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Big Brother 22- Saturday Recap for 8/15/20

August 16, 2020 | 71 Comments
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Author: Mel

Veto Spoiler Below

Good morning sleepy heads! (This refers to anyone who stayed up and attempted to wait for veto results- Hi Steve.) Before I recap the day, let’s take care of veto. The comp was physical and took arm strength. From what I picked up from the hgs, NicA was out in the first 10 seconds, NicF right after and David did pretty well in it.  The veto winner was:


Usually, the feeds are down for much of the day on Saturdays so I don’t have to stay glued to them. Yesterday was an exception so I’ll admit, this recap may be lacking. I’ll try to get the gist of what happened but I may have to fill in some gaps later if I’ve missed some things. I’ve pieced most of this together this morning so full disclosure, it may be a hot mess.

  • The day picked up right where the last one ended…with Memphis’ alliance talking about him behind his back. Christmas complained about his lack of communication.
  • Dani went to the hoh room and tried to convince Memphis they needed to do something about Janelle (and Kaysar)  because she’d named 4 people in their 6 person alliance. (Cody has done the same thing) Memphis told her to chill and said it wasn’t a problem yet. He said Janelle was only guessing and if someone takes a shot at Janelle, they better not miss. He agreed they needed to go soon and wondered who should go first. Dani said Janelle was the queen of big brother and it needed to be her.

I just ran across an interview Dani did before the show started and it explains soooooo much.  We already knew Janelle and Dani pre gamed and planned to work together. It’s why Janelle has a blind spot with Dani in the house. In the interview, Dani said she wanted to be known as the best female player in BB. She said she wanted the title of the Queen of BB and in order to have it, she needed to take down Janelle. This is the real reason she’s gunning for Janelle so hard. Sure, she wants to win but she really wants to be the reason Janelle is evicted.

  • NicA tried to talk to Memphis and let him know she’d be good for his team and she got nothing from him.
  • NicF told Tyler one of them needed to win the veto and then have all 5 go to Memphis and tell him he needed to back door Janelle. (Memphis has repeatedly said to several of them he isn’t doing it)
  • Because NicA spilled ALL her info to Dani after spilling it to DaVonne, Dani knows Janelle has been trying to get Memphis to back door NicF. NicA also told Dani that Kaysar is the reason Janelle may not trust her. (Kaysar did tell Janelle on around day 3 or 4 to stop telling Dani so much)
  • NicA and David gave each other pep talks for the veto. They did one of Nicole’s dances to prepare and even got Kayser in on it. He’d talked to them both in that Kaysar way and made them feel good. Later, David mentioned Kayser being such a good person.
  • Dani told NicF that Janelle is coming for her. Dani said Memphis isn’t going to help them so they have to do something themselves. Dani suggested going to Janelle after the veto and making an alliance with her, for now. NicF said Janelle won’t stick to it and Dani said she didn’t care because they would’n’t either. She said they only needed it to hold for one week and maybe they’d have time to get her out.
  • Bayleigh told Janelle and Kaysar some of the info she had and they started comparing notes. Bay told Janelle how much stuff Kevin had be saying about Janelle.
  • Christmas suggested to Dani they lie to Memphis and tell him Janelle & Kaysar are talking about turning on him.
  • Janelle asked NicA if Kevin had been talking bad about her. NicA lied and said he hadn’t.
  • They waited around all day and all evening for the veto to happen. (I thought Memphis might lose since he goes to bed early) I read the comp was delayed because of extreme heat but don’t know that for sure.
  • Janelle talked alot to Kayser about not wanting to work with Kevin.
  • Ian finally got his punishment and he has to wear a costume and act out what seems like an entire movie. (I may have this a bit off because I didn’t  focus on it this morning and was trying to get game talk instead) Whatever it is, he was doing a great job and is really getting into it.
  • There is some tension between Dani and Bayleigh. They jokingly talk shit to each other but a couple times, it seemed like Bay was tired of Dani being passive aggressive and called her on it. (There’s something here to keep an eye on and I think it’s going to get worse. Bayleigh is NOT the person for Dani to try her bullshit on, just sayin’)
  • Da and Bay have started to get suspicious about Cody, Dani, NicF and maybe Tyler. These are the names Janelle said she thought were together and they may be realizing Cody has side deals. Bay called it ‘double dipping.’ Lol They arn’t convinced Tyler is involved yet tho. (They’re right, it’s Enzo instead of Tyler but Janelle just hasn’t put that together yet)
  • DaVonne told Bay she knows some of the things she’s told Dani have been shared with NicF. (It was just the night before, Dani was trying to get Da to be suspicious of Bay by telling her she knew Janelle and Bay talked pre game) This is true but Bay and Da talked about it (most of it wasn’t on the feeds) and it seemed like Bay reassured Da she didn’t have a reason to worry. (They still seem fine) Bay said she didn’t trust Dani in the same way Da doesn’t trust Janelle.
  • Dani jumped the gun and told Janelle they should start an alliance and named some people before veto. Janelle took this info to Memphis as proof that Dan, NicF, Cody and maybe Tyler?? are working together. Memphis still didn’t want to back door NicF.  (This is one place I don’t have it all pieced together)
  • Cody has been really pissed at Janelle and Kaysar for finding out they may be after him and now he’s upset with Bay and Da too. (I’m sorry, this is somewhere else that I don’t know where it started. Cody told NicF they’d take out Janelle and Kaysar and then they’d probably have to go after Bay and Da. (NicF was thrilled!)

