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Big Brother 22- Thursday Recap for 9/24/20

September 25, 2020 | 22 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJ fam! I’d like to say it’s going to be an exciting week but I can’t imagine it will be, not with the winner of last nights hoh comp. Before I get started, I wanted to tell NK we’re  thinking of her and hope she doing well. Late nights arn’t the same without her. We finally have more info from the (limited) feeds and the episode to help piece things together. There were some unanswered questions in yesterdays recap, so hopefully this one will help clear some of it up. Since I’ll have 3 sections today, I’m just getting right to it:

DaVonne had everyone dancing along in the bathroom as she sang a song about Kevin not having an ass. I beleive it was called “you ain’t got no donk.”

Daytime Feeds:

  • We were able to find out there was another wall yeller and Day (it seems) found out about Nicole voting out Ian. We don’t known how it was discussed or what was exactly was said. We never will, unless someone talks about it after the season.
  • When Nicole was on the feeds saying she was “ok taking the fall,” this probably had to do with Day not knowing Dani was in on voting out Ian.
  • Dani told Memphis about her power in the morning and went to the DR to use it after the convo. When Dani was at odds with Nicole and Cody the night before, it was over her using the power. They wanted her to use it to give them better odds but she didn’t think it would be good for her personally. This makes sense now,  because Day knew Dani had the power and Dani assumed Day may have told Kevin. If it was used, Kevin would know Dani and Memphis were working together.
  • Kevin asked Day if she thought Dani and Memphis could be working with each other. Day said she didn’t think they were. Kevin said it was weird that Dani was up in the hoh room and then immediately went to the DR. (this was actually a good catch)
  • Nicole was more worried over Kevin winning hoh and putting her otb. Finding out about Nicole’s vote would’ve made her a bigger target to Kevin. (at least it’s what Nicole thought)
  • The wall yeller also explains Days’ new attitude towards David. David mentioned to Enzo that it took a wall yeller for Day to beleive him. Based on what had already happened in the week, it made sense that David would rather keep Kevin.
  • David confirmed to Kevin he was voting to keep him.
  • Day had 2 votes (Dani & Nicole) confirmed and told Christmas she had a 3rd. (I’m assuming she thought David) She asked Christmas to consider keeping her. She told her, with only 4 women left, Christmas didn’t have to worry about Day coming after her. They had a good talk but it was all very fake.
  • Nicole told Christmas she was sure David would put her otb. She continued having conversations with Christmas that would keep her targeting Dani.
  • David tried to talk to Nicole about the game in general. He said he didn’t think anyone would vote for him as a “newbie” even if he made it to the end. (Fishing to get her to take him?) He expressed not being able to imagine having the luxury of working on jury votes with each eviction, when he’s just trying to survive. (He’s mentioned this before) Nicole was uncomfortable and just wanted to escape the convo.

Thursday Show:

  • As expected, Day was evicted.  In an interview for US Mag, Dr. Will said, she had one of the best exit speeches of all time and it should put her at the top of the list for AFP. (She’s already who I’m planning to vote for AFP)

My AFP thoughts:  It’s kind of early to talk about this but I’m going to because I’ve already decided. Don’t worry, this isn’t a push for Day. My AFP campaigning always consists of ‘Who do you like? OK, vote for them.’ I love Kaysar and Janelle but Janelle’s won it already and left early plus I don’t see Kaysar getting the casuals vote. (They’ll be the ones who decide anyway)

Day gave me my top 3 emotional responses that I’ve had all season plus my bonus reason:

  1. I’m not a “yas queen!” kind of person because at my age, I’m the queen of my own little world….but watching Day walk on that hoh platform, looking gorgeous in that yellow dress and choose her own alliance to go against each other, in an attempt to draw a line….is still stuck in my head. It was a great moment!
  2. When she lost that same hoh comp by one question to Christmas was my saddest moment.
  3. My most excited moment was when she won the tiny veto.
  4. Unlike most returning players, including the ones this season, Day has continued to gain popularity from fans. Even well liked players usually take a hit when they return. (Ex: Nicole, Paul, Frank and this season Dani, Cody) Day has became more loved each time she’s returned. That isn’t an easy thing to accomplish because they really can’t control it.  They just have to be who they are and it’s either a good thing or it isn’t.

