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Big Brother 22- Saturday Recap for 10/17/20

October 18, 2020 | 32 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJ, I’m enjoying gorgeous weather in the midwest this weekend. I made the right call to do something outdoors yesterday and lay off the feeds a bit, because I think I’d have just been disappointed. This way, I had an enjoyable day before checking in to see the veto results. As Steve has already posted, Cody won the veto yesterday….and as expected, I was disappointed.

I feel like this result pretty much wraps up the season. It’s BB so things can change, but I think we’ll mostly be watching to see who’s nervous over being chosen to go to the F2, how Christmas handles being evicted, etc. I don’t feel like I’m waiting to see who wins the season. I guess its fitting since Cody IS the best player this year and I like to see the best player win but that’s all I can really say about it.  (boring season, boring winner, oh well)

Todays recap will be short because there was a veto comp, a backgammon competition and some personal grooming. Yep, that’s it for yesterday.


  • Nicole began the day by giving herself positive affirmations. She told herself to love the parts of her she didn’t like. She referenced her bushy eyebrows she hasn’t been able to deal with because of covid. (Girl, it’s happened to alot of us so I feel ya) She also went through all the parts of the body and their specific purpose for us. (Nursing school info? No, not exactly) She was basically explaining how our body is made for self survival. For example, without shoes, our feet can turn into shoes and our fingers prune so we know to get of the water. Shit like that. It was kind of sweet and kind of the way my 8 year old granddaughter would describe things.
  • Everyone mentally prepared themselves for the comp. Enzo suggested once more taking out Nicole to Cody. Cody just said hes screwed if Nicole wins it.
  • Cody won the veto.
  • Cody said he’s evicting Christmas and said there’s no reason for anyone to try to get him to do anything else.
  • Nicole feels like the jury will think she was carried to the F2 since she didn’t win the veto. (Not really, she could also win the final hoh comp, choose to take Cody to the F2 and be seen as BB16 Cody, who made a stupid decision….so there’s another option)
  • Enzo feels like he and Cody will now have a BB legacy for years to come. He’s confident having a day 1 alliance, with neither of them going on the block is major. (It is pretty major but he mistakenly thinks they’ll both be seen as amazing. No, if Cody wins, he’ll be seen as amazing for not going otb, Enzo will be viewed as the idiot who wanted to go to the F2 with him) Enzo told Cody he wouldn’t take Nicole to the F2 and made it sound like he knew Cody wouldn’t either. (maybe, maybe not???)
  • Christmas needed xanax and her therapist the day before. (She said that about the therapist, I’m making the call about the xanax on my own) This was on a day when almost nothing happened.  Sure, she went otb but who cares? Its final 4. Yesterday, the day she had to know she was probably leaving, she handled much better. (Weird) Maybe she was just all cried out from the day before, which made it easier for her to take yesterday. Who knows?
  • Cody was pumped up after his win and talked to Derrick on the cams. He said some “let’s go’s” and shouted out Kaycee too. (He’s really borrowed “lets go” this season,  so I guess he felt she deserved a shout out) He told Derrick he better be there on finale night if its safe to travel. (I guess Cody still thinks they may have an audience. Janelle confirmed on Twitter the perjury will only be involved remotely, so I don’t think Derricks gonna show.)
  • Christmas told more stories from BB19 and always puts a positive spin on the way people were bullied. She talked about the way Paul could talk people into saying things to other players. Nicole chimed in and said she’d experienced that this season. She mentioned uninviting Janelle to her wedding. (She still thinks this was a big deal, I guess) She said she’d never had anyone push her to say things the way Dani did. She said Dani was the reason she tried to start drama with Janelle. (Let’s not forget that Nicole is a grown ass woman so…no, Dani is NOT the reason Nicole did anything) Dani only allowed Nicole to feel more comfortable saying the things she said because she had an eager audience.
  • Nicole and Enzo talked about Day using the veto and how it ruined her game. Eventually, they circled around and admitted that using the veto didn’t have anything to do with Day leaving. (No shit)
  • Nicole talked about the F3 comps and Nicole said she planned to put all her focus on part two.
  • Christmas suggested playing ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ after playing some other games. Cody got to put his acting skills to use. (He’s been in some Hallmark movies or something and would like to be an actor) Some examples of the skits were Cody having to pretend to be in labor, Nicole and Christmas being teens who’d just got dumped and Christmas was a misbehaving puppy owned by Nicole. (Riveting stuff, right?)
  • Enzo and Cody were deep sea fishing in one of their skits but Enzo was confused. They had to tell him to stop deep sea ‘swimming’ so he had to get off the floor.
  • Enzo still went a different direction than Cody and began getting sea sick.
  • Nicole suggested they imitate other houseguests but asked if it would be too mean. Christmas said they did it on her season and Nicole said “maybe that’s a no go then.” (Haha, all the past players know what Christmas’ season was like)
  • Enzo and Cody talked about Christmas having a skewed outlook on the game. They said she bases everything on comp wins. Cody said it didn’t matter as much, especially on an all stars season, because alot of people threw comps they didn’t need to win. (True but of course, Cody will start saying this now regardless so Enzo thinks he has a chance) Enzo said it’s more fun to set yourself up and not need to win instead of having to fight every week to save yourself. (I’m sure that’s true too)
  • They moved on to eyebrow plucking and waxing. Nicole and Cody were very trusting in my opinion because there’s no way in hell I would’ve trusted Christmas not to leave me with 1 brow after losing the veto.
  • Nicole was the assistant during Cody’s session.
  • Enzo cam talked and said the jury can decide and he just needs to get to the F2. He said they’ll decide who played better and that’s it, yo.

I know this was bare bones recapping folks but that was the day. I guess I’ll be waiting to see if Christmas tries to convince Cody to take out Nicole instead of her. It won’t work but like I mentioned yesterday, I don’t think we’re watching to see who wins anymore. I think we’re just watching to see how it happens.

Have a great Sunday!

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