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Big Brother 22- Sunday Recap for 8/30/20

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Good Monday morning everyone! Today, Kevin will take himself off the block and Enzo will have to make a replacement nom. Despite Christmas’ growing nervousness, it looks like it will be her. I’d predicted she would volunteer to be a pawn at some point but I thought it would be for a Nicole hoh. I’ve said before, she only sees the game in teams, comps and being a soldier for a side. She’s been called up for duty but isn’t as happy about it after the wall yeller yesterday.


Thoughts on Sundays episode:

I liked the Bay and Dani have not exchange. It was a ‘joking but not joking’ moment. I didn’t care for Christmas’ star babies, part 2. I also didn’t like a third of the episode being the hoh comp. Even if you didn’t already know the results, it seemed loooong.


I know some people are debating the clip of Day and Kaysars conversation but I loved it. It wasn’t staged and it was a real conversation they had in the house. It’s how they feel and so what if you’re someone who doesn’t agree with their opinions.  The show is about them and what they’re talking about, not you or me. These are the kinds of conversations CBS has avoided for years when they’ve happened in the house. I commend them for putting it on air.

This conversation actually took place a week ago, when Janelle was still there. She was in the room, sitting with them. If you look closely at the image, they photoshopped Janelle out of it. See the indention in the cushion?

Recap from yesterday:


Memphis starting the day on the couch with his back problems

Memphis escaped to another room but Christmas wouldn’t stop talking to him

  • Christmas kept Memphis company while he laid on the floor and talked nonstop. She told him everything he needed to feel better and covered every other subject you can imagine.
  • David and Kaysar were in the kitchen debating which should be made first, eggs or pancakes while they made fun of Memphis and his bad back. Kaysar said “hey gramps, its 11:15, want something to eat?” (My opinion, make the pancakes last or they’ll be too cool to melt the butter)
  • Christmas continued to tell everyone what kind of medications and massages Memphis would require. (She really likes the sound of her own voice)
  • Nicole warned Ian to talk to Enzo and say he’d 100% vote out Kaysar to avoid going otb. She told him he had to vote out Kaysar, no matter what other deals he might’ve made. She was 99% sure she could keep him off the block but wanted him to let Enzo know they’d need Ian’s vote because other people might try to flip it. She asked him who he trusted and he only named Cody, Dani and Nicole. (the fake alliance they made with Ian) I wonder if Ian notices the way Nicole seems to know everything that’s going on when someone other than the people in his ‘alliance’ is the hoh.
  • Kevin wore himself out hiding in the trash can and trying to fit in other hiding places. (closets, under beds, etc.)  I think he was looking for a spot to eavesdrop later, but not sure.
  • There was some joking around in the kitchen about Nicole’s home town. She said everyone went to the best pizza place to watch BB. Tyler asked if it was the only pizza place and she said yes. She also told a story about Corey from BB18 coming to visit her. Her mom didn’t like him and didn’t approve of her BB18 shomance so her mom made him sleep in the shed. She defended it by saying the shed was nicer than the house. When asked why her mom didn’t like him, Nicole said it was because of things he said on the feeds when Nicole wasn’t around. (He did and I don’t blame her mom)  She told the story about the goat and that one got Enzos attention. (It was pretty funny and reminded me of when Paul, Corey and Vic gave Nicole such a hard time on BB18 over her school size. They made jokes about having to buy a year book with only two people in it, trying to have a soccer team with a couple people, having enough people to perform a school play, etc. It’s a funny clip if you run across it)
  • Bay approached Christmas about the girls protecting each other. She said it wouldn’t be an actual alliance. Christmas said she wasn’t sure but said a guy would go home this week anyway. Christmas told her it could be seen as a girls alliance and cause problems. (Sounded like a no to me)
  • Enzo talked to Cody about Day and Bay questioning him the night before. (when they said they were worried about being low on the totem pole) They joked about taking out Bay and Days side alliances. Enzo talked about using Christmas as a pawn since she volunteered. He said “Christmas is crazy. I think she just wants smeared blood all on her and I just want to be with her when she does it.” They said Bay would be better for them once Day was gone. They also talked about trying to lock Kevin in a deal since he’s eager to work with them.

Here’s one of Kevin happy. That’s as rare as spotting bigfoot.

