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Big Brother 22 Tuesday Feed Spoilers for 9/8

September 8, 2020 | 124 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Happy post first fight of the season day! That’s right, it only took about a month, but these players finally let loose last night and it was very fun to watch.  If you missed it and want a recap of the fight itself, I wrote it up last night. While I’ve been complaining about the feeds and telling people not to join, I will say that we got our money’s worth from last night alone. I’m not about to start promoting them again quite yet – at least until they stop cutting the feeds as much, but at least we finally got some entertainment!

The surprising part is that they didn’t immediately talk and become best friends again like what seems to happen in this house. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it does seem when people do pop off, they apologize when cooled down and try to pretend it never happened. While that still may happen today, there may be a chance for a bit more yelling before that happens (let’s cross our fingers).

Before I begin blogging today, I wanted to share this gem from Twitter…

For those confused, this is in reference to her incident back in 2019 when she repeatedly slammed her car against another car after losing her shit.  It’s pretty funny how that story basically sums up the Christmas from last night. She went to confront someone, flew off the handle, smashed her car into the woman’s car, then cried victim when the cops showed up. And for full transparency, she did find out her bf was smashing some girl while she was pregnant, but it’s weird she didn’t hit his car.

Before I begin today, be sure to follow me on Instagram! I’m so close to 1k that I can smell it! And it smells gooood.  Also, drop a follow on Facebook as well because why not?


  • 11:45 am – Da’Vonne is in the bathroom talking with Dani
    • Da’Vonne was pretty pissed at Tyler because he said he’s doing it yesterday because he’s an ‘ally of the BLM movement’. She took him seriously because of that
    • Da’Vonne says ‘You said he (Tyler) told you I’m going to tell Bay and Day everything’, well he came to us and said he was pitting them against each other, but he wasn’t lying when he said Dani wanted those two out (Day/Bay)
    • Day says she looked on during the fight and all the guys were kind of happy because the girls are going to take each other out.  I refer to this:
  • 2:20 pm – Wow. I took a nap and went to the store and completely forgot to publish this post. Well, it’s been a relatively quiet afternoon. I’m going to flashback a bit to see if I missed anything but here is the thread. Sorry it’s late. It’s been a draft for 3 hours now haha
    • Right now they are having some competition in the house. They are doing some sloppy show for alcohol. Hopefully Christmas gets a bit more tonight.
    • Each team is supposed to come up with a song to sell Nicole’s Sloppy Cereal
  • On a somber note, it is reported that Cody & Paulie’s grandfather passed away today. No word if Cody was told. Always tough to hear that in general, harder to know the person can’t leave for the funeral. RIP
    • After the singing competition, they did this crazy relay event where they needed to mummify a teammate, carry a lime around, bob for apples, and do cornhole.
    • It’s good to see them having a bit of fun. I love drama but this should make an entertaining edit for Thursday
  • 3:30 pm – David is talking to Da’Vonne
    • He tells her that he is testing Tyler. He told her he campaigned for Bayleigh to see if it will come back to him
    • He also noticed Enzo and Cody were up real early today. He speculates strategizing and he respects that
    • David says they want Da’Vonne to go after Christmas and he goes after Memphis. People low on their totem pole
  • In another room, Cody is talking with Ian
    • Cody says Bayleigh goes, Da’Vonne stays. Ian agrees
  • Back with David and Da’Vonne
    • David says that Christmas is protected. She made the move people wanted. This is true
  • 4:45 pm – Christmas tells Enzo she can’t believe she let herself get to that level of rage. I’m sure the girl who owns that car thinks differently


  • 6:45 pm – Man, my sleep is all crazy. Another nap? Am I sick?
    • Some highlights – Christmas feels she’s there to show you can win the game with integrity – Seriously lol.’
    • And here is Cody shaving his arms
    • I love how Cody does shit like shave his arms in front of thousands of live feeders and potentially millions of people. Seriously. Just spits in the face of gender stereotypes and I’m down with that.
    • My Facebook profile has me holding my cat and for some reason, dudes love to comment about it like it’s a bad thing.  “Shut up and go keep taking selfies with your kitty” I hear over and over.  Okay, I will.  Is that supposed to be a jab about something? Like men can’t like cats? I may not shave my arms but I respect anyone who doesn’t give a shit about gender ‘norms’ and is willing to show it without fear.  Shave your legs too if you want. I wouldn’t blame guys if they did. My legs look gross as hell like a sasquatch and shit.  Alright, rant over
  • 7:10 pm – Dani with Nicole
    • She is re-telling what Da’Vonne told her. She says she’ll give him until Thursday to open up about everything or he’s her target
    • They are talking about Ian. Dani says his rocking gives her major anxiety. Nicole says Ian called her selfish for trying to win again
    • Christmas comes in and says she doesn’t understand why Da’Vonne is so upset with her. I guess Christmas doesn’t quite understand what it’s like to have a friend? Da’Vonne was upset for her friend
    • Christmas says that the girls wanted her to backdoor Tyler. No mention how Tyler asked for it
    • Dani asks her ‘what did Tyler tell you? he wants to go home?’ She says yes but she isn’t going to disrespect the game like that
    • They talk about Tyler and the game which means feeds keep cutting and I want to punch myself
  • 8:30 pm – Christmas still justifying yesterday to herself & Tyler
    • …and of course , feeds cut
  • 9:00 pm – The house is sitting around in various areas chatting while waiting on their covid tests. Stepping away for a big
  • 10:30 pm – I’m back
    • It appeared production let Cody know about his grandfather at some point
    • He told Tyler who got approval to tell the house.
    • And now production shows Cody with a towel over his eyes, clearly upset, possibly crying. Come the fuck on. You can’t show us a pivotal conversation between Tyler and Christmas but you show a guy at a super low point? Give the guy some privacy.
    • If he ever reads this when he’s out, and I’m sure he never will, but I’m sorry for your loss, Cody.

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