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Big Brother 22 Sunday Feed Updates 9/6

September 7, 2020 | 116 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

I hope you’re having a good afternoon and a wonderful Labor Day weekend! The unofficial last weekend of summer. It’s weird knowing that it is a few days into September yet we’re still near 2 months away from the season finale (Which I believe is on the 28th of October). That’s only about 4-5 weeks after the typical season finale and we started maybe 6 weeks after normal, so it worked out in the end. Plus, with the way the house is treating these people, two fewer weeks is probably best.

There was even a story that popped up on my tablet today which said Ian tried to self evict after Bayleigh chatted with him, but that is mostly clickbait which is why I never really talked about it (side note – It’s sad when I see crap like that on my Google News yet this site gets rejected. Although, they probably have a more professional style without side note ramblings every other sentence). Back to the point, Ian, Enzo, Tyler, and a few others have talked about self evicting but I never took it seriously when I heard it because I hear it every year. At this point in the show, people use that term as often as people say ‘kill me’. I mean Dani calls Cody trash all the time, but is he a pile of trash? Wait, don’t answer that (I kid, I kid).

I expect a fairly slow day and possibly a slow weekend. The veto meeting still should happen tomorrow despite the holiday, but they’re also having a cookout (I believe) so the feeds may have some extended downtime. Hopefully they toss them a few drinks so we can see fireworks because this season has been a snoozer.

To recap yesterday, Nicole got a punishment where she has to wear a cereal box all week and less than 24h later she’s already out of it just like Janelle with her weak ‘punishment’

Bayleigh went out and did 500 laps with a broken ass bike yet Nicole is already skirting the rules of her punishment less than a day after it was given. Unreal. If she continues this, they should take away her ability to play in the veto next week because I’m tired of these punishments getting ignored.

Before I begin today, a huge thank you to Bonnie and Andrew for your generous donations! Every little bit helps and I appreciate it tremendously! Plus you guys are keeping me well caffeinated this summer!


  • 1:45 pm – Da’Vonne says she’s going to try and take it easy today regarding campaigning. She is going to be a bit social tomorrow, especially during the party.
    • She knows she’s currently sitting ahead of Bayleigh and doesn’t need to give them a reason to vote her out.
    • Da’Vonne has done the super smart thing and instantly re-bonded with Nicole after the tense HoH competition. Well, bond may be a strong word, but reconnected.
    • This is important because Nicole really holds a lot of influence on the other side of the house. As it stands, Tyler is terrified of Bayleigh being in jury and Nicole has first-hand experience that Da’Vonne is mature enough to not hold grudges. Nicole has been very vocal about that to people and it’s a great argument to have. Personally, I hope Da’Vonne doesn’t even go to jury. I’d prefer to see her in the final 2, but that’s a long way away.
  • 3:30 pm – Bayleigh has been talking with Christmas
    • They talk about how Ian and Nicole are a pair but Bayleigh is trying to find out why her pair (Bay/Day) were the targets
    • Bay tries to pick her brain a bit on where she is leaning but Christmas keeps playing distant like “it’s up to the house”.  Cool deflection. Stop playing the house’s game?
    • When Bay leaves, Christmas cam talks a bit saying “we could have worked together” regarding Bayleigh.  You have the power to make that happen lol. I’m so confused.
    • Bay moves on and catches up with Enzo.
    • Enzo just does his gaslighting and talking in circles. He’s difficult to listen to.
  • 4:30 pm – Bayleigh re-tells her conversation with Christmas to Da’Vonne
    • Christmas fed her a lot of lies how she was alone in the house
    • Bay says everyone is saying she (Bay) is a bigger threat so she’s probably going home this week (she’s right)
    • Bay mentions how Christmas craves attention (this is true)
    • Da’Vonne says ‘who is going to trust her now?’. Unfortunately for Day, Christmas has indeed hid her alliances really well so both her and Bay are going to be surprised.
    • As I type this, Da’Vonne says “she has to be working with them by talking to you that way” – there you go
    • Day says if this is Bay’s week to go home, she has to go out swinging.
  • The conversation breaks up just in time for me to watch the CBS episode. We can finally see Tyler win the power (that’s my guess)

