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Big Brother 22 Thursday Night Feed Updates

September 4, 2020 | 40 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

Every season there is something that happens which proves production doesn’t rig the game for anyone, and that was tonight.  You had a perfect dramatic moment happen when Cody selected Da’Vonne to play against Kevin which was a clear sign that Day is at the bottom of Cody’s totem pole. Da’Vonne clearly looked a bit pissed, but she beat Kevin and immediately shot back by putting Cody up against Memphis to which Cody lost.  Memphis apparently hates David so much that he didn’t even think to select Da’Vonne, but Dani did after she beat David.  Day beat Memphis and immediately put Dani up against Memphis. She went 2 for 2 with revenge pickings. It was beautiful.  A few rounds later, Memphis put her back up against Tyler and she beat him as well.

Things were looking like a storybook ending for Da’Vonne when she faced Christmas, who only went against Memphis by default won without even hitting her button. Da’Vonne was on fire, Christmas looked pathetic. We were set up for a sweet week of Day winning her first ever HoH and getting immediate revenge against Cody.

Then Big Brother 22 remembered it took place in the awful 2020 and Da’Vonne lost to Christmas.  She went on to win the HoH by playing two rounds only by default (no other options to choose from) and not even hitting her buzzer.  Now we’re stuck with a week of Cody once again as HoH by proxy and he’ll likely pressure Christmas to put Da’Vonne against Bayleigh. That part is not a guarantee yet, but it’s an educated guess. On top of that, we get to listen to Christmas brag all week about her comp win.  It’s going to be a tough week to blog this, but I’ll do my best!


  • 9:10 pm – Feeds finally return. This seems to be a weekly thing. They’re going to return just after the west coast airing of the show
    • Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are talking. They mention how Ian ran to Nicole to apologize about spreading rumors to Kaysar.
    • Bayleigh said she walked through the kitchen and said to Dani “I’m not sure what I did to offend you, but I apologize”. Dani just stared her down and ignored her so Bayleigh went to the bathroom and punched the wall. Thanks for letting us miss that, production!
    • Christmas in the other room talking about how she may win veto. Please don’t let her win veto. Her head will explode
    • Christmas is talking with Tyler and Tyler suggests she nominate Bayleigh and Da’Vonne
    • Now she’s talking to David and says she wants to host Big Brother when Julie retires. No.
    • In another room, Enzo is pushing to get Dani up to anyone who will listen
  • 10:00 pm – Dani is talking to Nicole
    • Nicole is bummed because Da’Vonne seems mad at her. Dani asks her what reaction she was expecting after she (Nicole) jumped in Christmas’ arms after the comp
    • Ian is weaseling out of his involvement with Kaysar blowing up the house (while speaking to Bayleigh)
    • Back to Nicole, she is pissed because she feels Ian threw her under the bus to Kaysar (he did)
    • And now to Christmas and Cody pumping up how awesome each other are
    • Bay begins to leave and Ian calls her Day. She says ‘And you just called me Day’. He apologizes but she seems upset.
  • Bay, Day, and Kevin are in the bathroom
    • They are explaining the picks during the HoH. He is confused.  Da’Vonne explains those picks cleared up that they (Bay and Day) are targets.
    • Kevin is still confused.  Da’Vonne explains how Dani picked them both.  Again, confused. They say ‘who is Ian’s best friend in the house’.. Nicole. ‘Who is Dani’s best friend in the house’.. Nicole
    • Bayleigh is like “do you see the line?”
    • They spell it out. There is a plan to take Da’Vonne and/or Bayleigh out of the game. They will likely go up together. He doesn’t see it
    • Bayleigh is pissed because Ian was talking to the girls then feeding it back to Nicole. They feel they fell into Ian’s trap
    • Kevin finally gets it
    • Then they point out now that Kaysar is gone and can’t defend himself, Ian is saying whatever he wants
    • Da’Vonne tells Kevin that Kaysar let her know Ian was the mole
  • In another room, Enzo is talking about (once again) how a champion can’t win this game.  Bro, you were HoH and you got Kaysar out. Shut up
    • Christmas tells Dani she is leaning on putting Bay/Day up.
  • Da’Vonne is talking to Nicole
    • They are talking about the competition. Nicole said she felt weird because Kevin didn’t know who to pick. Nicole thought he looked at Da’Vonne who gave her approval to put Cody vs Nicole which pissed off Nicole
    • Da’Vonne points out how Nicole rushed Christmas after the comp. Nicole says she’d do that to anyone

  • Nicole meets up with Christmas
    • Christmas jokes about Nicole tackling her.  Nicole re-tells the lie she told Da’Vonne how she would have done the same for her (I doubt Day believed that)
    • Christmas and Nicole speculate that Kaysar was jealous that Cody is just a younger him (sex symbol).
    • Christmas once again praising her own speech
  • 12:00 am – HoH room time, so I’m off to bed

Check back tomorrow

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