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Big Brother 22- Sunday Recap for 9/13/20

September 14, 2020 | 73 Comments
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Author: Mel

Morning BB Junkies! I’m giving you advance warning, this recap is long. You could always break it up into 2 parts. Read half now and the rest this afternoon plus it will buy Steve some more time before he needs to post anything. Let’s get to it:

Day and her Veto caused lots of game talk in the house.

  • Memphis and Kevin talked first thing in the morning. Memphis suggested which people he should talk to about votes, acted like it was a given he was keeping Kevin and said maybe they’d work together at some point in the game. Kevin asked things about Memphis’ season and was able to squeeze in an ‘innocent’ comment about Dan beating Memphis unanimously. (Haha) Memphis said he didn’t give any thought to jury management on his season but later realized, Dan was doing it from the first week. (That’s why DG is an OG)  Memphis chatted about newer players over playing the game and wanting to make moves they thought viewers saw as entertainment. He brought up people making up stupid reasons to put people on the block. (I don’t care for Memphis but I do agree with him. He said its the producers job to make it entertaining, not his and he thinks the reasons most people are given for going otb are stupid. Memphis said he’d rather put up 2 people and tell them, it’s because someone has to go home.)
  • Nicole sat alone going over what was happening this week. She said she was pissed over Ian even being a consideration. She didn’t know why her best friend had to go home over Days just because she won the veto. She said she isn’t letting Ian go home and it’s dumb.

Nicole’s game dilemma:  Risk pissing off her alliance and Dani vs trying to keep the only other winner in the house. It’s been her plan since week 1. She said she’d get close to Ian, have people see them as a pair, put them up together (if someone put her up) and have Ian leave because he’d be seen as the bigger threat. It’s smart but how far can she push it? Maybe pretty far because of her situation. Even if Dani and Cody get mad at her, they still won’t turn on her in the game because they’re friends. This gives her a bit more wiggle room that it would most hg’s.

  • Nicole tried to talk some game with David. He was more interested in his microwaved latte as she told him she didn’t repeat things and was a “vault, ” which she pronounces as ‘volt.’ She asked if he was closer to Kevin or Tyler. He made a few generic comments and said he thought he was Danis original target but he didn’t take Nicole up on her offer and he didn’t put anything in the vault.
  • Dani and Nicole were in the hoh room going over the convo Dani had with Cody the night before. She said Cody reminded her she couldn’t please everyone and thought they should keep trying to get Day not to use the veto. Nicole liked hearing this at first because I think she thought Dani was saying she wasn’t going to worry about trying to keep Day happy.
  • Dani told her if  Day used the veto, she’d have to put up Ian and they’d have to vote him out. She also said Nicole needed to be ok with not giving him a pity vote because that could cause her to have to break a tie. Dani understood she’d want to but said they had to be together on the vote. Nicole didn’t like it, said she didn’t like Tyler, was Ian’s best friend in the house but also said she didn’t want Dani to have to break a tie. Nicole said she’d rather blindside Day than have to vote out Ian and it would be really hard. Dani told her that was why they had to work hard to make Day feel like she doesn’t need to use the veto.
  • Enzo told Dani he’d work to get Day not to use the veto. She told him his name was being floated as a replacement, mostly by Christmas and Tyler.
  • Nicole told Cody she wasn’t voting out Ian. Cody told her if it was Ian and Tyler otb, he was keeping Tyler. She said “you can, but I’m not voting him out.” He asked if she would make Dani break a tie. She said it wasn’t going to happen because Ian wasn’t going on the block.
  • Memphis and Christmas were pissed Dani was complicating her decision over a replacement and they’re mad she won’t just say she wants Kevin to be evicted. They said if Day uses the veto, it should be someone not in the alliance that goes up. They said Dani has Ian and Enzo to pick from. They think its nuts if 2 people from the Committee could end up otb this week.

Christmas’ gun tattoo that’s rarely shown, it’s came up occasionally since BB19

  • DaVonne and David talked a little. (Rare moment) David sort of nailed what’s happening this week. (another rare moment) He said he got the impression everyone was trying to convince him and Day they’ll keep Kevin just to keep her from using the veto. He said they’ll take out Kevin anyway and weaken Day and David even more. He also filled her in on what he’d said to Christmas recently. He said he told Christmas than she’d gotten duped into putting up 2 people who loved her and weren’t after her and now he was hearing her name thrown around as a target. Day said “that was good, that was really good. Brilliant.” (Maybe Day is despising him a little less? Maybe? She still isn’t convinced David won’t come after her)
  • Here’s a funny Tweet from the person running David’s Twitter that was posted after last nights episode:
  • Nicole told Kevin she wanted him to stay and said she’s never talked game with Tyler. She said she felt like they (Nic and Kev) connected on day one.
  • Nicole and Tyler chatted about angry BB fans and the different standards for men and women. They feel like women are hated when they play the game hard but it’s fine for men. (I can’t speak for all fans but I’m fine with women playing cold hearted when needed… long as they don’t deny doing it. Own that shit girl!) Nicole said women get talked about badly and told they hate women if their best ally is a man. (Not true, BB3 Danielle & Jason – BB6, BB7, BB22  Janelle & Kaysar – BB14 Britney & Lane….just to name a few) They also discussed the merits of playing a clean game.
  • Memphis and Cody said Day will be everyones target if she uses the veto. Memphis said he’s concerned Dani might put up Christmas or himself as a pawn to get Tyler out. Cody said “no f*cking way!”
  • Enzo keeps telling Day he’s done with Tyler and Christmas. He makes it sound like he’s ready to team up with David, Kevin and Day. (He can be convincing no matter who he is talking to but Day isn’t  stupid) They talked about needing to get rid of Cody’s people so he’d have to be with them.
  • Enzo said he had to keep her comfortable, under his breath after she left the room. (Cody is still Enzos #1 but why not keep Day on his side for now?)