Vote for whoever you want, I was just sharing the reasons for my choice. Back to the episode recap:

  •  I know it wasn’t intentional but it was ironic when Nicole was the person who almost removed Days wig. It sort of summed up two seasons of their relationship.
  •  It was obvious during Days exit interview, she wasn’t shocked. The one moment of surprise, appeared to be finding out Dani was also a part of everything. I’ll be anxious to check out her other interviews to see if this is the case.
  • Like Julie, I’d also like to have a social distancing margarita with Day.
  • Dr. Will is the ‘neighbor’ and I really only had 2 thoughts when it was revealed:
  • Was Dr. Wills robe going to open too far?
  • Was David wondering who the hell he is?
  • Wednesdays veto will be OTEV.
  • We also found out next week will be a triple eviction. Since it’s a 2 hour show, I’m really hoping that means it’s going to be 2 separate doubles instead of an actual triple.

They do a triple every year on BB Canada and if you follow what I write about BB, you know BBCAN is my favorite show!  Their triple is always an exciting episode. However, there’s a trade off and it’s why I hope they’re not doing it for BBUS.  For one, like most twists, it tends to favor any large alliance because they control the votes. In BBCAN, the hoh nominates 3 people, the houseguests vote for the 1 person they want to stay and the other 2 are evicted. It gives the hoh way too much power imo.  There IS an upside if Kevin and David are going to be 2 of the next 3 to leave. We’ll get to speed up the process and just rip it off like a band-aid.  The biggest downside will be if the Committee is ready to turn on each other, instead of going after both Kevin and David.  It will happen so quickly, we won’t get to have our week of watching them turn on each other, spill secrets, campaign against each other, etc. (You know, actually worry about something for once) This is about the only thing we’ve had to look forward to for a while and it will be over in a couple of hours. We’ll be robbed of some of it anyway in a double but it’s going to be worse in a triple.

Thursday Night Feeds:

  • Cody won the hoh. (Ya, that’s really gonna shake shit up)
  • Memphis did get to play in the hoh comp again so Dani used her power.
  • They had the chance to win some money. I don’t know if there were other prizes yet. Tyler won 5k and he told Cody and Christmas, after first trying to lie about it. It also sounded like there was another 5k that we don’t know who won yet.
  • Memphis and Dani think Cody won money. They also agreed America probably hates them. Dani said we always root for the underdogs which isn’t the Committee. Memphis laughed about their alliance winning all the comps. Dani said Enzo screwed up their perfect record. (technically yes, since he isn’t in the Committee) They joked about Nicole not winning anything yet.
  • Christmas was in a foul mood. She either had the worst score in the comp or didn’t score at all. (It was some kind of golf, whacking at stuff comp. Enzo described it as Fred Flintstone golf) Christmas, talking to herself, said she’d wanted to find a way to tell “Dominique” that Dani flipped too or at least, got Nicole to do it. (Yes, she said Dominique, I guess from BB19) She was crying, said she felt worthless and knows people are coming after her. (People means Dani. She was upset over her comp performance and knowing Cody won’t put Dani otb, that’s my opinion) She also said if they come after her, it will be “the most epic eviction of all time”  and said “I’ll blow up everybody’s shit.” (I’m gonna miss Day calling her ‘old girl.’ Haha)
  • Have nots were discussed. Christmas wanted to know why Cody chose Enzo instead of David. (Remember, they shared a laugh last week over giving it right back to Day and David this week) Cody said he didn’t want to do that to David and said Enzo volunteered. He suggested she give it to Kevin. At first, she was reluctant since he’s been otb so much. Cody said it would weaken him for the veto comp and Tyler agreed….Enzo and Kevin are the have nots for the week.
  • Enzo has gone back to acting like he’s in the same boat as Kevin and David. Kevin vented his frustration to Enzo a little. (Who cares? What, it might get him put otb if Enzo talks?) Kevin had the best way of describing the situation. (and BB lately)  He said “they serve us a shit pie and are like, I’m putting it in pie form so you should be happy…no, it’s still shit.”
  • Dani didn’t waste time telling Cody that Christmas was mad over him winning the hoh.
  • Memphis let Christmas know it was Dani who had the power used on him. He’s wanting her to tell the Committee that she had it but didn’t tell them. He doesn’t want it to come from him. (Didn’t Christmas do the same thing with hers?)
  • The votes for Day weren’t discussed with the alliance. Tyler, Memphis and Cody talked about who may have done it. (I don’t see it being a big deal. It will just be an excuse they can use to target Dani. It isn’t like they don’t have others tho)

After hearing there would be prizes, I thought the veto might be a ‘how bad do you want it’ comp. Since Julie said it will be OTEV, I don’t see how those two go together. For now, Cody is planning to nominate Kevin and David. I’m expecting Dani to keep making her target bigger. I’m expecting all of the nastiness that Christmas directed towards Day, to be shifted fully to Dani this week.

Have a great Friday!

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