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Big Brother 22- Sunday Recap for 8/23/20

August 24, 2020 | 23 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hi ya’ll! I’m back home, exhausted and with no water view in sight, unless I count overwatering one of my plants and it running all over the patio. It’s back to work and the real world for a while. The lake was amazing and so was the house but I remembered what comes with an amazing view on a hilltop….steps, lots and lots of steps! My legs will be making louder victim noises than Nicole is capable of this week.

It was another slow day in the BB house and we got home so late yesterday, I haven’t had time to see last nights episode yet. I’ve seen a couple of clips and it’s ridiculous they aired Nicole saying she didn’t plan what she was going to say to Janelle when she made her a have not. (She practiced it for 2 days!) I’ve read they did a bidet segment too. (knew that one had to be coming) Angela (Tyler’s Angela) commented on social media she’d rather have seen a segment of Tyler reading her letter over the bidet. (Sorry Angela, I’ve been waiting for the bidet) If they’re getting rid of Janelle this week, at least let us have some bidet humor!

Enzo just being Enzo, yo.

There arn’t any new game plans so far and the talk is still on repeat right now. The recap mostly highlights a few conversations, some people trying to guide the game after Janelle is gone and stupid stuff that makes me laugh. Sorry, folks, it’s all I’ve got.

  • Christmas is up to 9 star babies and like her or not, she does embrace the punishment. (She’s probably motivated by the extra air time she’ll get but still, she’s a good sport) She had to get up super late or super early (depending on how you view it) and go from hg to hg, telling them her babies are cute. When she got to Enzo, she said “these are your babies.”
  • Janelle and Kaysar got a better idea of how much stuff Nicole A went around telling everyone in the house. She’d told Kaysar before she left she ‘said some stuff’ but now they know Nicole A told everyone just about everything they said to her. They feel pretty sure Kevin was behind a lot of it and said they have zero credibility in the house now. (True)
  • Janelle and Bayleigh are still spending time together. They’re friends and also have nots together. Janelle kept making remarks about Nicole’s swimsuit during one of their convos. Janelle said it was a Minnie Mouse costume, it was ugly and her grandma had one like it. She also couldn’t believe people said it was cute and felt they should’ve told Nicole the truth. (She wasn’t completely mean. She did say Nicole had a cute figure, so there’s that) For the record, I think Nicole looked cute. Janelle is definitely NOT a polka dot person annnnddd she can’t stand Nicole so there isn’t a universe where Janelle doesn’t make fun of that swimsuit. (double negatives anyone?)
  • Dani and Cody discussed the need for DaVonne to go sooner rather than later. Dani thinks they should replace her with Ian to keep him feeling secure with their group. (While they’re tossing out suggestions, I think Dani should try to say “like” a few hundred more times per day)
  • Nicole was irritated with Cody because he laughed and encouraged Janelle to leave some kind of mean good bye message. (I didn’t catch all if it but I think she thought it was mean and he thought it was funny. It doesn’t matter if the details are wrong because it wasn’t the best part of the convo anyway) She told Cody it showed her that her game was a joke to him and it could mess up her game. He said it didn’t matter and he wouldn’t see the goodbye message. Nicole said she wasn’t his Zach, she was his Derrick. (Nicole is no Derrick but I guess I like the confidence and THAT was the best part of the convo)
  • Dani, Cody and Nicole made plans for every week coming up. Cody told them about Janelles pitch to him. He said she told him she could get a power and she’d give it to him. (Sure she would) Nicole made puking noises and commented on how arrogant it was for Janelle to say it. (Don’t forget Nicole’s gone around telling everyone that Janelle would get a power and that’s why she had to go) Cody told them Janelle was pissed over “someone dragging her name” and said she wasn’t talking about Nicole. He and Dani said they think its Kevin and Nicole insisted “it’s definitely me.” (It’s Kevin) They’re also convinced the fans wouldn’t give Kaysar a power after Janelle leaves. (I guess they arn’t aware the fans voted Kaysar back into the house with well over 80% of the vote on another season)
  • Janelle freaked out when she accidentally walked in on Cody using the bathroom.
  • Kevin seems to be spiraling into someone that isn’t even fun to watch. He’d almost convinced himself he couldn’t trust Dani but told himself he might be overthinking. He landed on thinking he can’t tell Day stuff anymore. He still thinks all the worlds problems are Kaysars fault and this sums up Kevin’s thought process: Kaysar and Janelle campaigned for Keesha to stay, someone they were alligned with and that makes them terrible people. Dani might be terrible because she isn’t including him in alliance conversations about an alliance he isn’t in. Make sense?
  • Tyler and Kaysar had a long talk. Kaysar was trying to see if Tyler would work with him and possibly backdoor someone, saving both Janelle and himself. (Hahaha) Tyler blew a lot of smoke and Kaysar had to seem ok with it since he doesn’t have any other option. Tyler told him he didn’t really want to target either of them and knows he’s a big target himself. He said it was better for him if they were in the house but he’d be a bigger target if he didn’t do it. Tyler told him not to be so concerned with alliances right now when Kaysar was trying to form something with him. Tyler also warned him that Kaysar isn’t as close to Memphis as Kaysar thinks. Kaysar said it’s frustrating because of all the connections people already had before coming into the house. He said half of them are probably going to Nicole’s wedding. (Haha)
  • Bay, Day and Kevin would probably prefer Janelle stay but they don’t have the clout to make it happen. (Dani wants Day out soon and Nicole is talking about putting Bay on the block) Day told Bay she thinks Janelle was right and telling the truth when she pegged the Cody, Tyler, Dani and Nicole alliance. They think she’s wrong about Tyler and thinks Enzo might be the 4th.
  • Bay is annoyed ‘the group’ wants out her side person (Janelle) out but says everyone’s forgotten about Memphis. Dani told her they haven’t forgotten about him. (Basically, it isn’t good for Cody if Memphis leaves now) Dani shared this with Cody and he thinks this shows Bay doesn’t trust them. (Sure, she doesn’t want to help Cody win the game. That makes her wrong)

Here’s a throw back to BB7 All Stars. It’s when Marcellus had a hilarious segment talking about falling in love with Kaysar. He called him the ‘Iraqi Peach’ and it was a super cute segment. It didn’t hurt that most everyone, inside and outside the house….agreed:

Maybe we’ll get lucky once nominations are locked in place and see some Nicole and Janelle  arguing.  For now, thats all I can provide.

Have a super start to the week and a great Monday!

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