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Big Brother 22- Sunday Recap for 9/6/20

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Good morning all, I hope you’re having a good start to you day today. I’m heading back home from a long weekend so I’m going to keep this recap short. Honestly, there isn’t a ton to recap. Steve covered the game talk in the last thread and things are still up in the air with Tyler. It sounds like Steve will start an earlier thread today so that’s another reason to make this one short. (Mr. Beans did NOT sound please with the feeds last night!) I hope it goes better today for all of us.



  • Day and Bay continued to talk with people and see how everyone might vote.
  • Nicole promised Day she’d put in work for her this week to make sure she stayed.
  • Christmas talked to Day without committing but making it sound like Day would stay.
  • Memphis’ back issues were flaring up again because he said his skin is so raw, he can’t have another massage right now.
  • Enzo almost drank from the glass of water that contained Kevin’s dentures.
  • Tyler told Day and Bay he felt guilty and blamed himself for Bay and Day going on the block.
  • Tyler offered himself up as a replacement nom to Bay and Day. He said he’d like to go home anyway and would talk to Christmas. (This isn’t the first time Tyler has talked about wanting to go home)

I could be reading this wrong but here’s what I think’s going on. Tyler was already partially miserable and not wanting to be there. He has a girlfriend this time around that he misses, almost didn’t even do the show and can’t stand half the people in the house. He doesn’t like how gossipy some of them are and how personal they’re making the game. The two people he wanted to play the game with the most have already been evicted. On top of that, Dani successfully blamed Tyler for Day and Bay going otb.  He already has resentment towards a lot of BB fans on social media because of how much crap he took after BB20. I think he’d rather leave that do it all over again with the fans, in the event this week takes an ugly turn. Obviously. I could also be completely off base.

  • Bay and Day arn’t convinced it isn’t some kind of a set up but were happy Tyler was willing to make things right. (It’s really not Tyler’s fault they’re otb imo)
  • Day tried to convince Christmas that she and Bay are at odds and arn’t really a duo. She hopes it will increase the chances Christmas will be more comfortable keeping both of them.
  • Tyler spoke with Christmas for a long time and I’m assuming they discussed him leaving. Like Steve said in the last thread, we weren’t allowed to hear it. (My theory: If he wants to go, ptoduction will spin it only as a sacrifice he’s making for Bay and Day. They won’t want to put it out there that he’s miserable and just wants to go home too) In fairness to Tyler, he did say he knew Bay and Day were there for something bigger so I’m not taking that away from him if it’s sincere.
  • Dani became more and more convinced Tyler was up in the hoh trying to get her backdoored. The longer Tyler was up there, the worse Dani got. She tried to get Nicole to break up the conversation. Either Nicole or Dani went up there once and Christmas didn’t let them in. She said she wanted to finish her convo with Tyler. This only made it worse.
  • Nicole said her costume had to be given back to production for repair. I have no idea what kind of repair but she got a break from wearing it. She hates it, it makes her hot and its definitely not the costume experiences she’s had in the past.
  • Nicole got upset with Cody after a group of hgs were chatting in the backyard. She told him she wasn’t speaking to him for the rest of the summer. She cried to Dani and said Cody was mean and took his joking too far. (It really wasn’t that serious to me but it was to Nicole)

Here’s the short version of Nicole’s trauma: The group talked about jealousy, flirting, dating stories, etc. It was casual and some of it was funny. Nicole said she gets a little bored if who she’s with doesn’t get jealous sometimes.  The guys talked about how they handle it if a guy is hitting on their girlfriend. Cody (being ‘God’s gift to women’s and all) said he doesn’t have time for it and isn’t going to bother with having to go up to some guy and say ‘hey, she’s with  me.’ Cody made a comment saying his girlfriend didn’t put him in that position anyway. Nicole cried and said Cody was trying to say Nicole was a flirt who did put Victor in that situation. Dani tried to tell her she didn’t think Cody meant it that way but Nicole knew better. Now, we’ll have to wait and see how long she’s going to pout over it.

  • Cody, Enzo and Ian said they thought Nicole was just emotional and having a hard time with her costume. They all agreed Cody hadn’t said anything bad. The three of them sat around waiting to see if the drano was going to unstop the bathroom sink. (real exciting stuff)
  • Dani, Nicole, DaVonne and Christmas made a 4 person womens alliance. Day asked about Bsy being a part of it if she stayed and Christmas wasn’t really feeling it.
  • Christmas told Dani she was more loyal to the Committee alliance but figured they wouldn’t all make it to final 6.
  • Dani has already told Cody about the new womens alliance.
  • Day told Kevin she had something starting with the women and she’d try to get him on the outskirts of it for now and then work him in more.

Sorry guys, it’s not much so we’ll have to wait for Steve and the veto meeting. Hopefully we can get a clearer picture of what the hell is going on this week.

Have a great Labor Day!



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