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Big Brother 22- Thursday Recap for 8/27/20

August 28, 2020 | 28 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies. First, let me say a big thank you for all the birthday messages yesterday. I tried to answer people individually and if I overlooked anyone, I apologize. I also wanted to thank everyone who donated to the link Steve posted. (A big thank you to Steve too!) It’s very generous of you and greatly appreciated. I’m hoping to get a new laptop soon so I can stop writing recaps on my phone. (Every B-Day that rolls around makes the need for a larger screen more necessary, so your donations will go to a good cause!)

Thoughts on Thursdays episode:

Janelle was indeed, evicted on my birthday and thanks to a couple of you and your messages, all I could hear in my head last night was “on Rockstars’ daughters birthday!” (That’s one that just keeps on giving. Lol) Speaking of Janelles eviction, she looked smokin’ last night and went out in style.

Speaking of individual style, I saw this on Twitter.  I think everyone should have their own unique look so I won’t make fun of Nicole for wanting to have hers. I might be a bit confused by it but it’s her choice so if she’s going for preteen muppet….nailed it! (You do you, girl)

Ok, one more set of ‘then and now’ pics and I promise I’ll move on with the season and give it a rest. It’s the best BB friendship in history because after Boogies recent actions, Dr. Will and Boogie can’t hold that title anymore.


Maybe I’ve been spoiled by watching Arisa Cox host BB Canada and sometimes I’m overly critical of Julie but damn girl, what is going on this season?  Arisa is a fan of BB so she keeps up with the feeds and I get it, Julie doesn’t. She was a bit misleading when Nicole A left but what storyline was Julie following last night? Memphis is NOT behind Janelles eviction. He didn’t even put her up when he was hoh….just last week. She also told Janelle Kevin loves her. wtf? No, Kevin can’t stand Janelle, he just dislikes Kaysar more. If Julie doesn’t follow along, isn’t there someone at CBS who could give her an index card with a few bullet points? Something, anything.  We’re used to having 2 story lines every year. We have the story the episodes want to build and the reality of what’s going on in the house. Julie has decided to throw in a 3rd option this year. I do understand why production is only focusing on Memphis’ alliance because there’s so much overlapping, it would be too hard to create a storyline out of it, for now.  (I need a DaVonne clip talking to Julie saying ‘Hey, Julie girl, what are you doin’ with all that mess?’ I need that in my life!)

I was let down by Nicole’s good bye message because she made it sound like she was going to really go in on Janelle but what I heard wasn’t even a clear uninvite to the wedding.  It sounded more like ‘I know you’re invited but if you’re too busy, don’t worry about showing up.’  I’d expected a much harder zing after hearing Nicole say she’d redone her message 3 times just to get it right.  After hearing how much thought Dani had put into her own message, it gave me some petty satisfaction that it wasn’t aired on the episode. Yesterday, on the feeds, Dani said her msg, she said something nice to start but ended it with “it would have been nice to work with you but don’t worry, Kaysar is coming out soon. Bye bitches.” (I guess she was referencing Janelles “bye, bye bitches” comment from BB6)

I was excited when Kaysar did so well in round 1 of the hoh comp. He didn’t just complete the round first, he walked around with the look of someone wanting to make them pay. I need Kaysar to win veto or something before he leaves just so we can yell “Whaddup Kaysaaaar!” but in Janelles voice. (I would like to relive that moment just once this season)

I know, he’d have been better off to have done poorly in the comp if he wasn’t going to win it but he didn’t know he wasn’t going to win so…..he had to go for it. Alas, it wasn’t to be, Enzo is the new HOH. This wasn’t good for Kaysar at all. There were at least a few people who may not have put Kaysar otb…Enzo isn’t on that list.

I was pleased with the comp overall and glad it wasn’t the rumored wall comp. He wouldn’t have had a chance in that one. I liked this one because it wasn’t an athletic comp, built for select body types.  The hg’s heard them constructing for so long this week, they guessed it must be the wall. There’s no way this set up took 2 days but I also heard them saying something about being able to see part of another comp. I might have misunderstood but it sounded like they could see part of the construction for the upcoming veto comp behind a wall.  Some of the comps may be smaller and less elaborate this year due to covid. If production is working with less staff, it could effect the construction time they have.  It also sounds like The hoh stuff is being left in the storage room this year. The hg’s have to go get it, take it up to the hoh room and then fake a surprised ‘who wants to see my HOH room?’  Maybe they won’t air the HOH room reveals this summer. (Fine with me) They’re doing it this way because it keeps the crew out of the house as much as possible.

