first it sounded like he would go after Cody and Tyler but as of yesterday, it seems he would put up Nicole and Kevin. That could definitely change and regardless of who he’d put on the block, he’s going to need to win the next hoh.
  • DANI:  I thought she was playing too messy for a while but its working. Janelle campaigned to her yesterday and asked if she would be her 6th vote if she to gets the 5 other ones. Dani didn’t commit but made it sound positive. (Ya, right) Later, Dani told Nicole and Cody everything Janelle said, which we knew would happen. She’s been spending more time with Kevin and started discouraging people (Cody & Nicole) from using him as a pawn. I’ve been impressed at the way she’s been able to take something small and use it to put bigger targets on people. (Day asking questions, Bay irritating Nicole) So far, the people she wants out are the ones everybody sees as targets.  On the flip side, I’m confused as to why she helped make Janelle a target.  I don’t know why anyone would take out a huge threat, who’s good at comps and would never go after you.
  • NICOLE: She’s getting her way this week and we’ll have to hear the gloating for a while. I guessed she’d get closer to Christmas last week (sharing the have not room) and she definitely did. She may be setting it up to manipulate Christmas into volunteering as a pawn. Nicole wants Kaysar otb if she wins hoh but doesn’t know what to do if he wins the veto. She doesn’t want to put up David and Dani is working to talk her out of Kevin. She wants Bay out but wants someone else to do it. She and Dani work well together so I’m curious who’s going to win the manipulation game between the two of them. Last night, while discussing the order of targets, they didn’t agree. Dani wants Day gone before Bay and Nicole wants the opposite. I’m also curious to see what happens if and when Nicole tells  Christmas she wants Tyler out because she isn’t very close to him.
  • CODY:  I said earlier I thought Tyler had more options but I think Cody has more loyalty, just from a smaller group.  He hasn’t been involved in too much other than touching base with Tyler, making sure Day and Bay stay targets and mostly wanting to get Kaysar out next. He’s put a little more time in with Ian ats Dani had suggested. Dani told Nicole she liked working with Cody and thought he was easy for them to control. (It’s true so far. He was a little anti Dani in the beginning, didn’t see Janelle as a priority and was feeling good about Day and Bay. Dani had a lot to do with all those things changing)  He’s still hung up on Day spreading a potential guys alliance and Dani told him he was trying to keep everything calm the way Derrick did. Dani admitted she liked to prod people and see if they’d blow up and make themselves targets.
  • DAVONNE:  She’s been spending more time with Kevin in an attempt to throw people off of how close she is with Bay. It doesn’t work and Dani and Nicole see right through it. She had a talk with Tyler (She and Bay had already discussed solidifying something with him) but the problem is, Tyler’s already caught her lying and worse, lying about him. (Remember last week when she went around saying Tyler was trying to start an alliance when she was trying to figure out who was working with who)  Day may be the person who gets hurt the most by being too afraid to make a move last week.  The Core 4 alliance (Day, Bay, Cody, Enzo) was a great place for her to be but she talked too much and gave Dani the ammunition she needed to make her a target. Cody and Enzo actually felt better about Day and Bay than they did Dani and Nicole the first week.
  • BAYLEIGH:  She talks too much too. She and Day would be a good team if they could both shut up. Day likes to poke, dig and solve the mystery and put the game pieces in place. Bay does the same thing but in her own way. They both made the mistake of addressing it head on.  When she was worried about not being able to fully trust Cody or Tyler, she went to them, asked them and made them promise they were good. (Ok, now what? They can lie!)  When you’re worried someone doesn’t fully trust you or you don’t trust them, you don’t go question them about it. You start working them, spending more time with them and get them to trust YOU more. You don’t have to fully trust someone as long as they trust you. (Example: Tyler with Dani) Bay is on Nicole’s radar now which is bad but I don’t think Tyler will ever go after her which could be good. It doesn’t mean he won’t say “oops” when someone else takes her out tho.
  • CHRISTMAS: I think the fun has worn off her punishment. She’s up to 13 star babies and production isn’t laying off yet. She’s so annoying but her social game is good.  I agree with Steve when it comes to Christmas. She’s one of the last people I wanted to see play again but her social game had been on point. I see a little BB19 Christmas wanting to jump out because she seemed eager to say something to Janelle if given the chance. Her game is also still ‘for the team’ and ‘being a good soldier.’ I could see a week in her future where she goes home accidentally because she thinks she’s taking one for the team. (being a pawn) Surely Tyler sees her as a final 2 option so he’s going to watch her back. Christmas sees the entire game in teams and comps and I don’t know if she has any manipation skills. She’ll need them against Nicole, Dani and Tyler.
  • ENZO: He keeps working his social game and it’s going well. He’s spent more time with Bay this week. He already liked her and I think he’d still rather work with Day and Bay over Dani and Nicole. In the end, I don’t see him caring too much either way because he’s only loyal to Cody and Tyler for now.  No one knows he was the hinky vote and no one cares either. He told David he’d have like to keep NicA if she’d been up against anyone except David. (Haha)
  • IAN: He’s getting more comfortable and I think hes starting to believe he’s really in an alliance with Nicole, Dani and Cody. (4 Prime) Ian doesn’t have a good way of gaining info so far and unfortunately, I don’t see that changing. I don’t have much on his game because he isn’t in the thick of things yet.
  • DAVID: He’s trying to play the game but it’s painful to watch. It was ok for him to be so abrupt with Janelle since she’s leaving but he wasn’t much better when he spoke with Kaysar. Kaysar was trying to form something and all David could muster was ‘wait and see what happens.’  I know this picture is of the back of Davids head but from what he is giving us in the game, it seemed appropriate.
  • MEMPHIS: I’d almost like to see him win the next hoh. (Ya, I can almost hear you guys yelling at me right now)   He isn’t going to do anything actively to help Kaysar but I don’t think he’d go after him either. If Kaysar can’t win it, Memphis might be the best option for Kaysar to stick around another week. Memphis has fallen down on the priority list of targets too and another hoh would probably put him back near the top. (I’m good with that) The biggest downsided with a Memphis hoh (for me) is that it would probably put Ian in danger. Since Ian is completely fooled by Nicole, I could almost be ok with losing Ian too.
  • KEVIN: In the past couple days, he’s told Dani and Ian he’s totally lost. He whines and says he doesn’t know anything that’s going on, says Kaysar is a huge threat and wishes the big alliance would’ve picked him for the team. I know he’s considered one of the old school players (which I’m rooting for) but I’m over it. He can go home anytime and I won’t lose any sleep.

I had some other stuff I was going to include but it’s just my usual random stuff that doesn’t really pertain to the game.  I’ll just save it for later since I’m already running so late today.

Have a great Tuesday!


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