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Big Brother 22 Nomination Results

September 5, 2020 | 54 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

Alright, where do I begin with this?  Christmas spent her Big Brother 19 season as an absolutely useless waste of a spot.  Once she got injured and had to have surgery, she should have been out of the game. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Voting from the hospital on phone was by far the low point of that season and quite possibly of the show’s history. It didn’t help matters that she was one of Paul’s ‘muscle’ in his gang of shitheads who made the season absolutely miserable for anyone they targeted. Despite doing nothing and floating to the end, she did finally recover a bit from her injury enough to win a few HoH’s and decided the crew she wanted to roll with was Paul and Josh. She made those dumb choices and Josh didn’t even pick her for the final 2.

Why is this relevant?  Earlier today, Da’Vonne pulled aside Dani and Nicole and had a heart to heart. She also revealed that Tyler had been one of the people who had been doing a lot of talking.  Likely pissed at hearing this, Dani quickly revealed that Tyler also said that he’d happily backdoor Bayleigh because he made a pact not to evict her. Da’Vonne chose to keep this information from Bayleigh for now because Bay really believed that Tyler was actually trying to mend their relationship from what happened during BB20. Day said Bay would be crushed to hear this, especially after the events over the last 24 hours. Either way, it was becoming clear that Tyler was trying to pick off the girls and all three talking (Bay, Dani, Nicole) agreed.

They also agreed that Tyler should probably be the target this week because losing yet another girl in the house would be painful for that side, and they agreed to have a secret pact. Maybe even still pretend to be pissed at each other (how long it will last, I have no clue). Anyway, both Dani and Nicole took that information to Christmas and let her know that Tyler has been indeed playing a bit shady this season, but she apparently already had her mind made up to be a puppet for another strong guy (Cody) and do his bidding. Just like she did on BB19.

Now, there is a chance that Christmas can actually backdoor Tyler this week. Especially with a weekend of planning. However, after nominating Bayleigh and Da’Vonne together, it’ll be hard to get Tyler out should they try the backdoor route. Doing a quick early count, let’s say Tyler was sitting there against Bayleigh, it would require an absolutely complete flip by Nicole and Dani against Tyler to secure his exit. Long story short, it’s not happening. Once again, Christmas has bonded with the strong guys in the house and just pretended to work with the girls. She’ll do their bidding and then likely be discarded when they have no more use for her. That’s just a guess based on history repeating itself.

Alright, time for some feed updates

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  • 6:45 pm – Bayleigh goes into the HoH room and hugs Christmas who is playing the ‘poor me’ act. Seriously, Bayleigh was comforting HER
    • Now Da’Vonne is in the room and Christmas is telling her she’s a beast which is why she’s on the block. Alright, ignore all the super strong dudes in the house. Day is the beast. Okay
  • 7:10 pm – Down in the bedroom, Day and Bay re-tell their conversation with Christmas and basically rolled their eyes at her
    • Da’Vonne tells Bayleigh how Tyler has been backstabbing her and she is taking it well. She expected it
    • They heard Christmas pulled David aside and told him to be prepared to do damage control because it may get messy after noms
    • Day didn’t want to give Christmas the satisfaction of being the “angry” one so she went up and was the complete opposite
  • 8:00 pm – David in the room with them and says he understands her move.
    • Bay says that doesn’t help. David says he expected two guys to be nominated and Bay points out how she was in the military surrounded by guys. She’s used to that. She’s not used to working with girls (as I said above)
  • 10:00 pm – Bayleigh talking with Day mentions Tyler
    • She says he (Tyler) talked to her about her birthday that was shown on IG. The only issue is that he’s been blocked on IG for two years so he’s getting around it to watch her stuff. That creeped her out
    • Kevin comes in and points out how Cody ran up to console Christmas. He is realizing the entire house is against them. Wow, 4 evictions in. Good job
    • Meanwhile, Christmas is worried to Nicole that this nomination will get backlash. Hmmm, you think?  I’m going to assume this has zero to do with race because it’s not my job to speculate. Well, it is my job and I am speculating that it has nothing to do with race. Christmas nominated them because they’re a duo who became the target by her puppetmasters. Both of them have strong and bad connections with specific members of Christmas’ side (Bay/Tyler and Nicole/Day) so both of them want Christmas to do their dirty work. Again, not race.  However, even those like me who don’t think it’s about race will give you backlash because it’s a stupid fucking move. As I pointed out above, she sided with the strong guy in BB19 and got screwed but decided to form that same plan this time. It’s stupid. Even if she somehow survives this season, she’s still going to look like a pathetic puppet to the jury.
  • 12:00 am – It’s been a fairly slow night. Bayleigh had a long talk with Kevin and told him he’s right, she needs to stay focused.
    • Both Day and Bay asked Kevin to play in the veto tomorrow
    • No progress on Christmas backdooring anyone yet

With that, I’m going to bed. Don’t expect many updates in the afternoon. Likely be pretty slow until after veto

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