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Big Brother 22- Monday Recap for 9/28/20

October 3, 2020 | 35 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning  BB Junkies! There wasn’t a ton of game talk yesterday and as Steve mentioned in the last post, the feeds cutting yesterday made it tough to keep up. I went more into detail with some of the game convos since there weren’t as many to go over. (I’ve also included some of my usual stuff that no one probably cares about too) It’s the point in the game where people tend to say things with more of a purpose so I think these game talks give us more insight as to what people are planning. (Ya, I’m grasping for anything this week, I know) Here is is anyway:

  • Cody told Tyler he should call out Christmas for being so messy. He said he will if he wins the hoh. They commented on all the dishes in the sink belonging to her but said they were afraid to say anything to her.
  • Shortly before the veto ceremony, Cody casually told David he was going to use the veto. He told David to tell him who he should put up as a replacement. He said “go” and started counting backwards from 10. David stammered around because he was caught off guard and after the countdown, Cody told him he blew it and said he was just kidding. Cody was joking but it was such an asshole thing to do. (He couldn’t even handle it when someone said he talked alot) I’d love to know how he’d react if he was otb and that was done to him. David may be a bad player but his game isn’t a joke to himself.  (I hope David remembers this and if Cody is in the F2, David can ask ‘why should I vote for you to win? You’ve got 10 seconds. Go.’ David should count back from 10 while Cody is trying to speak and say ‘I’m just kidding, I’m not really voting for you.’)
  • Cody didn’t use the Veto.
  • Cody and Christmas talked in the hoh room. (He’s worried about her and wants to make sure she’s still focused on Dani) They both agreed their relationship hadn’t been forced and they’d grown to trust each other organically. (No, they haven’t)  Christmas confided that it wasn’t only Dani who gave her weird vibes now. She said Nicole only talked to her when she felt she needed to do a check in to ‘make sure they were good.’  She said it hurt her feelings a little with Nicole because she had been there for her but said she and Dani had never connected.  She said the two of them stopped talking whenever she came around. She also thought it was weird how they were so upset leading up to Day being evicted but right after, they seemed totally fine. (This should be all Cody needs to get Nicole to let go of Christmas. They weren’t upset Day was leaving, they were just upset they’d gotten caught lying to her) Christmas said she liked it when conversations didn’t feel like they had to have an agenda. She said that’s how she felt when she talked to Cody and they agreed they wanted to go “into the end of the game” together. I noticed Cody was careful not to say “the end” of the game.
  • Memphis listened to Kevin’s campaign and acknowledged Kevin has been in a bad position throughout the game. Kevin said he hoped Memphis would recognize Kevin wanted to compete and wouldn’t take a prize if there was a chance he could win his safety.  (David says hi) Memphis said he would think about it.  (There will be more of this during the week but unless it’s a new approach or something funny, I probably won’t get into it very much…unless the target switches.)
  •  Kevin told David there was a chance people might want to take him to the end. He said he didn’t mean it to offend him but that people could argue David’s game was questionable.  He said it’s how he got near the end on his season because he was underestimated and then was able to win because there were less people competing. They also said they noticed how Nicole’s demeanor changed as soon as Cody won the hoh. Kevin said she’d start getting nervous again as it got closer to Thursday. David said he thought Day would be evicted the week Bay left because when Nicole gave her the 5k, he thought it was a “going away package.” He said he thought it was “you’re not making jury but here’s five grand.” Kevin said “I thought it was pandering to America.” (I’m with Kevin) David said he’s nervous this week and knew he was up against Kevin’s “professional campaigning.” (Haha) Kevin explained that the decision is usually 90% made by the time the hoh makes their noms so it’s mostly already decided.
