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Big Brother 22 Saturday Feed Updates 9/12 – Veto Results

September 13, 2020 | 147 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Programming note – There will be no live feed updates tomorrow or Monday. It’s my anniversary weekend so spending a little time with Mrs Beans. Who, btw, is not Mel. I know some are confused by that because both their names begin with Mel but my amazing partner (and morning recapper) is not the same Mel I’m married to.  Anyway, I will try to do a recap tomorrow night and then write up something sometime after the veto ceremony on Monday. The header won’t be updated until Tuesday if noms change.

Alright, back to Big Brother…

A quick recap of the last 48 hours or so…  Dani won the HoH endurance competition. She nominated David and Kevin. David used his power to save himself and is still trying to convince people that he didn’t have a power. Nobody believes him. In fact, people are a bit annoyed he is trying to keep up the lie when there is virtually no logic for someone else to use it on him other than Dani in a weird attempt to frame him. Why would someone else risk being put up just to save him? And the fact that he (David) even asked Tyler if he had the power made it even more cringeworthy.  I mean it’s fun feeds watching him try to convince the house but it’s frustrating because it’s just putting the target right on his back for next week.

Another thing that is making it look bad is David’s performance. He was walking around the house in tears after the nomination yesterday. Now that the house knows he had a power to save himself (or are convinced he does), people are now wondering if he is an actor which will hurt him in the future if he really does want to try and tug on someone’s emotions. They won’t be convinced any future tears are real, so he just threw that card away if he ever intended on using it for real.  Don’t get me wrong, it was smart of him to keep it a secret. That was a surprisingly veteran move by the rookie. But he really should have just admitted he won after he was saved. At least that’s how I would have handled it.

Before I begin, a huge thank you to Susan and Cassandra for your amazing donations. I feel bad thanking people in the same post where I say I’m basically taking two days off though lol.

Alright, enough rambling… the veto is in and the winner is:

Da’Vonne won her first ever competition!

This could shake things up if she decides to save Kevin (which she SHOULD)

  • 2:30 pm – Whatever the comp was, it was in the dark and required a lot of hand stability
    • If Da’Vonne doesn’t use the veto, it’s going to kill this season
    • Tyler is outside. He knows it’s very bad for him
    • Cody is talking to Tyler and says there is no shot of Da’Vonne saving Kevin. Why wouldn’t she?
    • Upstairs, Cody, Tyler, and Dani are all plotting a way to keep noms the same
    • They think if they convince Da’Vonne that Tyler is the target that she won’t risk using it
    • Tyler may stage a fight with someone like Christmas or Memphis
    • Downstairs, David finally admits to Kevin that he won the comp
    • Shit, David was in such denial, I was beginning to think I was seeing things when I watched him win
    • David wants to tell Da’Vonne so he can repair some damage he did by faking it yesterday


  • 4:30 pm – Nicole is pretty confident that Da’Vonne won’t use the veto
    • Memphis is about to lecture Tyler on him wanting to give up but the feeds decide we want to see Christmas/Nicole
    • Are they just not going to show us much Memphis because he’s too controversial? Or do they really think this conversation is more interesting?
    • Okay cool. Back on Memphis and Tyler. Tyler explaining his situation last week. Memphis wants to make sure Tyler is really in it
    • In the kitchen, Kevin is talking to Da’Vonne but she is pretending not to listen because they’re in the kitchen and know Dani is watching on cam
  • Xmas pulls Kevin into the bedroom
    • She tells him that even if she uses it, Tyler is going home (lie)
    • She says she’d have her vote, David, Da’Vonne, maybe Enzo.  Wow. Is Kevin believing this?
    • Kevin sticks to David’s story that he didn’t use it, so that’s good. At least he’s not opening up to her.
    • Christmas mentions ‘maybe the person couldn’t use it on themselves’. I bet she still thinks Kevin had the power.


  • 6:00 pm – Cody, Nicole, and Ian are on the hammock speculating on the power
    • Ian wants Nicole to push Nicole to not use the veto. He’s worried about being a replacement nom
    • In the kitchen, Da’Vonne and Kevin are chatting. He reminds her that she said if you get power, you gotta make a big move
  • Tyler is talking with Da’Vonne
    • She is telling him she needs to have a serious and long talk with Dani
  • Upstairs, Dani is talking with Nicole
    • Dani says she can’t tell Da’Vonne not to use it.
    • Nicole is frustrated because she knows Tyler is gone if she uses it
    • Dani says she absolutely cannot make Da’Vonne look stupid by telling her Tyler is leaving and then Kevin leaves. That is not an option for her
    • They agree they just need to convince Day not to use it
    • Nicole says she’d rather Nicole leave than Da’Vonne because Nicole would be out a number
    • Nicole whines a bit about the situation. Dani says she has no option. Her only option is Ian and Nicole doesn’t like that

  • 6:45 pm – Things getting good
    • Dani asks Nicole why she went back to Tyler about the thing Nicole told her. Nicole says she told Cody. Dani says ‘no, you told Tyler. Tyler told me so’.
    • Nicole denies it some more so she says she’s going to get Cody and doesn’t care at this point. Nicole begins to panic alone and says Cody needs to cover for her because Dani will forgive him but not her
  • Dani can’t find Cody so she heads back to the HoH room
    • Nicole says ‘If Tyler is throwing my name around trying to make us have beef I’ll vote him out’ Amazing how fast she now wants him out lol
    • Dani says Christmas is down whispering to Memphis. She is freaking out and is going to hate Dani
    • Nicole is trying to sidetrack it by saying Tyler may be a saboteur .. okay
    • Nicole says she’s pissed and wants to vote out Tyler. Big change from 30 minutes ago.
    • They talk about getting Christmas out. Dani says ‘she has a power, we have to wait’.  Plus she says ‘that would be one angry little woman in the house. We’ve seen how that is. She’ll start clapping in your face’ lol
  • 7:45 pm – Christmas came up to the HoH room and made things awkward so I’m going to step away for a bit. Be back when they get Cody in there and can fact check things

  • 8:00 pm – Dani apparently grew a mustache while waiting for Cody, but he’s finally up
    • But because Christmas is hanging around, they’re not talking. Fun
  • 9:15 pm – Alright, Dani, Christmas, Tyler, Memphis, and Cody are in the room
    • Dani is SUPER quiet as they’re running down plans
    • Nicole was up there too but super quiet as well.
    • Memphis leaves. probably bedtime for him
    • Christmas leaves and the camera follows her?  Seriously?  We don’t care about Christmas
    • Feeds go back upstairs and Ian joins.  Come on. I can’t with this house
    • Nicole asks how much a pack of Ramen Noodles are but pronounced it Raymon and Dani starts cracking up. Saying that’s like the generic Ramen lol
    • I can’t believe how long this post is, I probably should have started a new thread already but it’s too late now so here we are.
  • 11:00 pm  – Feeds go down and animals come up. I have no idea what it could be. Possibly some event happening in the house that they’ll have to study over the next week although it’s way too early for that so I’m not sure
    • I was going to go to bed but I guess I stay up and see what this is
  • 1:00 am – Still waiting to see what’s up with the feeds…
  • 1:30 am – Alright, I can’t stay awake any longer. I guess I’ll have to see what it is tomorrow.

Reminder, no feed updates tomorrow. We are going to a hotel. Mel will have the morning recap up and I’ll recap anything that may have happened throughout the day. If anything. This really could just be a weird situation where they shut off the feeds and don’t turn them back on for hours like they did the last two wall yellers.

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