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Big Brother 22- Thursday Recap for 10/1/20

October 2, 2020 | 18 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies, I’m starting this one late today and it isn’t because I’m running behind. (It’s because I don’t know what the hell talk about) Here’s the thing, I’m disappointed after last night but the truth is, I’m not even sure what I wanted? Does that mean I’d feel this way no matter what happened?

I don’t care for the people who are left in the house. I’ve mentioned recentIy, I was prepared to switch to rooting for people to leave instead of rooting for someone to win. I still feel that way but ending the night with a Cody HOH has me feeling like nothing happened last night.  I know that isn’t true because 3 people left, we’re down to 6 and they have to start putting up people they’re aligned with now.  Shouldn’t I be happier?  Isn’t this what we’ve been waiting for? The final 6:

I guess what I really wanted was the alliance to be broken but it’s really just 1 tangled group of 6 anyway. The only way to fracture it was to have Cody leave because he’s the glue. There was almost no scenario where Cody was going to be evicted and I knew that going into it. Still, ‘the heart wants what the heart wants.’

I think I’ll just go through what we saw last night but focus on why they did what they did, instead of all the details. (Unless it’s something ridiculous, of course. The stupid shit is all I have left to keep me going) I’ll tell you in advance, I don’t have as many images as usual to go with what I’m covering. During the Triple, I was watching the episode on TV, on Twitter, commenting on this site, listening to a BB live stream on Twitch and taking notes at the same time. I did the best I could but my multitasking skills arn’t what they used to be. Sorry.

Triple Eviction:

Ok, I’ll start with something stupid. Although I’ve laid off this person this season, I still don’t care for Julies stylist. The gaucho pants are fine but the top is way too long to make this work. They’ve got Julie chopped up into way too many sections with this:

Eviction #1:

  • I actually liked both Kevin and David’s evixtion speeches.  I know they don’t really matter and maybe that’s why I liked Kevin’s. He pointed out that it probably didn’t matter but still gave a good reason to keep him. For the way David usually communicates, and the nervousness that happens during an eviction speech, David did really well too.
  • Enzo didn’t throw a vote to blame on Nicole or Dani.  I was curious because he was saying things to Cody as if he might be trying to set that up.
  • Kevin left 6-0 and didn’t want all the fake hugs. Kevin was otb 5 times but what demonstrated his uphill battle this season the most was when he told Julie, he’d only felt safe 6 days this season. (6 days in 2 months)
  • Has anyone noticed how Julie brings up all the important conversations the show has aired this season? It’s as if CBS wants praise and a pat on the back for showing a little of what they usually try to hide.

HOH #1:

  •  Who noticed when Christmas tried to cheat?  It’s one thing to try to change your answer at the last minute but doing it after Julie clearly stated ‘the answers are locked’ isn’t really the same thing. Granted, they have a lot of adrenaline pumping so I’m not going to rail on it too much.  If she wasn’t the person who went on and on about ‘the integrity of the game’ so much, I probably wouldn’t even mention it.
  •  I also noticed Nicole was practically laying on top of the answer box and wondered if she was tired. (Weird)
  • I wondered if Enzo threw it while I was watching. (He later confirmed he did)
  • Memphis won and put up David and Nicole.
  • I think Cody had told her Memphis might use her as a pawn so she wasn’t shocked but she wasn’t happy about it either.
  • Christmas won the Veto.
  • Nicol told Christmas not to evict her because she was her #1. (Bahahaha)
  • Christmas and Tyler probably thought Enzo was going to vote with them. Otherwise, I don’t think they would’ve tried to get out Nicole.
  • David did well in his speech pointing out that he was sitting beside a prior winner.
  • This was the moment Enzo had to decide which path he was taking. He’s agreed to everything all week and you can make an argument for both. If he keeps David, he could possibly have Tyler, Christmas and David to challenge Cody, Dani and Memphis.