  • Cody and Enzo talked about Dani and Nicole again. Enzo admitted he’d wanted to go after Nicole at first because she was a winner but said he loved her now and really trusted her. (Nicole has been spending more time with Enzo buddying up to him too) He said he really liked Dani too but she had to go because she couldn’t be trusted.  They both said they’d been very tight with Dani but she’d gotten way too messy. (Enzo still brings up Nicole being “a champion” often so I don’t know if he just says this to Cody because he knows he should or if he means it.) Enzo sounded as if he’d rather take out Memphis so they could have Christmas working for them but Cody would rather take out Christmas and said, they’d have Memphis and Tyler with them if they did. They both agreed they may need Memphis there to take out Tyler so maybe Christmas should go. Enzo said he didn’t like Memphis during his season because he thought he was an asshole. (He was) He said he likes him now but said he’s still a little “douchey.” (He is) They discussed dragging David along the same way they did Victoria. (Cody relates everything to BB16. They all do it a little but he acts like his season is an instruction manual that can’t be deviated from and I guess he’s right. It does feel like we’re watching BB16 all over again.) They talked about targets and said there wasn’t a reason to target Dani or Christmas this week since they’re going after each other. (True) They both said they’ll be pissed if Dani and Nicole do anything weird with the votes again this week.
  • Tyler almost stepped on a screw that was probably left behind when they broke down the last comp:
  • Dani played up the Committee being the F6 to Christmas. She talked about going  down as the best alliance in history if they made it and didn’t lose a member. (This was planned with Nicole because they know Christmas gets into that kind of stuff)
  • During a convo about being recognized in airports, Dani and Tyler made some more ‘old’ jokes towards Memphis. They said his fan base was probably strong in retirement communities in Florida. (I don’t know if Memphis is popular but I bet the shirt is a hit!)
  • Christmas told Memphis that Dani was suddenly talking about the Committee getting to the end with all their people. They both said they knew Dani was only doing it so Christmas wouldn’t target her. (Once again, Dani assumes she’s clever and everyone else is stupid)
  • There was a lot of non game talk yesterday and here’s Kevin sitting there participating and trying to pretend he doesn’t hate them all:
  • Nicole said her hands still hurt from the rope in the OTEV comp. Dani asked how she finally got up the rope. (I’d heard an  earlier conversation about Nicole struggling during the comp)  Nicole said she didn’t and they had to pull her up but she’s sure that won’t be shown on the episode. I also heard some discussion about it being taller than it usually is so maybe it was steeper too.
  • Dani told Kevin they’d always had a good relationship and hopes they still do. He told her he’d had a good talk with Cody the night before. (Dani was the one who suggested he do it) He didn’t think it would change things this week and Dani pretended she didn’t know.  She said it seems like people were waiting until the last minute to choose who the target was going to be this season. (Sure Jan)
  • Christmas spent time going over her days and studying. She camera talked too so we have a better idea what she’s thinking now. As suspected, she’s still loyal to Tyler but doesn’t fully trust him anymore. She said he’s tried to leave too many times for her to fully depend on a F2 with him. She said Memphis is the most straight up with her and he’s the one she trusts the most. (Christmas is the person Memphis needs to take to the F2, it’s his best shot at winning. It may be her best chance too.)  She brought up preexisting relationships and mentioned Bay and Day. (This is a smart way to think except those 2 don’t matter anymore.  Pre gaming has never been as important as pre existing relationships. People who are friends outside the house,  people who played on the same season, this should have been people concerned, not who shared a few phone calls prior to coming into the house) She thinks Nicole and Enzo both probably have F2’s with Cody. Christmas said she thought she had enough F2’s that people wouldn’t go after her immediately but said she needed to get Dani out because she knew she would. She also said it’s annoying the way Nicole openly talks as if it’s a given she’ll be in the F2 chairs. She said Nicole and Dani had both been in a F2 and said she didn’t want to go to the end with people who had gotten that far. (I guess she’s forgotten Tyler, Cody and Memohis were all F2)

