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Big Brother 22 – Sunday Feed Updates

August 17, 2020 | 66 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Well, that was a late one last night. I tried to stay awake but made it until about 5 am before I crashed. Which is good because I don’t think the comp ended until 6:30 or so. Yikes.

Now, about that comp, it was very crucial for Nicole or David to win that comp, and they did…..  not win.

Memphis won the veto which means he’ll likely keep the noms the same and NicoleA will likely be the second person evicted. While it’ll be sad to see her go, it’ll be nice to just write Nicole again without adding the last name.

The big story of the week will be when Janelle and Kaysar realize that Memphis really wants nothing to do with an alliance with them. The two were talking last night and said something like ‘ugh, we’ll look so stupid having people in our alliance get out other alliance members in back to back weeks’. No, Janelle. You’re going to look dumb because you haven’t figured out that they’re not in your alliance.

The backyard is open already so hopefully we’ll see less crying from the houseguests this week (probably not).  That is the biggest issue with returning players is how entitled many act compared to newbies who appreciate just being on (but that’s a side opinion).

Enough rambling,  let’s just jump into feeds!

But first, follow on Instagram!

  • 2:30 pm – Many are outside relaxing while NicoleA is in the bedroom with Kevin whispering about her situation
  • Outside, NicoleF has already been campaigning in the event that she is the replacement nom. People shit on her, but she plays the game.
  • NicoleA pulls Dani aside to try and pick her brain on what’s going to happen. Dani tells her that people are linking Nicole up with Janelle (who is in a bad spot).
  • Outside, Cody debates with the girls as to Zach Efron’s new look.
  • NicoleF, Dani, Da’Vonne, Cody, and Ian appear to be forming an alliance. So many different variations of alliances now
  • Outside, Ian is still battling aliens apparently with his punishment. He has to act out skits
  • Ian has slain the alien!
  • Btw, Cody was the alien. He really gets into the skit it’s pretty funny. Cody says “Ian, you gotta study your lines bro. I can’t keep carrying you” lol. (he’s joking before any Ian fans go crazy)
  • 4:00 pm – Janelle and Kaysar convene to discuss their failures of the game. Janelle says the obvious that they need to win HoH next week.
    • Kaysar says Da’Vonne is not with them and Janelle says Ian wants to work with her. They are really out of touch with the house right now. It’s sad because I like anyone who tries to play but damn they are bad at reading people.
    • Janelle – “If Da’Vonne is so smart, how is she not seeing those four together?” BECAUSE SHE’S WITH THEM
  • In another room, Christmas and Dani are bashing Memphis. They’d like for him to go
    • Christmas says she doesn’t like talking shit (since when?). She doesn’t like to be that type of person (since when?)
  • 5:00 pm – taking a break to watch the CBS show
  • 7:00 pm – Back. Not a bad episode. I think Memphis being a ‘jerk’ was played up a bit. He clearly feels David doesn’t deserve to be there but many fans don’t, either. He’s rookie hazing. I don’t really agree with it but I also don’t have a big issue with it
  • 7:30 pm – Janelle and Da’Vonne sit down and have a conversation
    • Janelle tells her that NicoleF and Dani have a friendship outside of the house and to watch out for them
    • They talk about how Bay is getting really close with Janelle and Da’Vonne sounded receptive. Especially when Janelle said she heard about some alliance that was basically Da’Vonne’s alliance minus her (it’s so hard to keep track of alliances this season. There are so many that are intertwined)
    • This entire alliance thing should become a bit clearer by this time next week after another round of noms. Memphis was actually pretty good at masking anyone working together which his random ass picks so people are still kind of confused which side of the house they’re actually on
  • 11:00 pm – Everyone is just kind of chillin. It’s been a relaxing night so I’m going to take this opportunity to catch up on missed sleep from last night.

Update in the morning!

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