From the live feeds:

  • Enzo drank his beer quickly and had hoped they’d give him more. (They didn’t)
  • He talked with Cody and Christmas individually but said he wanted to hold off on all the meetings with people until today.
  • There was talk about the 2 votes to keep Janelle. Dani asked Kaysar who he thought it could be. He told her he didn’t care. (Haha)
  • Cody asked Dani if she did it after she told him it would’ve been funny if they’d done the vote plan she’d suggested. She said there would’ve been 4 votes if they’d done it too. She told him she didn’t do it. (Dani had asked Cody earlier in the day if the two of them should vote for Janelle to stay so they could blame it on Day and Bay. He told her he didn’t want to do it)
  • Enzo talked to Cody about the votes but he didn’t admit he’d been one of them. Cody and Enzo said they didn’t like Day cheering for Kaysar in the comp. (Bay did too)  I think they’re just looking for reasons at this point because if they want to hide their alliance, it should be OK if they cheer for someone else.
  •  Memphis and Kaysar discussed the 2 votes and who might go on the block. Memphis said he thought David could be a target since he’d stirred up so much stuff this week.  He also said no one would want to be stuck with David in jury and he’d probably vote irrationally if he was a jury vote. He thought there was a chance they could convince people to vote him out.
  • Enzo told Christmas she was good this week.  After he used his safety on her, it seems like he’s been trying to make Christmas his plus 1 for his alliance.  She isn’t actually in any alliances with him and he doesn’t know she’s with Tyler and really close to Nicole.  He felt her out a little bit regarding Dani. Enzo’s already had Dani in his sights and wants her out soon. (Not now but soon)   He got Christmas to say that Dani is in a really good spot, talks to everyone and somehow managed to be the last person in the house chosen as a have not. If he’s tossing out bait hoping someone else will suggest taking out Dani, no one is biting. He asked her thoughts on Nicole and Chriatmas said Nicole was legit. She said Nicole is close to Ian and Dani and Dani is close to Cody. He said he knew the entire house wanted Kaysar to go up. Christmas said she liked Kaysar and thought he’d confide in her. (I don’t see it happening because Enzo is completely loyal to Cody but there is a tiny, tiny chance Christmas and Bay could talk Enzo out of going after Kaysar….I mean minuscule chance tho)
  • Dani cooked a pot of slop and Tyler & Day (also have nots) thought she was over cooking it. That turned into a whole thing with Dani telling them to cook their own if they didn’t like the way she was doing it. (Dani had already been trying to get out of have nots and it’s one of the reasons she got on Enzos radar to begin with.)
  • A couple of days ago, Dani told Enzo he should make Day a have not. Later, Dani went to Day and said “I think Enzo is going to make you a have not.” This irritated Enzo and it’s what started the talk he had with Cody about not trusting her. Enzo told Cody, Dani is bad about saying things and going to other people and saying you said those things.
  • More slop talk and how Dani is making it too runny. With Dani and Day both being have nots, this could get interesting this week.
  •  Kaysar approached Dani about them possibly working together and wondered if she might be able to help him avoid going on the block. She told him she didn’t talk game with Enzo very much. Later, she told Cody that Kayaar had approached her.
  • Cody told Ian he wanted Kaysar to go. He said if someone is coming back, he doesn’t want Janelle and Kaysar in the house together again. Ian said he understood and didn’t want to rock the boat. Ian slipped in that David could be a problem. (Ian knows he could work with Kaysar)
  • There continued to be talk about the 2 votes. Tyler said he thinks they were just hinky votes and Cody said he didn’t get the reason for them.
  • There was discussion in the hoh room about how Janelle left and that she didn’t get everything packed yesterday. Dani and Nicole said she thought she was staying so she didnt pack. Tyler said Janelle knew she was leaving. Someone else said (Christmas maybe?) Janelle didn’t know the time and didnt realize she’d ran out of time to finish packing. (Dani and Nicole don’t want that to be true)  Tyler said she left in a very classy way. Enzo said he was glad he got to meet her and also said she went out with class.  Ian said it was a privilege playing with her twice. Enzo talked about Janelle rallying people in a room and trying to get votes yesterday afternoon. He said he liked that she fought to the end.  Nicole, close to having her hair buns fall off, from listening to the praise, told everyone they would have to hear what kinds of things Janelle was saying in the DR first. She reminded them Janelle had called her a rat in front of everyone. (She was trying to negate the compliments by insinuating Janelles DR comments would be ruthless so therefore, people couldn’t say she was classy)
  •  Because Dani was called to the DR, (and maybe other reasons?) Day is already starting to think Dani was one of the votes. She and Bay know someone was trying to pin it on them.

Dani’s vote was stupid and she can’t convince the hoh Bay and Day did it since Enzo made one of the votes himself.  He’s also closer to Bay than he is Dani. With a different HOH, this is a week Bay and Day could’ve found themselves in real trouble. There’s still a very small chance Day could end up in trouble because Enzo doesn’t trust Day anymore.  I don’t see it happening tho because Dani would be the one pushing for it and Enzo doesn’t trust her either. Unless something changes, it looks like he will nominate Kaysar and David, with Ian as a back door option (option, not necessarily the plan) if Kaysar were to win the veto.  I think a lot can actually happen this week because everyone will have a different agenda. Without the veto, Kaysar will most likely go home but that doesn’t mean other things won’t start getting exposed in the process.

Have a great Friday and weekend!


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