I’m often on the verge of admitting that even tho I don’t like her, Christmas isn’t playing a bad game. Within 5 minutes of having this thought, she usually does something nutty. This happened yesterday close to the same time I’d heard her study and talk to the cameras. She spoke with Enzo about getting ready for the next veto comp. She said she’d put black lines under her eyes like she was going to war. (That wasn’t so bad…but she wasnt done) She told Enzo “you think you’ve seen crazy Chriatmas? Guess again!!” She proceeded to do the two finger ‘I’m watching you’ hand motion and also the throat slitting hand gesture. (She’s sooooo over the top) She said she isn’t that worried about Dani or Nicole winning the next hoh because the wall comp was thrown to Dani and Nicole can’t win anything. (Does she remember how she won? The hoh was won by default and nobody wanted to win the safety when she won it)

  • Dani and Memphis talked about still wanting David to leave this week. They both think if David won hoh, it would be the two of them otb. Memphis said they could get David out next week but he wasnt happy about it. Dani told him about David campaigning to her. She said David told her he wanted to be there to see the table get smaller and asked if she could help make that happen. Dani said she told him to come back with something better. (My favorite Dani/David convo was when he complimented her clothes. He came up to her tell her she was always so put together and had the best outfits. Afterwards, he asked if they could have a ‘twinsies day.’ Haha)  Dani said she didn’t know why they were doing what Cody wanted again.  Memphis said he worried that Cody had something going with David and they both thought Tyler might too.
  • Dani looked for a spot to store her swan:
  • Nicole attempted to make fries which she burned but Cody ended up being successful with his try at it. (They’ve really had a hard time with fries this season) They decided to make burgers for dinner, which Dani said she wouldn’t help with because she didn’t cook meat. (If she doesn’t eat it, I wouldn’t want her to anyway, she wouldn’t know what the hell she was doing) There was some discussion over who made the best beef patties and Nicole declared Victor’s were so great, he could “work for a company.”
  • They had planned a house volleyball game with the beach ball. It mostly turned into Cody and Dani practicing while talking shit to each other because they had a lockdown and had to leave the yard.
  • They got some alcohol and Dani & Nicole tried to hide some of it again. They must’ve gotten the hidden beer taken away because later, they were in the storage room apologizing to production for something and saying they wouldn’t do it again. They said “no more stealing, we’ll never steal again.” (Haha) I also heard Nicole say “they’re gone.” Cody shared his hoh wine with the house to give them a little more tho.
  • There was a late night talk between Cody and Enzo. (They’ve done this since Cody won and it’s why Enzo volunteered to be a have not. He’d said he could go between rooms easier late at night) They both hoped Dani would give them a break for once, and go to bed instead of going up to the hoh room. They went over who would go after who again. They said they’re a little worried about Tyler and Christmas together and think Tyler thinks he’s the 3rd with them. (He is) Cody said he only trusts Enzo, Memphis and Nicole. They talked about feeling bad for Kevin but said he needed to go. Cody said what could they do, put him otb for a 6th or 7th time? Enzo said America didn’t want to see that and he just needed to go this week. They want either Christmas or Dani to win the next hoh and take a shot at the other. Enzo didn’t see Christmas winning and said her wins so far, were handed to her. Enzo called Nicole a champ again and Cody told him he was the only person who was hung up on it or brought it up. (The rest of them should be tho) They both said winning hoh right now made them nervous because they didn’t need to and didn’t have anyone specifice they wanted to target. (True) Cody said if Enzo won it, he could go after Dani. Enzo agreed and said nobody would care. (I said something about this yesterday, maybe not in the recap. It’s not a bad choice if he wanted another win under his belt. He’s won 3 comps so he really doesn’t need it right now but she’d be the best option to avoid pissing people off. He needs 1 person hating him in jury anyway or it will hurt his chances for someone to take him to F2) They both feel like they have the votes to stay if they end up otb, they just have to avoid going up together. (They’re right) Cody confirmed again that Derrick initially said yes to returning this season and changed his mind. Cody said Derrick told him, his chances were better if he went alone. He said Derrick told him, they’d be instant targets in the house. Enzo said Memphis is doing what he wanted to do with Christmas, which was use her as a pit bull. They talked about Memphis possibly being hard to beat in comps towards the end. They went back and forth regarding David. Part of the convo, they want David out soon. Other moments, they want to keep him and use him as a pawn. Sometimes, its hard to follow because most of the convo is Enzo saying “yo” and Cody saying “like.”

I have no idea how this recap ended up so long because honestly, yesterday was a pretty dead day in the house. I have to go to work and don’t have time to go back and edit stuff out like I usually do. Therefore, I have no idea if today is going to be an ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘you’re welcome’ from me…I’m remembering writing about the screw in the yard so I’m gonna guess it’s….I’m sorry.

Have a great Tuesday!

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