This is what I think happened and if I’m wrong, Steve or I can correct it. Janelle and Kaysar have been talking about getting a group together of Bay, Da, NicA, Christmas plus the 2 of them. Kaysar was joking that he’d accidentally started the all girls alliance plus himself. Cody may have found this out from Christmas or maybe Dani since NicA told her so much stuff. He’s mad and been doing a lot of venting about it. He’s also mad he can’t talk Memphis into back dooring Janelle this week. I heard him telling Enzo how disloyal it is for people to be playing this way. Basically, Cody doesn’t  think Janelle and Kaysar should try to form an alliance and just wait to get evicted. He also doesn’t think anyone in his 5 alliances should start any back up alliances of their own. (Cody playing without Dereick=Hard)

I may be too hard on Cody because actually, he and Tyler are in the best spots in the house. I just don’t like that whiny ‘I can play but you can’t’ crap. NicF does it too and it drives me nuts! It’s probably why I like Janelle because she takes everything as game and reacts accordingly.


  • NicF is freaking out and she told Dani even Ian had heard about a plan to back door her. She went on about how she’d invited Janelle to her wedding, couldn’t believe she’d dooooo that, she isn’t a mean person and how she isn’t even dooooing anything in the game. Blah,blah, blah. (There may be more but I was only on cup of coffee #1 while listening and couldn’t take it. I’ll fill in the blanks later for you) Like Cody, NicF is going with the ‘I can play the game but how dare you.’ Dani told her she wasn’t going otb and even if she did, she’d easily have the votes to stay.

There was still game talk happening when I began typing this and as I said, I’ll go back and fill in the gaps. With veto results needing to be included, I just wanted to get this one posted as soon as I could. If nothing flips around with the ‘for now’ alliances, I don’t think anything has changed from when Memphis made his noms. Obviously, it could change but for now, Memphis will probably leave noms the same and David will stay. (I do see a scenario where someone talks Memphis into taking David down and putting up Kevin)  Even if some people flip, David will still probably stay. Da and Bay will keep David and they’re the main two people who might flip over to Janelle and Kayser. Da is leery of Janelle so I could see her biding her time and just being careful around Dani and Cody for now.

The reason I feel David would stay is because as of now, Janelle, Kaysar and Kevin would be the only people wanting to keep her over David. (Maybe Ian but I doubt it since he’ll probably do what NicF does) Wow, this house is all over the place and most of them think they have people they simply don’t have.

Have a great Sunday.


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