  •  Christmas told Ian he’d have the votes if he was the replacement and she told him she’d volunteered.
  • Tyler asked Christmas who she thought Enzo would put up. She said probably David or Ian. (Maybe Tyler isn’t her #1 after all.  Later, Enzo told Tyler that Christmas volunteered)  She tossed out getting rid of Bay soon because she’d be an emotional juror. Tyler told her to watch out for Dani. (She’s also said Bay will snap and repeat what she did on her last season, referring to her temper. Maybe she will, but with Christmas’ track record, inside and outside of the house, she’s not the person to be making those assumptions imo.  Bays not the one with a recent police record. Just sayin’)
  • Enzo met with Kevin and told him Christmas volunteered, said they should work together and maybe get a couple other people. The three of them talked and Christmas said she didn’t want people to link her with Enzo. She said they were going to say since Enzo used the safety on her, she would go up to return the favor.  While telling Kevin she had the votes to stay, Enzo named off Cody, Nicole, Dani and Tyler as all guaranteed votes. (Kevin should’ve been wondering how Enzo was so sure, alliance perhaps?) Christmas said she’d use being otb as a way to see who campaigned against her too.

There was a wall yeller. They said “Nicole and Cody are playing everyone.” You could hear it pretty clearly and of course, we lost the feeds.  Honestly, this is a stupid thing to do in my opinion and in the past, sometimes it backfires.  I guess there’s a small part of me that’s glad Nicole and Cody are finally being linked together but truthfully, these people should have figured that out for themselves. They played together in season 16, are both friends with Derrek and Nicole has a history of wanting to link up with the guys alliance.  If people can’t make that connection, especially with the amount of time Cody and Nicole spend chatting in the house, they deserve to lose.

Thought bubble: ‘Maybe the block wasn’t a good idea after all’

In past years I’d probably start harping on the integrity of the game, blah, blah, blah. I’m not doing that this time because with all the preshow gaming that went on, what integrity? No, there isn’t a predetermined winner (for all you conspiracy theorists out there) and pregaming can only help you so much but the game isn’t exactly pure to begin with.  I don’t approve of the yelling over the wall but this year, I’m not worked up over it either. I’m not even that bothered by the pregaming because what do we think’s going to happen in a season of returning players? These people know each other and….they’re gamers so pregaming to them, is game.  They’re kind of idiots if they don’t do it.

More Recap:

  • Day and Christmas discussed how long everyone was just going to go along with a house mentality. Day said she didn’t think Bay or Kevin really wanted Kaysar to go. Christmas said she should talk to Enzo about it.  Christmas said she hadn’t considered Nicole and Cody as being together before today. Day said she hadn’t either and thought “they were beefing.”
  •  Kaysar checked in with Ian to remind him their window of opportunity is closing. He was basically telling him if people wanted to make a move, they better do it soon because they were quickly running out of enough people to make it happen.

Christmas doesn’t think she should be included in the older players group. (She’s older than Memphis and 2 years younger than Kaysar)

  • Kaysar tried to work on Enzo.  He told Enzo to make sure he wasn’t doing work for someone else. He insinuated Enzo was probably on the outside of an alliance, even if he was in one, because there was a tight knit group none of them would be able to break into. He told Enzo, Cody and Nicole pregamed and said Tyler was cold blooded on his season. He said he shouldn’t be doing Cody and Tyler’s dirty work.  (He isn’t. He’s working with them) Kaysar said he’d have a chance if Enzo would put him up against David and told him he’d really like to work with him moving forward.  He also told him “you know who you can trust? Someone who has no outside relationships with these people. I wasn’t invited to Nicole’s wedding.” (Hahaha) Kaysar told him the first All Star season was probably better because the players fought harder and probably wanted it more. (Kaysar is correct. BB7 was waaaaay better. Enzo also has a point. I love Kaysar but he didn’t talk game with Enzo before this week so I don’t fault Enzo for taking him out)

Is this Nicole laughing all the way to the bank?

