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Big Brother 22- Thursday Recap for 9/10/20

September 11, 2020 | 28 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all. Last night wasn’t the result some of us wanted but we got what we got.  Truthfully, I’m not sure what I wanted to happen in the HOH comp. I knew I didn’t want Cody or Nicole to win, but that was about it.

Dani, preparing to rule the house this week

There wasn’t much happening before the feeds went down yesterday but there was a conversation between Nicole and Cody worth going over.


(Nicole complained a day earlier to Cody that she didn’t get to spend as much time with him “as other people.” She was referring to Dani) Yesterday morning, this was still on her mind and she was complaining about Dani. She told Cody that Dani was on a different page than the two of them. She said Dani didn’t want to evict people in the order that was best for their games. Nicole thought they needed to have a conversation and decide together. (This mostly comes from Dani wanting Ian out before Memphis) She said most of the people Dani would put up are people who would vote to keep Nicole if she were on the block.  Cody reminded Nicole how Ian had caused damage to Nicoles game by telling Bay and Day they were going after them. He kept pushing and Nicole began to cave a little  Cody brought up the fact that Tyler doesn’t trust Dani but said he isn’t worried about Tyler.  Nicole, who’s always trusted Tyler the least, suddenly thought they should keep him around for a while. (Petty Betty!) Cody said he isn’t evicting Tyler for at least 2 weeks, regardless of what Dani may want to do. Nicole whined over thinking she was Danis #1 but knowing she isn’t. Cody told her she probably was and Nicole said “No, you’re her #1. I can tell, she follows you around. She only hangs out with me when you’re in the room. I’ve noticed it for a long time.” She told him about Dani saying Cody probably had a F2 with Enzo. Cody told her Dani had tried to make a F2 with him so she knows he doesn’t have one with Enzo. Nicole was PISSED. She said “that’s all I needed to know. She’s dead to me.” (Remind me again, weren’t they all 3 offended when Kaysar said something about a love triangle?) Nicole was also bothered by Dani telling her about the Slick Six before Cody told her. Cody reassured her that she was his #1, even when it looked like he was closer to other people. He said she’s the only one he completely trusted.

Enzo joking while giving his take on relationships and jealousy


A few other things from early in the day:

  • Dani told Nicole she thought Enzo had a power and wanted to know what it did. Nicole, still not over her talk with Cody, told Dani to just ask him.
  • Nicole also checked in with Day to make sure they were good. Day said yes and told her she didn’t really trust Christmas but would play nice for now.
  • Christmas began her day being her chipper self and yes, wearing that damn red HOH robe. (I’ve said it before, when the hoh robe is worn downstairs, it’s a good indication of hohitis)  It had at least dawned on Christmas that her reign had come to an end because she told Nicole if someone wanted to come after her, to go for it. She said she’d rage if someone tried to backdoor her. She finished by jokingly saying she’d stab someone with a butter knife. (This woman really needs some nonviolent expressions and metaphors)
  • David told Christmas she may get some backlash over her noms and said it was a checkers move while other people are playing chess. (Now that he’s got that power, he’s really trying to rile people up) A day earlier, he was telling Ian people are saying that he’s throwing comps to get under his skin. It worked too because Ian began going thru his comps, where he’d placed, etc. (David wasn’t mean about it. I just thought I just clarify based on recent comments by other hgs)

Quick take of the episode:

  • Bay was evicted in a vote that took up about 20 minutes of shows time. (That’s ridiculous and boring)
  • They had some technical difficulties which caused the hgs to not be able to hear Julie at times.
  • Those difficulties continued to the live feeds so many people couldn’t get the feeds to come on until midway through the hoh comp.
  • Christmas was annoying as hell during the comp. I was ready to toss things at the screen after hearing “shake it out” and “lock it in” hundreds of times. I’d already thought about Dan doing his coaching pep talk during a comp to the hgs in one of his seasons. I saw this on Twitter and thought ‘Yes! This, exactly!’
  • Nicole announced she was planning to pee while on the wall last night. I don’t know if she ever did but I had two thoughts. First, they hadn’t been up there long so why wouldn’t you hold it? Second, ‘girl, you still have to wear that costume. What the hell?’
  • Day fell first but she didn’t need to win. Sure, she could’ve made a move with an hoh but it may actually be better for her game to let the focus leave her right now. This was never going to be her comp.
  • It was a little fun watching Dani and Tyler try to wait each other out. The last 3 didn’t matter because the real contest was when they were at the last 4. Dani had already told Nicole she didn’t want to win, she just needed to outlast Tyler. I think when it came down to it, a letter from home, a pic of her daughter and having a win under her belt is what won out.
  • Since the episode didn’t show it, I’ll remind everyone that Bay did 500 laps on a tricycle in a couple of hours….with almost 50 of them being done with the use of only 1 pedal.
  • Day noticed Ian shivering after he fell and rushed to get his shirt off and wrap him in a blanket which was thoughtful. Did anyone else wonder why they’d choose those uncomfortable looking stools to sit on right after they’d been hanging on a wall?
  • Dani became the hoh and this was probably the best Tweet I saw last night afterwards:

Game talk after the comp:

