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Big Brother 22- Saturday Recap for 10/10/20

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Good morning and sorry I missed yesterday. I had a work emergency pop up first thing in the morning and even though that sucked, it was at least good timing as far as the feeds. We’re too close to the end game for too much to happen anyway. Even on fun seasons, the last couple weeks seem to drag so it isn’t just happening because it’s BB22.


Enzo with the cow (the only one in the house who understands how he can win the game)

The veto comp was played yesterday and I’m glad it was BB Comics. I look forward to those and didn’t know if they’d do it this year. I thought the one they just did (rearranging the pics at the baseball game) might be too similar. Remember what Janelle said about Nicole? She said Nicole would roll out of bed on week 9 and start playing the game. She meant it as an insult at the time but it’s kind of what she’s doing and for now, it’s working. Nicole’s won the hoh and the veto this week. (We shouldn’t be surprised since she won this comp during BB18)

Some BB Trivia: This is the 6th time this season the hoh has also won the veto. This is almost the least the veto has ever been used on a season too. You have to go all the way back to BB3 when it was only used once. That was the year it was introduced and it was the silver power of veto because you couldn’t use it on yourself. (The hgs usually didn’t want to win it)  It became the golden power of veto at the F4 and that was the only week you could use it on yourself. Marcellas won it at F4, didn’t use it on himself, was evicted and he became know for making one of the worst BB moves ever.


  • Christmas has been spending more time with Nicole trying to buddy up to her. She’s been convinced ever since she went otb that she could get Nicole to target Cody this week. (She also thinks she’s a “comp beast” so it’s not surprising she’s in a different game than the one we’re watching) The two of them fed each other bullshit yesterday morning and each pretended it was great. Christmas made sure Nicole knew that Cody couldn’t be beaten and said Enzo had a perfect social game. Nicole informed Christmas that Memphis forming the Committee would be big on his resume. Nicole and Christmas talked about going to the end together. (Remember when they made a F2? I guess that contract was voided when Christmas tried to evict Nicole so they’ll need a new one) Nicole told Christmas she’ll take her to the F3 and said she’d also like to be sitting with her in the F2. She said she didn’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to take her to the F2 because the jury would slam her and say she didn’t dooooo anything for the first 2 months. (true)
  • After Christmas left, Nicole cam talked and seemed to realize she wasn’t lying to Christmas. She said she needed to keep Christmas over Enzo at F3 so she’d be guaranteed to be taken to the F2. Nicole thinks Christmas will take Nicole to F2 and she knows Enzo probably won’t. She also realized getting Enzo out would require a very specific scenario. Assuming no one gets blindsided, Christmas would have to win the next hoh and Nicole would have to win the veto….otherwise, Enzo stays. (You know how I’ve been saying for weeks that Enzo was guaranteed the F3 if he just threw the comps? Seems they’re figuring that out now too. Of course, that doesn’t get him a win, just F3)

  • Nicole needs to work more on her list of what she considers bad ass games moves for the jury, if she does end up in the F2.  She said surviving the block against David was a great move. She thinks because she’s played 3 times and called David’s 1 time, (even tho its 2) it’s a huge thing. It isn’t huge and even if it was, wouldn’t that be Enzos move?  He made the deciding vote to keep her, she just sat there terrified she was leaving.  She also said she’s “crushing this season.”  (Nicole is someone who needs to verbally pump herself up, like many others do too, so I’m just being snarky.) I won’t say she’s “crushing” anything more than my happiness this week, but she did win when she needed it and I’ll give it to her.
  • It was weird seeing Nicole talk to the cams while Christmas was in another room doing it too because they were both saying practically the same thing. Christmas cam talked and said she thought she needed to go to the end with Nicole and have Memphis as her next option. She said she hoped they (Nicole & Christmas) could work with Memphis if he stays this week. (Ummmm, I’m sure that’s gonna work great. Christmas is a strange combo of hostility and optimism)

  • Christmas talked to Memphis and stressed to him it was important he win the veto so they could get Cody put otb. (Hahaha) She schooled him on what he should say to Nicole and how he should pitch to her.
  • Nicole won the Veto.

Memphis and Christmas gave each other face massages the other evening.