Cody and Memphis vs the Hawks:  Birds kept circling and freaked them out. Cody said if one made a “dive bomb” he was jumping in the pool. I took a screenshot of them but it came out looking like a couple of dots so it wasn’t worth posting.

  • Tyler asked Cody if he thought Dani might put Enzo up with him. Tyler said he wouldn’t even bother to campaign if she did because he knew he wouldn’t have a chance.
  • Dani worked on Kevin a little more and encouraged him about his game and his spot in the house. She said he was only a pawn and would stay. He admitted he’d thought she was close to Tyler and thought she was going to put Day up. Dani told him she’d never do that. He told her he didn’t know if Day was going to use the veto on him.

Do we have another runner?

So many people have threatened to leave this year, it’s almost become comical. (Tyler, Ian, Nicole, Bay, maybe someone else I’m forgetting) I’m sure most of them don’t mean it and are only expressing their anger when the game isn’t going the way they want. I really don’t mention it unless someone has said it more than once. Yesterday, Ian told Nicole he’s a sore loser and said if he’s the first one in jury, he’s leaving. He said he didn’t care and he’d forfeit the money. They talked about the powers getting used and he said if a power caused him to be the first juror, he’d just say “f*ck this, I’m out.” Eventually, he backtracked and said he probably wouldn’t but said whoever had the job of a handler in the jury house would go through a really bad time. (He also mentioned the armed guard they have now, that was new info) The feeds cut but apparently, a security guard is sitting by the edge of the property because of all the attempted wall yelling this season.

Ian said the fan base was ridiculous and had treated him like garbage. He said the fans have double standards and especially for him and Nicole. Nicole agreed. He told Nicole people were mad during Tylers season when they thought a power might take him out of the game but would be fine with it if it happened to him.  Ian, along with many of them this season, have made it clear they don’t think highly of alot of the BB community.  (I don’t know what he experienced after his season and I’m guessing there were a lot of comments about a bitter jury and Dan deserving the win. He might be surprised to know that a lot of feed watchers are really only rooting for 2 people at this point, Day and Ian.) When Ian was mentioning the armed guard and people trying to get close enough to yell, he said “I want to hear screaming and then I want to hear a gun shot.” Nicole helped him by shutting that convo down fast. (Let’s show Ian we don’t all have double standards. Either take him literally and assume Ian meant it….or…….realize he said something out of frustration that he obviously didn’t mean… the same way Memphis didn’t mean he’d kick Ian in the teeth when he made that comment) Ian isn’t wrong about double standards because yesterday, Enzo made a comment to Day regarding drowning Ian. (Ian had gone to the hot tub and was trying to overhear Enzo and Days conversation. Enzo made the comment after Day pointed out that Ian was trying to hear them.  There were a lot of people furious over Enzos comment but many of those same people, didn’t have a problem with what Ian had said on the same day. I recently said I wished Christmas would come up with some less violent metaphors. I still wish she would but it isn’t because I think she means them. It’s just because she sounds like a nut when she says those things but calls Bay aggressive.

Ian has no idea how much his name has came up this week.

Everyone was told to go inside and another lockdown was called. I’ve lost count this season how many times it’s happened. No one knows if there was another wall yelling attempt or not. The hgs are sick of it and frankly, so am I. It’s easy to get offended when you’re a dedicated fan of the show and you hear hgs saying they can’t stand us. First of all, they don’t mean ALL of us so if you arn’t a jerk who harasses them after the season, they arn’t talking about you. Second, who can blame them?

People should definitely be held accountable for things they say and do during the season but it isn’t my job to try to ruin their lives. (Nicole has already lost some sponsors for laughing along at the jokes about Ian. I’d call that being held accountable)  I don’t think they should escape criticism for bad game play or boneheaded game moves. Criticize people all you want….if it’s in the context of the game. Once it over, it should be over.  I make snarky comments all the time because I’m watching a game. I don’t like some of them and I don’t have to like all of them. Once the game is over, I can wish them all well and hope they enjoy their lives. Yes, in spite of all my criticism, I’ll wish Nicole well too and hope she and Victor have a great future ahead of them. Why wouldnt I? She’s a young woman playing a game who I just don’t happen to like.

