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Big Brother 22 – Tuesday Feed Updates 9/15

September 15, 2020 | 69 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone! Did you miss me???

Well, I’m back for the rest of the season. My mini-vacation is done and I feel super refreshed. Ready to pump out these next 7 weeks like I’m Cam Newton starting fresh with a new team and getting his first win!  Yea, had to throw that in. Go Pats.

The other day I posted that after much consideration, I felt Da’Vonne shouldn’t use the veto on Kevin, and it appears I’m right as the fallout has been prompt. The house is pissed at Da’Vonne and plan to just throw her up there next week against Kevin if one of them are to win. And now instead of Kevin being the target, it’s probable that Da’Vonne will be it.

Now, before I continue, I will say that I commend Da’Vonne on using it because at least someone made a move this season. She tried. She will go to jury knowing that she fought with what little ammo she had and didn’t just cave in to the big guys and hope to float to the finals. While I think she had a chance to float that far, the reality is, my plan was just a wild fantasy at best. Had she used the veto on Tyler, she is definitely safe for 2-3 weeks tops but if ‘The Committee’ is still together, she’s the next one gone. So I don’t want to make it sound like I’m bashing her for using it by any means. She and Kevin have been in a really bad position the moment Da’Vonne lost that HoH competition to Christmas. That moment basically sealed the fate of Da’Vonne, Kevin, Bayleigh, and probably David.

Ian is now on the block (and I finally updated the header), and he is almost certainly the target and will be going home. He, along with Tyler, have threatened to walk if they go to jury, but they won’t. $40k+ is a lot of beans to throw away just because you don’t want to sit in a mansion for a few weeks. Plus, I know for certain that Ian has far too much respect in the game to be seen as a quitter like that.

Alright, I am off to a little late start, so let’s just jump into the feeds…

Before I begin – Follow me on Instagram!  You didn’t think I was done plugging that, did you??

Oh, and the other day I thanked a Billy for a donation. Well, I take it back! Not really in a mean way lol. The email notifications are finally catching up and I noticed the memo said it was Amy who donated under that name so I want to thank Amy instead!  I can thank Billy too. Either way, thank you Amy and thank you everyone!


  • 12:10 pm – Alright, the house is already up and Dani/Tyler are in the HoH room gabbing about Da’Vonne (shocker)
    • They talk about how Da’Vonne wants to try and play in the middle now. That’s not going to happen
    • Now after the veto, Da’Vonne is blaming Tyler for them being on the block last week while she was friendly with him last week
    • They say Kevin has been threatening people with his jury vote
    • They are planning on what to say to Christmas if Da’Vonne spills the Slick Six info
    • Dani is worried about it being a tie vote because she’ll have to evict Ian
    • Dani says she’s been politely threatening Nicole the last few days to vote to keep Tyler


  • 2:00 pm – I see the feeds keep going down every few minutes. That’s fun
    • Enzo is up in the HoH room with Cody
    • They are talking about Dani’s plan she was talking to Tyler about (which I didn’t fully understand so I didn’t write it. Problems with trying to catch up)
    • It sounds like Dani is trying to be cute with the votes so she doesn’t hurt any jury votes moving forward so she wants it to be a somewhat split vote so people like Nicole can say she at least voted for Ian. Figures, the only time they split the vote is when they want jury votes.
    • They are talking about Dani telling Enzo that people were throwing him under the bus to go up.
    • Nicole comes in and Cody ‘pretends’ to sleep by looking like he’s dead
    • Nicole says she’s pretty sure Tyler has to stay
    • Nicole wants to make sure ‘those three’ vote to keep Ian. Nicole plans on then claiming David’s vote and saying he flipped.
    • So this means they want it to be 5-3. Nicole wants to take credit for one of those 3 votes so she can not only gain favor with Ian but also try to make David be on the outs with Kevin and Day
  • The Fantastic Five or whatever meet up (Slick Six mins Bay) briefly before Christmas joins and breaks it up
    • The whole theme of the conversation is really just manipulating the vote this week to make it 5-3.  Ridiculous thing to talk about.
  • 3:30 pm – Ian is telling Enzo he only needs 4 votes to stay. Is he for real?
  • Outside, Christmas tells Da’Vonne and Nicole “people think I’m so erratic and aggressive”. Nicole says ‘nah you’re not’.  I love how Dani would have said ‘because you are!’
    • Da’Vonne tells Nicole she thinks Ian is fine.  Oh boy
  • Upstairs, Ian says he needs to get Christmas and he’ll be okay. Poor guy
  • 4:30 pm – David has been talking to Dani
    • Dani keeps saying how she wants Tyler to go blah blah
  • 4:45 pm – Gonna step away to watch the CBS show. Reminder, it’s on tonight instead of tomorrow!

Check back for updates

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