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Big Brother 22- Thursday Recap for 10/22/20

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Morning BBJunkies, Christmas is officially cancelled! I’ve been wanting to say that for awhile and I’m not gonna lie, it feels good. She gave it her best effort which was decent, just not nearly as great as she thinks it’s been. Her interview with Julie was just…wow, I mean, wow! When she said she thought she could’ve beaten all the remaining players, even Julie pressed her by asking “who, who do you think you could beat?” She acted as if she had to fight for her life otb 4 times. This season, we’ve gone from ‘a few tries and a few guys’ to ‘4 tries and a whole lotta lies’ as far as I’m concerned.


Don’t forget Christmas wants Julie’s job so I guess all her speeches have been practice.

There’s obviously not much to recap as far as game talk from the feeds. We know the winner of part 1 of the final hoh comp. Steve’s already covered it and I’ll give my thoughts on it later but for now, it’s Nicole. The only interesting thing I heard on the feeds early yesterday was from Nicole. Interesting may be a stretch as it was more typical Nicole. She was complaining to Enzo about Christmas. She was annoyed because of the way Christmas was campaigning. She said she was frustrated, since one week Christmas called Nicole being a prior winner a negative for her to win and the next week, she was acting like it was threatening. (It’s called campaigning) I said a long time ago that one of Nicole’s problems was she wanted it both ways. Her ego wants her to be seen as a threat in the game but doesn’t want to be targeted because of it.  Nicole was also upset at the thought of Christmas going to jury because she’s worried about what she’ll say. I don’t like Christmas either but where the hell is she supposed to go? It’s one or the other! (Unless they change it up because of Covid, Christmas won’t actually go to the jury house since she finished 4th)


Nicole brought up Dan Gheesling in the same conversation, I guess since they’re both prior winners and practically the same. (Hahahaha) She told Enzo about an old NYT article calling Dan the best to ever play the game but pointed out Dan only got one vote sitting against Ian. (I’ve already talked about why Dan lost BB14 so I won’t now) However, it would be nice if these self described superfans knew BB had been around for awhile, knew there was a thing called BB10 and had actually seen a season before BB16. Just sayin.’ Maybe that’s why Nicole gets such an attitude with older players. Maybe she doesn’t like being reminded of their existence. Does she think her BB16 season was the beginning of all this shit???

I’m just going to focus on the episode and mainly the jury segment, since that’s the most informative thing we’ve seen in days. (Maybe)

My thoughts from the episode:

  • Production likes their monologues from hgs who are headed out the door. On Wednesday, we saw Christmas crying over a Memphis comic and last night, she went over the 3 times Enzo burned her. Here’s the problem tho, he only burned her 1 time. In the same way Christmas has changed history from BB19, she’s done it with this season too. The truth:
  • #1- Enzo put her otb BUT she volunteered to go up as a pawn. #2- He put her up this week BUT noms didn’t matter. #3- Yes, he didn’t vote out Nicole and that’s the ONLY time he burned her. (She’s been saying she was blindsided at the final 3 on bb19 and that’s a lie. We watched her volunteer to Paul and Josh to leave so they could be the final 2)
  • She remained consistent by giving another cringy speech. You can’t call people out while giggling, it loses its effect.
  • This was Codys expression when she told Enzo he’d get 3rd place but before she turned back to him to say “sorry.” Its like the nervous laughter, why do it if you’re going to apologize for it?
  • Enzos reaction:
  • Nicole’s speech was weird too. The things she said to Cody would make more sense trying to get him to take her to the F2. She may as well have said to Enzo “yo, you’re outta here.” (Let’s be real, it would sound more like yoooo, you’re outta heeereeeee) At first, I thought she was faking being nervous but it may have been real. No matter what he’s been saying, Cody did lie to her before and evict her on BB16. Some of that has so stick with you. She also decided to tell the viewers she peed her pants. (It’s her time so I suppose she can use it to get out the info she feels is most pertinent to her game)
  • I’ve already mentioned how delusional Christmas was about her game this season. She really thinks she was Cody’s toughest competition and doesn’t realize it would’ve taken an actual Christmas miracle for her to have gotten 5 votes from the jury this year. She did NOT know about the 2nd wiseguys alliance, in spite of telling Julie she knew everything.  It also didn’t take 4 tries to get her out since she was just a pawn but she’s gone now so we can move on.
  • Once again, Cody came out on top with the good bye messages. Nicole usually does ok, Enzos are really bad but Cody consistently tells the evicted hg how he’s the reason they left without seeming too cocky. That’s a fine line to walk and he’s done a good job.
  • Production gave Nicole the champion edit last night. I guess they have to cover their bases in case she can get the votes for the win. From Enzos edit, it sounds like they think he’s Done-zo, Enzo.
  • They finally got to hear from their loved ones and it was more strange than emotional, for me at least. I usually get a little choked up but last night was just funny. Enzo announced he was crying, when he showed no signs of crying and Nicole was mostly relieved Vic finally said he was proud of her. She must complain alot in her real life because later, on the feeds, she still had an issue with Vics message. She was happy he’d FINALLY said he was proud of her but didn’t like that he’d said it had been the longest time of his life, or however he worded it. It made her wonder what had been going on to make it so long. She also said she thought he looked miserable. (Am I dumb or wasn’t that just his way of saying he really missed her??)

We got more from the jury and honestly, that’s become the best part of the episodes as far as I’m concerned. We can’t take everything they’re saying as the truth but at least it’s some entertainment.