Just before the veto ceremony when Christmas knew she was going to vote out Nicole

Eviction #2: David was evicted. 3-2

Let’s look at this one and what Enzo decided. Assuming it would be best for Enzo to go against Cody, this would have been the way: Christmas has said she wanted to keep David longer but Enzo may have thought she wouldn’t go against Memphis. (Everyone knew what Memphis wanted) With commercials, we don’t know what was said. It’s possible Enzo didn’t know Christmas would even vote to keep David. He and Tyler doing it would’ve caused a 3-2 vote, with Enzo on the losing side. Now, let’s assume Christmas told Enzo in a commercial break she wanted to keep David and Nicole left with a 3-2 vote. At this point, Enzo would be against Memphis, Cody and Dani. He has a F2 with both Cody and Memphis, a F3 with Memphis and Christmas and a F4 with Cody, Nicole and Dani. He has a fake F3 with Tyler and nothing with David.

Enzo may have made the right call keeping Nicole last night. (He has the same problem as Tyler, which is not getting rid of some of Cody’s numbers BEFORE last night. By the Triple, it was already too late) It’s also possible he made the wrong call as long as Memphis and Cody would’ve gone after Tyler, David, Christmas and Dani before Enzo. They may have, especially if Enzo played dumb to Cody and said ‘yo, we said we didn’t want David to go yet.’ It would’ve taken Cody’s biggest ali out but that lie would’ve been hard to pull off. We also don’t know how mad Memphis would’ve been at Christmas for keeping David.

Right after David left, Memphis could be heard saying “only took since week 2 to get him out.” (I don’t know if Memphis didn’t think David should be there since he was the first out last season or not. Maybe in the beginning, but he’s now played for 2 months so that reason is stupid. Maybe he just can’t handle that David was asked to come back early and Memphis was a replacement, who only got in because Josh had to be scratched)

The houseguests accidentally saw the screen saying it was a Triple Eviction but Julie continued to act like a big reveal was coming. (Hahaha)

HOH #2:

  • After Dr. Will practically giving the Triple away in a message, the hgs seeing it on the screen and having to go back to the sofas to sit, (which would’ve also given it away) Julie FINALLY announced what they already knew. There was going to be another round. (Shocker!)
  • I assumed Nicole would go into this hoh thinking about Tyler and Christmas trying to vote her out. (She had to know who did it) Again, she practically laid on the answer box during the comp. (Can someone get this girl a B12 shot or something?)
  • Tyler knew he was screwed. Christmas may have a little but she also knew what she could probably tell Memphis. She just had to say that she’d told him she wanted Nicole out before David, respected his hoh and didn’t use the veto but voted the way she wanted. He could be pissed but really couldn’t argue it.
  • I’ll admit, this is around the time I started wishing for Christmas to win. (The first step is admitting it, right?) The reason, Christmas would’ve made the same noms as Tyler but without the blame. Tyler tried to quit the game and I’d said I wouldn’t root for him because of it.  I found myself getting nervous over him being evicted last night, without realizing I was doing it. That’s the moment I knew, he’s the one I’d still like to see win. (It wasn’t on purpose so it shouldn’t count)
  • Julie trying to do the salamanders voice was hilarious!
  • WTF were the questions tho? What did Julie say first? “dreaded or speculated?”
  • Tyler won the HOH.
  • While Dani was trying to avoid the block, she wasn’t even looking Tyler in the eye. (Anyone could tell she was full of shit)
  • Like Enzo during the last vote, Tyler’s noms possibly locked him into his end game path. (He’s a good player and I’m not sure these would’ve been his noms if he’d had more time to think)
  • Tyler noms Dani and Nicole.
  • Coming back from commercial, Nicole could be heard saying “I feel like I’m in a nightmare.” (Hey Nicole, 5x otb Kevin says hi)
  • Dani’s rage was fantastic but sad too….because we could’ve had a week of her being pissed off, realizing she was the target, finding out Cody might not keep her, watching Nicole and Dani talk shit about each other but, nope, we can’t have nice things! It was over in a matter of minutes.
  • Moving to the veto comp, I kind of wanted Dani to win, partly to give Tyler another shot at fixing his possible mistake and just to shake things up.
  • Christmas had to be pissed she was out of the comp so fast and Nicole took a hard fall. It also looked like Cody threw it. (He kind of had to, right?)
  • Tyler won the Veto
  • Danis speech was the Dani we knew from years before. ‘Mean Dani’ is easier to take when its mean for a reason and is about the game. She reminded everyone about Tyler and Christmas having a F2 and she knew she was leaving. (In her head, was she saying “this is so annoying?”)
  • Tyler left the noms the same and gave a brief explanation. (They were still pissed but it was smart to do it, just to remind them they’d been after him first)

Eviction #3: Dani was evicted unanimously.