  • 6:30 pm – Alright, I’m back
    • So, David got the prize. That surprised me but it makes sense. He also doesn’t really have anyone he can trust in the house to that level. But I figured him being a noob, he’d want to tell someone.
    • But the bigger news is what’s been happening in the house
    • Alright, so Tyler sat down Bay and Day and apologized. He said he feels back because this whole thing kind of started with him telling Bayleigh
    • He says he kind of expected it to come back to hurt him (like Bay ratting him out), and when it didn’t, he felt worse
    • He thought Dani was pitting Bay against Tyler which is why she told him that stuff to begin with
    • Tyler continues that when Christmas put them both up, something clicked in him and made him feel uncomfortable. He doesn’t feel Christmas had any malicious intent (re: racism – nor do I despite how much I dislike Christmas), but he felt bad
    • He (Tyler) doesn’t want to be there as much as those two and wants to ask Christmas to use the veto and put him up as a replacement.
    • Tyler wants them both to stay and is going to ask the house to make that happen
    • Bayleigh says if anyone should come off the block, it’s Da’Vonne
    • Bay feels bad for dragging Da’Vonne into this entire mess
    • They both say it’s a brave thing to do and he says he is not trying to be a hero or anything. He just doesn’t want to be there and they do
  • So, that’s a big change in the last hour. I have no idea if Christmas will go along with it but it sounds like Tyler really didn’t want to be there this season and has been kind of self-sabotaging his season all year long.
    • On another note, Bay and Day have solved Dani and Christmas having powers based on the DR calls. They also suspect David or Kevin
  • 7:50 pm – Ian and Christmas have been talking in the HoH room for a bit. Stop. Let Tyler speak to her!  This is boring. The last thing I want to hear is Christmas rambling on acting like she knows everything about the game

  • 8:00 pm – Okay, Tyler is with Christmas!
    • Tyler says he hasn’t been as forthcoming with Christmas as much as he should have been
    • And feeds fucking cut. I knew it. I knew these bastards were going to cut that conversation. I am so beyond pissed right now.


  • 8:30 pm – Welp, feeds have been on anything but the HoH room since Tyler started talking.
    • I currently have no idea what is going on in there and I’m pissed.  And now that they’re clearly censoring what he has to say, we’re going to be flooded with stars tonight when Christmas re-tells the story to people. This is complete shit and I may be done blogging for the night because I don’t really have anything nice to say about this show right now.

11:45 pm – Checking in before bed

I’m going to take a minute to be candid which is something I’ve backed a bit away from this season…

Honestly, I’m frustrated, but it is what it is. I don’t want anyone to waste money on the feeds moving forward, so I’m going to try to work a bit harder on keeping you all updated on what’s happening in the house as best I can without production interference. It’s clear they are approaching racial issues very gingerly, and with the current climate, I can understand it. Between the virus and protests during an election year, the tension in this country is so thick you can cut it with a knife.  I know the last thing they want is another repeat of BB15 because that would likely be a nail in the coffin for this show which is bad for everyone. I see many of those cast members tweeting regularly and forgot some of the things they have said so I do some quick google searches and am reminded how awful they were. If that season happened in 2020, I couldn’t imagine there being a Big Brother 23.

We’ve seen the writing on the wall toward a more censored feed ever since they basically removed every single bit of entertainment during Celebrity Big Brother 2. I had hoped that was just a fluke because of the celebrity aspect, but it seems to be staying in that direction.

As far as this certain event unfolding, I honestly don’t know where it stands right now. Christmas and Tyler have been mostly silent since the meeting although Da’Vonne and Christmas have talked and some hints dropped that this may actually happen tomorrow. Dani is a pure panic because she thinks Tyler is up in the room completely throwing her under the bus and trying to get her evicted. That’s obviously not the case but it’s fun to watch her sweat a bit and it may cause a little bit of drama down the stretch.

I’m heading to bed now. If it goes as normal, the veto meeting should be around 12 pm tomorrow (3 pm est) but I have a feeling I’ll have a thread going before that point. As I write this, they finally switch back to the HoH room with Tyler and Christmas so we can watch them playing backgammon. Incredibly riveting content. Tyler needs some double twos really bad right now but Christmas doesn’t think it’ll happen.  Tyler rolls something and says it’s huge but doesn’t reveal what he rolled. The big mystery. Christmas just took something on the board so that sounded exciting and I believe she rolled a 16. Big time stuff going on. I feel people are at the edges of their seats while reading this. Tyler needed a 5 and a 2 but he didn’t get it. He rolled something and lost. Christmas won in an amazingly tense match.

On a non-sarcastic note, Tyler does leave and she tells him to sleep on it. Maybe I’ll stay awake a little longer to see if Dani grills Tyler but I’m not sure they’d show it if she did.


Check back for updates!

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