  • After the veto comp, Christmas told Memphis he needed to start thinking of deals he could make Nicole so he could stay.  Memphis, who thinks he’s the one staying humored Christmas but didn’t seem too worried about it.
  • Memphis laughed with Cody and Enzo about the Wiseguys alliance and ‘knowing’ he has their votes to stay. He told them when Christmas was headed to talk to Nicole, he’d told her she might want to wait a while instead of doing it immediately. He said Christmas was sure she could get Nicole to use the veto.
  • Cody told Nicole what Memphis had said to him and Nicole thought it was crazy that Christmas really thought she’d use it. Nicole asked Cody if Enzo would cut Nicole at F4 and Cody told her he wouldn’t. Cody admitted it would be better for him if Christmas left but said he’d get out Memphis if it’s what Nicole wanted this week. (unless they change their minds)
  • Nicole told both Cody and Enzo that noms will stay the same and said she’s glad Memphis will be leaving.
  • Around this same time, Cody and Enzo began talking about whether or not they should keep Memphis. Cody doesn’t want to blindside Nicole and said if they kept him, they’d need to talk her into it. They know Christmas is trying to get out Cody but they think Memphis may stick with the Wiseguy deal if Christmas is gone. (They arn’t sure and are basically trying to decide if it’s worth pissing off Nicole when Memphis and Christmas may both come after Cody)
  • Nicole and Cody talked about being able to win out if Memphis was gone. They both feel they can beat Enzo and Christmas in the remaining compa. They patted themselves on the back for a while and said the house was warned weeks ago about the power they had but said they didn’t listen. (Wall yeller, I guess)
  • Memphis told Enzo they needed to keep bringing up the Wiseguys to Cody this week and said he knows the veto isn’t getting used. He said he was only humoring Christmas with her talk about getting Nicole to target Cody. He said he’d still probably pitch something to Nicole but just because he’s supposed to do it. Enzo said Memphis needed to reassure Cody that he’d take Nicole out next.
  • Enzo has his own room now and Tylers cow has become his new BFF. He’s still trying to spend plenty of time with Nicole too. (I think it’s a combo of making sure Nicole won’t try to get rid of him but mostly jealousy over Cody giving Nicole his attention this week)
  • Nicole split her hoh wine with Cody and Enzo when Christmas was in the DR. (She’d already said she didn’t want to share it) Christmas came upstairs and Nicole got busted, at least in her mind. It wouldn’t have looked as bad if Nicole hadn’t gotten up and ran towards the bathroom (with the bottle) when Christmas was coming in the door. Naturally, Christmas made a comment about it at that point but who wouldn’t? It became awkward so Cody took off with his glass of wine.
  • After Christmas left, Nicole kept trying to come up with a reason to give Christmas for sharing it with Cody and Enzo. (Nicole is the hoh, who also holds the veto, so Enzo helped her with this, even tho it was obvious he didn’t give a shit about it) Nicole told Enzo she could tell Christmas was mad over it. She said it shows Christmas that Nicole won’t use the veto to go after Cody or Enzo. (If she really wants to keep Christmas, why drag this out to begin with?) Still being hung up on the wine, Nicole told Enzo about Christmas sharing her wine with Tyler when she was the hoh. She said she’d made sure to tell Dani about it. (What is it? A $10 bottle of wine, if that?)
  • Meanwhile, Christmas was dancing for the cameras downstairs. If she was mad, she got over it quickly….and she was still saying she needed to get Nicole to use the veto.

It’s a long time between now and Thursday so I could see either Christmas or Memphis leaving this week. Nicole is the hoh but it will be Cody and Enzo making the decision. I’m expecting them to float both plans around and feel out Nicole along the way, just to make sure they have options. We may still get a bit of entertainment this week with both Christmas  and Memphis being so confident they’ll stay. Someone is going to get pissed because neither is prepared for it. If Memphis leaves, Cody has said he wants to tell him on Thursday and Enzo  & Nicole would rather blindside him.


Cody has told Nicole about the 2 Wiseguy alliances and that Memphis named them both the same thing. She only knew Memphis had made a F3 with Enzo and Cody before this conversation and didn’t know the name. Sometimes, I think Cody wants Nicole as his F2 and sometimes, I think it’s Enzo, but we don’t  really know for sure. (I’ve leaned towards it being Nicole)  He’s really open with both of them so that doesn’t give it away. I’m pretty sure Memphis wanted to take Enzo to F2 but again, no way to know for sure. Of all the cam talkers in the house this season, I wish Memphis and Cody would do it.

Have a great Sunday!


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