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Big Brother 22 – Thursday Night Feed Updates

August 21, 2020 | 21 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

Week 3 begins with the reign of Tyler! I’m not sure what else to say about that but … meh. I mean Tyler is cool and all but he’s not the person I’d hope for in order to shake up the house. He’s the vanilla ice cream of Big Brother 22. He’ll probably have a safe week by nominating Janelle and Kaysar with Kevin as the potential replacement if there is a need for one. But that’s just a pure guess right now because as of 9:00 pm, the feeds are still down so we have no idea what he’s actually thinking. And as I write that, the feeds return!

As the feeds return, we have Tyler sitting around the living room with Fake Brett (Memphis), Da’Vonne, David, and Dani. Meanwhile, Kaysar and Janelle have migrated to the bedroom and they’re hanging around with Ian and Isaac (his puppet).

So let’s just jump into updates and see what is going on. It may be another hour or two until we get actual insight into Tyler’s thinking this week though. Probably after bedroom reveal and things calm down from there.


  • 9:00 pm – Feeds return. Nothing at all happening in the house
  • Kevin gets in the bathroom alone with Janelle
    • He confronts her on stuff that Nicole told him Janelle said
    • He says they were forming an alliance and leaving him out saying Kevin wasn’t trustworthy.  She says that Kevin has been running around the house saying Janelle and Kaysar should be a target
    • This apparently dates back to Janelle campaigning for Keesha. Oh man, these people are doomed if they can’t get together
    • Janelle basically breaks it down that she didn’t trust him but does now.
    • Kevin was convinced – and still is – that Keesha, Janelle, Kaysar, and Memphis were locked up
    • Janelle is already telling Kevin that he needs to work with whoever remains from her or Kaysar next week. Pretty grim but true
    • They know the house has the numbers and there is no changing that.
    • Kevin is pointing out how Memphis talks to Cody and Tyler a lot and Janelle says he doesn’t. She asks “why did Cody play for safety” and Kevin says “distraction”. Janelle is sure that Cody thought he was going to be backdoored. Needless to say, Kevin has a good read on the house and Janelle is super clueless this season
    • Janelle says Memphis doesn’t know what he’s doing because he’s never been in power before. Sorry Janelle, but Memphis absolutely crushed his HoH except for who he actually got out. Getting everyone to play their safety was brilliant. No way around that

Side note – I see on the ole Twitter that they’re trying to make another ‘Helen was pushed’ situation.  The issue is that Tyler’s cup was still moving when he hit the buzzer.  Here is the image I made up:

The cup on the left is the moment Tyler HIT the buzzer. The cup on the right is where it stopped. So, if anyone asks, yes, there is proof that Tyler indeed hit the buzzer before it stopped moving.  However, the problem is Julie never said anything about what happens when the buzzer is hit.  Now, if this were the Super Bowl and there was a 500-page rulebook on this game and the official rule stated the cup doesn’t count if it’s still moving, Tyler would lose 3 points. But this is a backyard dumb crapshoot game and he got 3 regardless. The only way this would remotely be a controversy for the ages would be if Janelle hit 12 and it came down to the tiebreaker time. It didn’t. Janelle got 11, Tyler got 12, he buzzed in well before the time was up so he won. Case closed.  The bell was only there for 2 reasons:  1) Lock in time for tiebreaker and 2) Make sure they do it in less than 30 seconds

  • 10:00 pm – Janelle and Kevin are still talking. They are mentioning how Christmas is the weak link in that alliance but she doesn’t see it. She (XMas) is probably like 8th place in that alliance but she thinks she’s higher. This part is true
    • Janelle asks if Kevin would take her down if she picked him for veto. He says he doesn’t know and he’d have to see if there are lines drawn. C’mon, Kevin. You go from realizing Memphis was working with Cody and Tyler to suddenly becoming dumb and not realizing there is a clear line drawn?  I can’t with these people.
    • Janelle trashes NicoleF and says she can’t believe she’s talking shit. She wants to go off on her. But she knows if she beats down Nicole (mentally) is that she’ll be the victim which is what she wants
  • Feeds down for a bit, they return and Tyler has his HoH room
  • 11:30 pm – Speaking of that fight, Kevin is re-telling the conversation with Janelle to Danielle. Dani is blown away that is the reason Janelle is so pissed at Nicole.
  • Upstairs, Tyler and Christmas form another alliance. Blah blah
    • He does confirm that it’ll be Janelle and Kayser on the block tomorrow

Alright, bedtime for me. Update tomorrow!

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