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Big Brother 22 Saturday Updates For 8/29

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Good afternoon, everyone!


Can you believe we’re almost 1/3rd through the season already?  If what Ian said is right, the season should only be about 78 days which would make Monday the official mark of a third of the way through. Yikes. It felt like March lasted about 4 years yet July and August about a combined 4 minutes.

Today is veto competition day and it’s pretty much only big for Kaysar. Well, it’s actually huge if Kaysar wins but irrelevant if anyone else wins. I have a feeling the entire season is going to be like that when you look at this brilliant alliance chart that was posted to the Big Brother Facebook group I’m in (shoutout to Derek!)


People make all these crazy alliance charts with circles and lines everywhere, but this is exactly the type of alliance chart for my brain. Those other charts fail to reflect just how many cookie jars that Cody has his hands in right now. He is literally in every single alliance that he is allowed to be in by name (He neither won the game nor is he a black girl). Enzo is surprisingly in second place with 5 alliances and Dani/Nicole each with four.  I think Tyler actually has a few more unnamed final two deals going on but this chart seems to only feature the official named alliances.

Back to the veto comp – This one should be simple. If Kaysar loses – and he has a very high probability to do so – he’s going home barring some 48-hour flip between now and Monday afternoon.  However, should Kaysar actually win, it’s really hard to say what will happen. Enzo wants to put Ian on the block but he is currently protected by Nicole. The only other eligible people Enzo isn’t currently in an “official” alliance with is Christmas, Memphis, and David. Based on the alliance chart, David would the obvious choice for replacement, so that will likely be the case. Cody has too much influence and he’s in two alliances with Memphis and one with Xmas.

Updates will not happen until after the veto competition today. As of 2:30 pm, names have been drawn (Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bay, David) but everyone is mostly just sitting around as they do every Saturday afternoon just waiting for the comp to start. So, I’ll update this when the comp is complete with the winner and have the live updates below!



I lied. There is more chatter than normal on a Saturday afternoon, so I’m going to do some updates:

  • 2:43 pm – Kaysar is talking with Bayleigh
    • Kaysar says he didn’t come to the house to get picked off. With an alliance everyone is part of while they are laughing in his face
    • Kaysar is sharing his theory about the alliance because things like David running around telling people he was safe without much discussion.
    • He gets worked up because they (the other side of the house) can talk whenever they want
    • He says the new school way of playing is staying friends then stabbing in the front. He is right. Bay knows it. But nothing will change because the power never goes to them
    • Bayleigh says “I’m not stupid. You’re condescending”. She sounds tired of his preaching
    • She says they (her and Day) would have loved if Kay/Jan came to them week1, week2, etc to form a plan. They never did.  Kaysar says it’s because they never got power
    • Bay points out how stupid it was for them to do the safety suite together (she’s right).  She says even the worst case if one of them were on the block, they could have figured out a way to save that person.
    • She says it’s frustrating talking to him because all he does is shit on her game. Telling her she’s a sitting duck (she’s right again. He does that often)
    • She points out that she lived the new style. She knows it better.
  • Kaysar leaves and Da’Vonne joins Bayleigh
    • They vent about how Kaysar has been acting now that his back is against the wall
    • They also talk about how Kevin picked David to play in veto. This annoyed Day because she hasn’t been close with David but has with Kevin. In fact, Day feels David tried to ruin her game
    • Da’Vonne says they need Kaysar to win today. This way she can have a talk with her alliance and basically say ‘put up David or expose your all guy alliance’ (she thinks they have)
    • Day mentions how during a conversation with Enzo last night, he (Enzo) let it slip how he wanted to backdoor Ian but now he doesn’t really want to
    • She also says that she went upstairs last night to bring some food up, she saw Christmas, Enzo, Nicole, and Cody all talking.
    • Bayleigh doesn’t look thrilled to hear that
  • 6:30 pm – Still no veto comp.
    • Nicole and Christmas talking about Bayleigh and how she has to go soon
  • 6:45 pm – Looks like veto finally starting
  • 9:20 pm – Feeds back!
    • Kevin won the PoV!
    • Now, I know Kaysar fans are going to rage, but this is probably the second-best option to happen for you.
    • Anyone else winning means noms stay the same and Kaysar goes home. Now Kevin will save himself and Enzo has to find a replacement. It will likely be David and there is actually a chance that Da’Vonne can try to strike while he’s on the block.  It could also be Ian because that was Enzo’s original backdoor target.
  • David is up in the HoH room pacing.  I think he knows he could be the replacement nom
    • Ian is downstairs also worrying
    • Dani and Nicole broke off to shittalk to the house. They say Christmas is so clueless in the house.
    • Nicole mentions that Christmas and Cody have a weird relationship and she’s not sure they even like each other
  • 11:00 pm – Kaysar is roaming the house which is awkward because nobody is really talking much to him. Poor guy. Almost hope he goes just to get him out of there
  • 12:30 am – A lot of casual conversation and garbage tonight so I’m heading to bed

Update in morning


Current Status

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