  • David, Day and Ian moved their stuff to the have not room since they were the first 3 to fall.
  • Enzo and Cody talked about how poorly Day did in the comp. (Enzo wants to work with her so he’s not happy about it at all) Enzo bragged a bit that he could’ve won it (doubt it) and said he’d self evict if he did that badly. (Enzo is overly obsessed with comps this season. I thinks its because he took a lot of shit after BB12 for not being able to win anything) Cody pointed out that alot of great players don’t put any stock in comp wins. (Thank you Cody! I’m glad someone said it even if no one listens. I just needed to have it said. Have these people never hear of Dr. Will?)  Peter from BB Canada said it best, “If you need to win a comp, you’re already in trouble.”  This image obviously isn’t from that moment since Day is there.
  • Dani questioned Cody and wanted to know what Tyler whispered to him after the show. Cody couldn’t remember and she (jokingly) told him she’d put him otb if he didn’t tell her.
  • Ian asked Nicole who she thought would go otb. She said she wasn’t sure but thought probably David and someone else. Ian said he felt bad for not winning and hoped he would soon. (Ian is paranoid everyone either knows or thinks Ian is throwing comps)
  • Day told Kevin Dani assured her she was safe this week. Kevin asked if he should be worried. Day thought Tyler and maybe David could be in trouble. Day said she still didn’t trust Dani but thinks she’s ok this week. They talked about possible alliances and who they think they could get in with. Day doesn’t think Dani, Nicole and Cody can be broken but thinks Memphis may be on the outside. (Nope, so think it Day, just keep your mouth shut about it, please, I’m begging you!) Kevin was only a little worried because he’d tried to act like he might have a power for a couple of days. (It IS why people started thinking he had one) Day had asked him why he’d do that and Kevin said he thought it would make people afraid to come after him. Day told him it would make people want to put his ass otb to flush it out. (This was a couple days ago)
  • Dani told Nicole she planned to put up Kevin and David. She said she felt guilty for telling Kevin he was good with her all this time. (True, the only person Kevin trusts besides Day is Dani.  It’s why he kept telling Day she could trust her) He has recently started to trust David too.
  • Enzo laughed over Tyler being so worried he’s going to get backdoored. He joked with Day and Kevin about how much they’ve talked about getting rid of Dani and saying they could be in trouble. (Enzo has Cody so he isn’t really worried)
  • Danny spoke with Day and asked her what she’d do. Day said she would probably nom Tyler and Christmas but tell Christmas she was pawn. Dani said if someone took a shot at Tyler, they couldn’t miss. Dani agreed that Tyler couldn’t be trusted.
  • It’s obvious some of the hgs were spoken to by production regarding some of their recent comments. I’d already mentioned the way Dani talked about Ian the day before. After the night of laughing and jokes about Ian, Dani told Nicole how much she liked Ian and how she always forgot some of his quirks were because he’s on the spectrum. (The entire think felt fake at the time) Lat night, Nicole told Christmas she didn’t want to be taken wrong or seen as mean.  She said she just won’t laugh or joke anymore. They both agreed to mention it if the other one said something they shouldn’t so they could correct it.

I’m going to have one of my ‘pause the recap and rant’ moments. I don’t think everything a hg says should be taken literally or held against them because no one is perfect. Think back to just the last 24 hours of your own life. Would you be comfortable with every single thing you’ve said to be put on a national platform? I know I wouldn’t.  I’ve probably said something stupid or embarrassing but for crying out loud, how f*cking hard is it NOT to say things that are harmful, prejudice and down right mean? For anyone to try to turn it around and think the solution is to not joke or not laugh at all is just plain stupid and overly dramatic! No people, just don’t be an asshole! It really isn’t that complicated. YOU don’t get to play victim when you’ve been made aware that YOU’VE behaved badly. Do better, be better. Moving on…

  • Nicole continued on with Christmas and retold what happened the evening Bay made the ‘few guys and a few tries’ comment. (told ya that’s why she wanted her out, it was still on her mind) Nicole changed the timeline in her newest version. Now she’s saying that she was already crying over Day thinking Nicole was pushing her into a shomance to hurt her game. She said while she was crying, Bay made the comment, which of course, makes what Bay said look much worse. (For the record, Nicole didn’t even cry right after Bay said it. She only cried later,  after Dani came in the room and Nicole told her what Bay had said) These two are going to be annoying this week, I can already tell.
  • Dani did the ‘it’s all good, go team’ thing with Christmas.
  • Dani and Cody went over options for the week. She doesn’t want to use her power because they think it could be a double, which means they’ll have a questions comp and Dani said she’s bad at questions. She’s worried about the other powers coming into play this week and they talked about Ian being a threat. They don’t like the way Nicole has gone back to wanting to protect him. She said Ian told her about Bay saying Dani was running the house and Dani asked why he hadn’t told her this already. Ian said he did tell Nicole last week and thought she knew. Dani said she plans to ask Nicole about it. (I’ve noticed this is something Ian does and it isn’t a smart game move.  Every week, with a new hoh, Ian goes to them and gives them some bit of info, as a way to bond and keep himself safe. Afterwards, when he doesn’t go on the block, he doesn’t talk to them much at all. People have noticed and it makes him look suspicious)
  • Dani is dreading putting Kevin otb  because she said he really likes her. She’s feels bad about David too because she said he likes her too. Cody joked about her being full of herself, thinking everyone likes her. He said it will be hard until noms and then once its done, it isn’t so bad. They both said they’d never put each other up or vote the other one out. Cody joked that Dani would have someone else do it for her.
  • Dani showed Cody her jellybeans and how she uses them to represent people to go over scenarios. (She actually had to debate with him about the color she’d chosen to be Cody) She said she needs the visual and ot helped her.  She asked him again what Tyler whispered to him. He didn’t know what she was talking about but she wasn’t letting it go.
  • Cody finally remembered that Tyler was only asking if he shouted out Pop Pop when he voted. (His Grandfather) That’s the big whispering secret Dani was so obsessed over. (Glad that mystery is solved!)

Today should be interesting because Kevin and David will go on the block. I’d imagine David will take himself off and then what? Will Dani put up Ian? Take the shot at Tyler? Will she be able to discuss it with anyone or does she have to do it immediately? I don’t know but I’m anxious to find out.

Have a great Friday!

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