I’m sorry that I veered off on this but it was already on my mind. I think it was also the timing. When the indoor lockdown was called, you could hear the frustration coming from most of the hgs along with comments about crazy fans. Once again, they’re losing the backyard when they shouldn’t because there has been so much attempted interference this season. It was also just yesterday that Nicole and Tyler had their conversation about fans and double standards too. Day often talks to the cameras and tells us she’s trying to do what we want as long as it doesn’t screw up her game. Yesterday, she was saying we’d think she was stupid if she didn’t  make the right call.  It was just the other day that some of them were warned about the way their comments were being rec’d regarding Ian. It was just yesterday, I found out about the video Angela made about crazy fans. She was encouraging people to report threats made over social media from BB fans. People have actually made death threats….OVER A TV SHOW!  Lastly, it’s sad for me to hear the way Tyler talks about BB this season. From the first week, he’s made comments about hating it and it’s usually involved how much shit he took online after BB20. He’s apologized to Bayleigh multiple times when truthfully, he didn’t do anything to her except play the game and be a little rude to her one morning that season. I initially liked Tyler because he was an actual BB fan. He’d watched the show for years and I’m usually drawn to those players. His love of this game sounds over and it’s in large part due to the bashing he took after his season. It’s just sad.  I recently said some of the hgs should do better and be better. Some of the fans do too.

Ok, I feel like I need to lighten things back up. Remember when I called Danis shirt a quilt the other day? I found this on Twitter. It’s the couch on the set of Rosanne:

The feeds finally came back:


  • Kevin and Day were both in agreement that the house all has the “same script.” They’re doing too much reassuring over keeping Kevin so it’s obvious they’re all together. Kevin said their next move will be “threaten DaVonne” to make her feel like she’ll be a target if she uses the veto. (She’ll be a target either way so she needs to use it. If Kevin’s gone, its Day and David otb. If he’s there, it’s probably gonna be Kevin and David, no matter what they say now. Use it, wait and let someone else piss off somebody,  the target can shift) She said she wouldn’t respond well to threats. She told Kevin some of the things she’d said to Enzo. Day said she planted the seed that they should take out the people around Cody so they could have Cody with them. She figured it would get back to Cody. She said Enzo tried to put himself on the side of Day and Kevin but also said something about being in the middle of the groups. Day said she wasn’t buying Enzos bullshit. She knows he’s all about Cody.
  • Day had a talk with Dani about the veto. Dani was practically begging her not to use it. She said she’s worried about having to nom 4 people in one week. Day tried to assure her David and Kevin wouldn’t be coming after her. (didn’t work) Dani said she would be a bigger asset to Day than Kevin would be and let her know she’ll be very upset if the veto is used. (Panic has caused all of Danis understanding to go right out the window) Day wanted to know what that meant and asked if Dani wasn’t going to talk to her for weeks. Dani said she didn’t know but said if its used, it will show Day is really close to Kevin. (meaning they’ll be seen as a duo and targeted=threaten Day) Day reminded her how obvious it is that Nicole and Ian are close but no one seems to have a problem with that. There was a really long awkward silence. Day told Dani another reason to keep Kevin was because they may need him as a pawn again. Dani said they could just use Ian as a pawn. Day told her “you can’t even put him up as a pawn now.” (Bam, clocked her) Dani ended up telling Day she won it and she wasn’t going to try to tell Day what to do with it. (you know, after she was done trying to tell her what to do with it)
  • Dani met up with Cody and said “Day is friggin gonna use the friggin thing.”  She also told him she was pissed at Nicole because she knew she was going to split the vote if she had to put Ian up. Cody said if Day uses it, it will make him want to blindside her and evict Kevin. (Its already his plan, he’s just looking for justification now)
  •  Dani left to go wake up Nicole and Memphis. Christmas saw them so Dani acted like she was invited too.  They went over the pros and cons of how to handle it. The main thing they debated was the best timing to execute Dani’s new plan. As a last ditch effort, she wants to spontaneously (but really it’s planned) ask all of them to raise their hand if they are willing to vote out Tyler.  She’s hoping if Day sees this, she won’t feel the need to use it. They tried to decide if they should even do it and if so, do it as a house meeting prior to the veto ceremony or at the beginning of the ceremony.  Cody worried it might backfire. Christmas kept saying Day didn’t know what she was doing because she’d never won anything, therefore, didn’t know how to handle it.  Memphis was the most logical and did the best job of trying to see it the way Day would see it  Keep in mind, this plan isn’t just about getting Day not to use the veto.  It was about how to do damage control after Thursday, because they’re planning on lying to Day and still voting Kevin out. Danny told them all that if this plan didn’t work, she wanted them to know in advance, Ian is who she would be putting on the block.
  • The meeting broke up and Christmas told Nicole it wouldn’t look as bad for Dani to break a tie as it would for Nicole not to give Ian her vote. (Danis gonna love that) Nicole said she’ll look vicious to Day if she votes out Ian since Day thinks Ian is her #1. (she’s looking for justification too) Nicole said she’s really mad because she wants Kevin out. She said she knows she’ll have to vote Ian out and just needs time to accept it. (She’s partially venting her frustration and partially campaigning for Ian to stay,  can’t blame her)

The aftermath from the veto ceremony could be pretty fun today so have a great Monday!


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