  • Bay told Day she could tell Dani didn’t like her.
  • Christmas warned Enzo that Day would be coming to talk to him about forming a new group. She said she wasn’t urging him to go either direction but wanted him to know ahead of time. She let him know she’d still go otb if it’s what he wanted.
  • Bay and Day talked to Enzo about maybe going after Dani this week.  He agreed with them about not trusting her but said they needed to wait a week or two. He said it needed to happen during someone else’s HOH.  They wondered if Cody was completely with them and he told them he felt confident in Cody. Bay said she did too which was good since all of this will be repeated to Coby later. The 3 of them agreed not to say anything to anyone about going after Dani, not even Cody. (Cody already knows) Enzo said he wanted to work with Tyler because he’s a killer and has dead eyes or something like that. He also told them Ian was upset after hearing the wall yeller and Day said Ian “has shit in all these rooms.” (He leaves stuff all over the house) Enzo ended up telling them Christmas volunteered to go up.
  • Bay filled Tyler in on the talk with Enzo. He asked her if Dani fueled the fire trying to get people to target him.  She said that she does it to Day but not her. Tyler warned her that Dani did the same thing about Bay & Day to other people in the house.
  • Kevin told Cody there are more All Stars this season than just Janelle. (the thinking in the house is that crazy Janelle fans caused the wall yeller) Cody probably liked this from Kevin because a few days ago, he said he didn’t think the first all stars was very good. (Bahahahaha) (This is the same guy who insinuates Dan is overrated simply because Derrick is his buddy. He’s a dumbass. He’s a dumbass who may win this season tho) Kevin also said he was disappointed to learn that Kaysar and Janelle thought he was an idiot. (Janelle’s actually been on Twitter saying he’s 40 so he should stop whining. She didn’t mention him being an idiot, at least not on Twitter)
  • Tyler had a convo with Enzo pushing to get Dani out this week. Tyler said “I’ll take her out tomorrow, I don’t care” which impressed Enzo. Tyler told him to “backdoor her, I don’t give a shit.” (Enzo lives for that type of game attitude. He just doesn’t want to be the one to do it)  Tyler pushed as much as he could but knew when to back off and go with the flow. (It’s part of why Tyler’s good at this game) Tyler said he was pissed when Dani said something about having a Slick 6 meeting in front of Nicole. He said he didn’t know Nicole knew about it. Enzo told him Kaysar said the whole thing about Cody and Tyler being a duo came from Dani.
  • Cody and Tyler talked about the wall yeller. Cody was stressed, Tyler joked around about it but Tyler has to be looking a Cody a little differently now, right? Cody told him Christmas was trying to back out of going up. They complained about fans, Twitter and Tyler complained about production on BB20. (Remember when they put Tyler’s power up on the screen accidentally?) Tyler suggested Cody might be using his BB20 strategy. (having a suspected F2 but keeping the real one hidden) Tyler said maybe Nicole is his real #1 and not him. Cody’s trying to spin it that maybe the wall yeller was a good thing. He said it will make people think he and Nicole are close when they’re not. (I don’t  think Tyler’s buying it) Tyler said it’s fine because Nicole is now his ‘out in the open’ #1 and Tyler is his side chick, the real #1. Tyler also said he looked like a dick to Nicole now because he didn’t know she knew about the Slick 6. Cody offered to talk to her for him. (He must’ve said something around Nicole while hiding it, only to find out Dani had told her so he looked like a liar) Cody told Tyler, Dani had asked him to do the 2 hinky votes with her and Tyler said he’d already guessed she was one of them.
  • Ian told Tyler and Enzo stories from his youth. One involved Ian and his cousin taking nude selfies (they were swimming in the pool or something) on his aunts camera. When she got the film developed and went to pick it up, there was a sticker on the envelope labeled “pornograpy.” He cracked himself up over how much trouble they go in:
  • He laughed so hard, he ended up on the floor:
  • Enzo had complained before that Ian talked nonstop but he liked the story:
  • Ian also told a story about being at Olive  Garden with his brother. They filled the toilets with breadsticks and made them overflow. Maybe because it was an Italian restaurant, (?) Enzo didn’t appear to like this story:
  • .

Something to pay attention to: Christmas already has a F2 with Tyler (the Carolinas) but she recently made one with Nicole. She lied to both Tyler and Nicole yesterday about knowing who Enzo was putting up. When Nicole said she’d like to be at the end with her, Christmas said “I’m just happy to be here.” (very noncommittal)  It may mean nothing but just something to keep an eye on. Christmas is annoying but she’s playing a really good game at the moment.


It’s easy to view this week as Enzo doing the bidding for other people but he isn’t. Sure, he’s taking out someone who has no allies, is known for blowing up his own game and has never once made jury. While doing this, he’s keeping 2 winners and several 2nd place finishers.

On the other hand, he’s working with an alliance and that alliance includes one of those winners and some 2nd place finishers.  Those people will or should be targets going forward so why wouldn’t he want to keep them in the house? He’s playing the long game and that means keeping the big targets and picking the right time to get them out. Players have to resist the urge to panic and get them out as soon as they can. The right time doesn’t always line up with what we want to see happen. Sad but true.

I’d expect Christmas to be going on the block today and the upcoming drama will probably have to come from people wanting Dani out. We could also see the start of Tyler side eyeing Cody a little bit. So many people are working together that other people don’t know about. The secrets don’t stay secret for long so I think things will get good and messy soon, even if my faves get sent packing. That could be fun, right? Help me out people, I’m grasping for something here and trying to be optimistic.

Sorry these are so long, there’s just A LOT of game talk lately. Theyll get shorter, I promise. Have a great Monday!


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