Christmas not getting a hug and saying “I guess its gonna be personal” and Dani saying “I guess so”

Instead of Enzo, it was Tyler who had to make a big decision. In a double, (or triple in this case) people tend to revert back to the plans they had. They don’t really have time to calculate a new one. If Tyler would’ve had time, would he have realized Enzo had just sunk him by not keeping David? Enzo had been lying to him so would this have led him to think Enzo was only loyal to Cody? Would he have put Cody and Enzo otb? Would he have put Memphis and Cody otb?

If Cody and Enzo go up, Dani and Nicole keep Cody and Christmas keeps Enzo. Memphis would decide if he was going with his F2 with Cody or the one with Enzo. If he chooses Cody, he stays. If he chooses to keep Enzo, Tyler breaks the tie. Does Tyler get out Cody?  Does he take out Enzo since Enzo just lied to him? (I have to think Tyler evicts Cody but that only happens if Memphis wants to stick with Enzo) I wont go thru the whole thing if Tyler had put Memphis up with Cody. It’s the same scenario, except instead of Memphis, Enzo becomes the person who is deciding which F2 he’s going with, Cody or Memphis. Enzo would also be deciding if he was tying the vote for Tyler to break it.

If Memphis felt differently about Tyler, maybe Tyler goes to him and says, “we have to work together, there’s no breaking Cody and Enzo.” That doesn’t work because Memphis has a F2 with both Cody and Enzo. He doesn’t want either to go and would rather Tyler go out next anyway.  On one hand, Tyler needed to switch targets, let go of the feud with Dani and try to take out one of the guys. On the other hand, he’d have no way of knowing which of the guys he could even get rid of, the plan may fail, he’d have the guys still after him AND still have Dani after him too if he left her in the house. (Like Enzo, his mistake wasn’t as much last night as it was weeks ago, when he let Cody gain too much control)

Cody voting out Dani

I wasn’t surprised Dani was mad and told Julie she didn’t like Christmas. I WAS surprised that she was shocked over Cody keeping Nicole. (Do none of these people remember Cody and Nicole playing together in BB16? How about the wall yeller saying Nicole and Cody were together?) Danis mistake wasn’t letting Ian go, like she told Juile. I mean, it was a mistake but she screwed up when she targeted Janelle, someone who would’ve been extremely loyal to her. She also screwed up by choosing Nicole as someone who wouldn’t screw her over. Danibwas determined to make sure the tv viewers knew Tyler tried hard to quit. Lol

HOH #3:

Cody won the hoh last night so we’re right back where we left off yesterday afternoon, only with 3 less people. The Triple gave Cody exactly what he needed and couldn’t have gone better for him. He’ll put Tyler and Christmas otb, Christmas will be the target and his only obstacle will be making Memphis ok with it. Nicole will want both of them out now so I don’t know if she’ll try to influence Cody one direction or another. (It won’t mater because Cody always wins these arguments)

Nicole was made a have not. She’s the only one this week and it’s the last week for it. She said she didn’t understand why Enzo chose her. (She’s forgotten that last week, when Enzo volunteered for Cody to pick him, Nicole lied and said she was going to volunteer. She told Enzo she’d do it next week….it’s now next week)

She cried a little, I guess over getting 2 votes against her and being a have not. She said she didn’t want to be in the HN room alone. (Do these people sleep in groups at home? What the hell?) Everyone agreed to rotate sleeping up there with her and Enzo even said he’d  eat slop with her. (He just got done too) Later, she was annoyed over anyone being in the room with her and said she’d rather be there by herself. As annoying as she is, it’s a mistake for people to still be thinking that Nicole can’t win this game. She probably won’t because of the competition left in the house but NOT because she can’t get the votes. She absolutely can get the votes at the F2 for the win. I just don’t want anyone to be shocked by it if it were to happen.  I’m also not saying she’s likely to win. It would depend who she was up against. If she makes it to the F2 and loses, it won’t to be because these players aren’t willing to award a prior winner again.

Have a great weekend….since we can’t change the shit show we’re watching anyway!

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