  • Dani keeps pushing for Cody and if it’s really like they’re portraying it, it’s something that could turn the jury. She could make people want to do the opposite and doesn’t seem to realize it. (think Raven pulling for Paul in BB19)
  • When Tyler heard that Enzo told Cody about the 2nd wiseguy alliance, Tyler talked like he thought Cody was leading Enzo around. This isn’t good because Tyler and DaVonne were and probably are the two people most rooting for Enzo. (Tyler also told Enzo he had to cut Cody to win before he left the house)
  • I wasn’t surprised to hear David making a case for Nicole since he’d said similar things in the house.  I did think there was a chance he might be bitter because she blamed the Ian vote on him. Unless it was staged, David was also the first person to get up and greet Memphis when he arrived. David was a bad player but maybe he’ll make a good juror.
  • Dani didn’t even want to let David finish a sentence to make a case for Nicole. For the record, Kevin wasn’t rude when he spoke to Dani and said “let David finish his point” but she was very rude when she’d cut off David a moment before. (I’ve always said I’ve never liked Dani and still don’t regret saying it, fan fave or not)
  • As expected, the jury doesn’t seem to see getting Memphis out as a big move and if they do, they see it as Codys move, not Nicoles.

Feeds from last night:


Yes, Nicole won part 1 of the final hoh comp. She said correctly, she bet everyone was shocked and said she was too. Part 1 should’ve been Cody’s to lose and he lost. In fairness to Cody, it was the spinning discs which takes strength and a strong stomach to go along with it. Enzo said it made him nauseous but I didn’t hear Cody say it made him feel that way. He talked more about the hard hits he was taking and complained Nicole didn’t get hit as hard. (She may have but since she’s small, it may not have impacted her as much. Your own body weight factors into it and small feet may have helped too) However it happened, congrats to Nicole. (I threw up in my mouth a little on that one) She did it and knows she’ll be competing in part 3. She’s there and in her way, she’s earned it.

This is the BB22 comp beast struggling to open a Gatorade. This image cracks me up for some reason.

  • Nicole argued with Cody and said she did get hit in the comp but said not as much. She thought maybe that had something to do with weight too. She told him she was solid the entire time, I guess as a way to tell him she wasn’t losing anytime soon. (Maybe he got knocked off so she wanted him to know she could’ve lasted a long time, even if that hadn’t happened. Not sure)
  • Enzo said the entire comp last about 30 minutes.
  • Once alone, Enzo said he wasn’t good at endurance and when he saw the comp, he knew he couldn’t win. (I never thought he had much of a chance at endurance, no matter the comp) He said it made him sick, seeing his kids got him emotional and mumbled something about finishing 3rd again.
  • I’m sure all those things are true but Enzo was mostly realizing his plan had just gone terribly wrong because Cody was supposed to win part 1. He said his season ended if he didn’t win the next comp. He said he had to beat Cody in the next one and went over some of the days again. He also had to sit around pretending to be happy for Nicole. (I really don’t know why Enzo was confident he could beat Nicole in the next comp, but not Cody. Cody is good with both kinds of comps and Nicole may be even better than Cody with days)
  • Nicole said she was afraid to celebrate after she saw how mad Cody was after the comp. He said she definitely celebrated. Ha
  • Nicole said live feeders were shocked since there was no way she was supposed to be able to win that comp. Cody said she just did. (He was pissed)
  • Cody has an attitude with Ian or he at least wants Nicole to have one. He kept trying to convince her Ian didn’t have her back and talked shit about her. He said he didn’t know why she was always sticking up for him. Later, when Ian came up, Cody said he didn’t want do hear about Ian anymore. (No idea where this came from unless he was just pissed his perfect and easy season got messed up last night)
  • Cody told Enzo it was pissing him off that Nicole wasn’t hitting the wall. Enzo was beating himself up for crying in the DR and Cody told him to let it go.
  • They all slept in the comic room together. Cody went to sleep while Nicole and Enzo kept talking. She asked if he was feeling better and he said yes. Seeing his kids just made him anxious to get out of the house. Nicole said she wondered why their families didn’t have ‘Team Nicole,’ ‘Team Cody’ and ‘Team Enzo’ shirts on last night. (There always has to be something to bitch about)

Ok, one more of these because I think it’s hilarious and I don’t know why since I have trouble opening things all the time. I think it’s because her expressions are just so funny:

I wouldn’t read too much into the jury segment. It’s the first one to even make it look like Nicole has a chance and we have no idea how it’s edited either. For now, it sounds like Ian would gladly give it to Nicole and maybe even David. We already knew Kevin might be ok with it from before he left the house. DaVonne may be softening just a little but it sounds like for most of them, Nicole would have to cut Cody to win. Her chances may be better if he took her to the F2 instead of Nicole taking him. I actually think that could hurt her chances.

For Enzo, well, he’s screwed unless the jury plans to vote on a social game. He’ll need to cut Cody too and I just don’t see him winning the next comp. Cody could still want to take him and I know DaVonne is desperately looking for a reason to say he earned the win so a few other could be too. Memphis hurt Enzos chances even more by saying Enzo told Cody about the wiseguys. Christmas said he’d have her vote but she also told this to Nicole. My guess is she’ll end up voting with Memphis and/or Tyler.

Cody just needs to get to the F2 and not cuss out the jury, or at least that’s how it looks right now, in order for him to win. He also needs to shake off last nights loss and win part 2.

There’s an episode tonight, which I guess will be the walk down memory lane. I usually hate it but after watching this particular F4 over the past week, I’m looking forward to seeing hgs who’ve already been evicted.

Have a great Friday!


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