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Big Brother 22- Saturday Recap for 9/26/20

September 27, 2020 | 30 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning. This is gonna be a pretty short recap. The feeds were down for a long veto comp yesterday and there isn’t much to cover. On top of that, I spent the evening with my niece at her bachelorette party, which I didn’t realize was a sleepover until I got there. Since this wasn’t my plan when the day began, I’ve been trying to play catch up this morning. Now that the veto comp is over, the good info should probably come from Steve today anyway.

Recap for Saturday:

  • Dani continues to play a messy game and David & Kevin being there, may be the only reason she isn’t a target now. She tried to tell Cody that Nicole wants Christmas out which he knows isn’t true. She’s going to push for David to go over Kevin since she can’t get out Christmas.
  • Nicole told Christmas she trusts her the most so she’s fully ditched Dani.
  • Tyler assured David that Kevin is the target and said he should be fine.
  • Cody found out that Memphis knew he’d considered putting up Christmas after he told Memphis he wouldn’t. He told Enzo it had to have came from Dani since Dani, Nicole and Enzo were the only people who knew. Enzo said he thought if Kevin won the veto, Christmas leaving was still a good choice.
  • Memphis warned Enzo he’d need to try to win the veto. He doesn’t want to chance Christmas having to go up as a replacement. Memphis was afraid Dani could get enough people to vote her out.
  • OTEV was the veto comp. Cody won.
  • David took 10k during the comp and that was most of the evening chatter. He mentioned that he was going to lose so took the money instead. We’ll have to watch it play out on the episode to see what happened.
  • Cody told Christmas that Dani would be trying hard to get David out this week but he wasn’t doing it. He said Kevin was closer to Dani so he needed to go. Everyone was still annoyed with David for taking money. Christmas told Cody he should tell David he would probably be evicted since he took the money. She said they could just leverage it when they ended up keeping him.
  • Memphis, Christmas and Dani complained (so did others) throughout the night about David going for a prize. They all had different motives for doing it. Dani just wants him to be targeted for it but they were all legitimately annoyed with David’s decision. Dani told them she wasn’t voting to keep him since he did it and Christmas said it wasn’t up to her. Dani told her they were the ones who voted. Christmas said Cody was the hoh so it was up to him. (New school mentality)
  • Cody told David he’s trying hard to make sure he stays and Kevin leaves. David said he was donating the money he won to charity and Cody said he needed to tell everyone that so maybe he wouldn’t be a target for it.
  • We know about the OTEV curse and Enzo reminded Cody about it too. I think Tyler said something about it to Enzo and then later, he said it to Cody. (The winner of OTEV has never gone on to win the game)
  • More talk continued about noone trusting or believing Dani about anything.
  • Dani told Nicole that Kevin isn’t coming after them so David should go. Nicole lied and told Dani she’d vote however she wanted. Dani said she wasn’t voting to keep David. She said she didn’t trust Kevin but she knew he would go after Cody, not them. She also mentioned last weeks decision and said she’d made Cody promise that if she let Day go, he’d take out David this week. (true, he was lying but he did say it)
  • Christmas gave David a BB class (since she’s an expert) on taking the money in the veto. She said people wouldn’t respect his game now since he’d done it. (Ya, they respected it soooo much before that moment) She said it didn’t look like he fought to save his own game.
  • The lecture continued:
  • Nicole didn’t waste time running up to tell on Dani for trying to flip the vote. She told Cody and Enzo she’d vote with them but asked them not to tell Dani. Cody confided in them that David is still going after Memphis but said they couldn’t say anything. He told Nicole if she told Dani, he’d find out. Cody said he’d still want Kevin out even if he apologized for his comment. (saying the world doesn’t revolve around Cody)
  • Kevin whispered to the cameras about how fake the people are in the house. (Well, ya, it’s big Brother)

That’s it for me today. Hopefully, these people will give us something to talk about today. Dani’s game is basically over, Nicole seems to be playing for Cody but Memphis, Cody, Enzo and Tyler are still playing for the win. I’m sure Christmas is too but I doubt any of the hgs really care.

Have a great Sunday!


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