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Big Brother 22- Sunday Recap for 9/27/20

October 3, 2020 | 23 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend since, depending on where you live, it may be one of the last warm ones for a while. Yesterday was a pretty slow day in the BB house with little game talk and lots of stuff. One of the highlights was watching Kevin make his breakfast and prepare a protein shake, if that tells you anything. Not to shade Kevin, he was very descriptive with the live feeders during the process. If he hadn’t slurped his drink and crunched his pickles right into his mic, I’d give it a higher entertainment score.

Speaking of breakfast, Cody hasn’t learned anything about grease and water. He also may cause another visit from a plumber since he rinses out his grease pan right into the sink:

The start of this recap should be giving you an indication of what the rest of it is going be like so if you’re still reading past this point, you’re definitely not a quitter!

The hgs enjoyed the backyard with all the blow up toys from what I’d guess, were at the veto comp. They played some kind of beach soccer/dodge/volley ball.

Well, at least until Nicole hit it hard enough that the ball landed up onto Dr. Wills neighbor balcony.

Tyler checked in with Christmas over Dani pushing so hard for Kevin to stay this week. Christmas was annoyed because she said she’d noticed, when Dani really wants to keep someone, she campaigns really hard against the other person. (Ya, it’s the thing called Big Brother…)

Christmas told Tyler that Cody was really starting to be on “Nicole’s radar.” Tyler laughed and said no, he isn’t. He told her Cody was Nicole’s F2 and she wasn’t after him. Christmas appeared genuinely surprised and said they’d just have to make sure it didn’t happen. (Maybe she’s realizing there may be some things going on she doesn’t know about) They both agreed they want to keep David longer than Dani and Nicole.

Cody and Enzo debated telling Christmas that Dani was trying to get her backdoored this week. They want to make sure she keeps going after Dani. (She will anyway because like Nicole, she wants to be the last woman standing)

After talking with Dani and trying to see if he had a chance to stay, Kevin apologized to Cody. Cody accepted the apology but didn’t commit to anything regarding Kevin staying. (They were both very nice during the convo but nothing has changed, and it won’t)

Memphis still really wants David to go but Christmas said they had to keep him just a little longer. Memphis agreed but will go after him if he wins the next hoh.

Memphis told Cody about Christmas being worried Cody might’ve put her otb as a pawn. (True)  To assure her that it wasn’t true, they talked about whether or not they should tell Christmas that Cody would’ve put up Enzo as the pawn.

Kevin started campaigning a little to Christmas. It won’t work but he used the right angle on her. He told her he fought hard for the veto as opposed to David, who just went for the money.

I know most people may not agree but I thought it was hilarious when I found out the details of what David did. When I recapped yesterday morning, I didn’t know it happened so quickly or that it happened in the 1st round.  I get it, that’s a stupid thing for anyone to do, especially in an All Star season…..but it’s hilarious!  This season has been such a mess and a steam roll from the Committee, I don’t even care!

David was correct when he told Christmas, he knew he would continue to be put otb, he had a chance to win some money and he took it. OTEV takes some skill and athleticism but there’s a lot of luck involved too. I can see him realizing it would be hard to win and just going for it. (I just hope when they air it, it looks as funny as it sounds, with everyone looking at him kind of stunned)  I’m not saying he should’ve done it. I’m just saying, I think it’s funny that he did.  I’ve found so little to enjoy during the middle part of the season, I guess the bar has been moved low for me.  David has never entertained me as a player but he’s very entertaining as a person. The weird way he communicates by talking in a code that no one understands and the way he takes off in a sprint, in the middle of conversations, is funny to me.  There’s something about the way he pissed off the other players that made it funny. Enzo was only mad because HE planned to go for the money. Dani was only mad because she’s trying to use it to get him evicted. Memphis wants him gone no matter what and Christmas thinks EVERYTHING is about the comps. (ya, the person who won a foot race with a broken foot) We can’t change the fact that a big alliance has won every single hoh this season but David CAN be unpredictable and confuse them. (at least it’s something)  Besides, in this particular situation, David’s chances arn’t better or worse because he took that money, it didn’t change anything.

Enzo wasn’t happy when Cody told him he could’ve used him as a pawn because nobody would evict him. Enzo said they were too far into the season to risk it. Cody, Tyler and Enzo had been talking about who would make the best pawn and Cody was arguing that Tyler would be evicted.

That’s about it for yesterday, I warned ya’. We’ll just have to wait around for Kevin to campaign for nothing and listen to everyone else plan for the double, that’s really going to be a triple.

If we’re looking ahead for who could be in trouble, there are several people. (This is assuming Kevin is already evicted)  The top of the list is probably David and Dani. Dani had the most people wanting her out, even more than David. David is still at the top of the list simply because they’ll be caught off guard. Without time to plan and talk, they could easily make the quick decision of what had already been in motion. David’s already been a target and it could easily be a fast choice for whoever is the hoh. After Dani and David, Memphis and Christmas will have the most people who want them gone so that will leave them vulnerable. (Obviously, this doesn’t factor in who wins the vetos) I’m just looking at who has the most amount of people after them. I see Tyler being at risk after these 4, along with Nicole just a little bit after Tyler. Cody and Enzo should be the 2 safest players heading into Thursdy, at least in my opinion.

Have a great Monday!


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