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Big Brother 22- Sunday Recap for 10/25/20

October 26, 2020 | 11 Comments
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Author: Mel

Morning ya’ll! We’re soooo close to the end of the season with only 2 episodes left!  I’m curious to see how they’ll be talking to the evicted houseguests, especially the prejury tonight.

Today’s a short one but I doubt anyone is surprised. Hopefully, we’ll have more to talk about during the next and last 2 days.


  • They slept in late yesterday but I can’t imagine anyone complaining about it at this point. There’s only 3 of them and there isn’t much conversation of any importance anyway. This is just a waiting game now.
  • Enzo said he still didn’t understand why Christmas was mad at him for putting her otb at the final 4.
  • They discussed the other hgs, David not knowing what was going on and how Memphis was arrogant. They said they didn’t know why he thought creating the wiseguys so late in the season would work.  Nicole said she realized Memphis had something going on with Enzo when she went up during the Triple. (or….it’s because Cody had already told her about the wiseguys)
  • Nicole has started practicing her F2 speech like she did on BB18. (She really did have it down that season) She knows she needs to relay alot of info in about a minute. (I won’t get started on how unfair and stupid I find this finale format….again) Her speech consists of: She played weak on purpose, (true) she put strong players around her (true) but didn’t hide behind Cody. (false)  She said she threw all the comps and separated from Cody after the wall yeller. (I’m curious if production is going to let them bring up the wall yeller. I’ve wonder the same about Enzo since it sounded like he wanted to bring up pregaming)
  • Enzo and Cody begged for alcohol throughout the evening at different times. They’ve been wanting the backyard and asked if they’d get it. For some reason, they got it in their heads, they’d get a delivered dinner too. (didn’t happen)
  • They played chess off and on. Nicole needed to sit and lay on the table to get a better view at one point.  (no clue why??)
  • They tried to guess what S.O.S. stands for. (I said last night, it should’ve been Save Our Season but we would’ve needed it a long time ago)
  • Nicole talked about her podcast and wondered if Victor had still been doing it.
  • They laughed about their reactions after part 2 of the hoh comp and Enzo having a meltdown. Enzo said he lost his mind, said Nicole was crying and Cody was laughing.
  • Nicole pranked Cody by putting red pepper in his food. He liked it and ate it anyway so it wasn’t much of a prank.
  • They talked about pets and Halloween. Nicole said she gives out the big candy bars. (That’s nice but how many people live in Ubly?) Nicole also talked about the adoption process for dogs and said Enzo should adopt if he’s getting one. (This was nice too and I don’t have a smart ass comment either)
  • Enzo talked to Cody about keeping Nicole in the triple. He said it was smart because she was close to Cody and he knew she’d start winning and keep them both safe. Cody agreed. (How could he not?) Enzo also thought he’d have been in a bad spot if David had stayed over her. Enzo was also being sarcastic and saying taking out Kaysar in week 4 was his big move. Cody said it was really stressful on finale night when you’re in the F2. Enzo made it clear he still wanted to know what it’s like. (Haha) He mentioned they’d formed the root alliance on day 1 and told Cody he’d always been loyal to it.
  • Nicole asked Cody if he was taking her to the final 2. He said yes but said she was looking for a reason not to take him. He said “of course I’m taking you, why would you even ask?” He said she was easy to read and knew that’s what she always did with people. He brought up they way Nicole did that with Dani. (Clocked)
  • She said she wasn’t and said Enzo was in a good mood and thought maybe Cody had told him he would take him. Cody said Enzo didn’t talk that way and wasn’t as direct. Nicole said Enzo only made hinting comments to her too. She said she didn’t want Enzo to talk to her about her F2 decision, assuming she’s the one making it. Cody said anything Enzo says is just him trying to still play the game. Nicole thinks it’s because he’s trying to get in her head instead. (Arn’t they the same thing?)
  • Nicole also talked to Cody about the jury and said (again) Cody would have Ian’s vote. She also thinks the jury won’t vote for her if they think the fans don’t like her.  Cody told her to stop talking like the decision was already made. Nicole told Cody to stop downplaying his game to make her think she had s chance and said it was frustrating.  She asked him if he had in Enzos vote and he wanted to stop talking about it for a while.  (I really don’t think this was to avoid answering the question. I think he’s just tired of talking about jury votes with her)  She said she knew she didn’t have Danis vote and backstabbed her. Cody counteracted this one by saying he knew he didn’t either because he actually voted to evict her.
  • They finally got a little alcohol but not much.
  • Enzo, once in bed, said he was so close to the 500k but feels like Cody and Nicole will tak each other to the F2.
  • Nicole talked to herself about no one having her back but said it didn’t matter because she was going to win part 3 anyway.  She didn’t do as many face Olympics yeaterday but she did repeat that thing where she says over and over, “congratulations Nicole, you’re the winner of All Stars.”  She also mentioned thinking she would do a better job with her speech if they would let her drink a little wine first.
  • I have no idea what she was doing here:

Catch ya’ after tonights episode and have a great Monday!

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