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Big Brother 22 – Tuesday Feed Updates 9/22

September 23, 2020 | 61 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone


It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house and not a ton going on to even recap about at the beginning of the post. Right now it appears as Da’Vonne will be the next member to the jury and the big question is whether or not Nicole will tell her about the vote before she goes or not.

The big thing of the day is that as of around noon, the feeds went down to pet cams. That is supposed to mean they’re filming something for the show and considering it is happening now rather than at like midnight, I think it’s possible. It is probably the neighbor segment that Julie said would air on Thursday and if that is the case, I expect a lot of downtime today.  I’m going to guess that it is likely the granny dude who harassed Brett. He’ll probably make an appearance on some ledge and yell stuff to the houseguests. They’ll have to remember it because it’ll probably be part of the HoH competition on Thursday night.

While it is possible that it’s a former houseguest, I just don’t see them doing that in an All-Star season. Think about it, how many people would be considered ‘legends’? Dan? He’s currently streaming on Twitch. Will? I doubt it. Derrick?  There is no chance after the rumors of pre-season gaming.  Rachel is unlikely considering she tweeted about it and the person would likely keep it a secret. Jeff is a maybe. Obviously not Janelle. Jordan doesn’t have the personality for that type of thing.  So yea,  I’m sticking with the granny dude and I’d put money on it being part of the HoH competition.

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Plus, let’s be real. That is a complete Big Brother move. Hype something up and then deliver that guy rather than an actual legend.

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  • 12:15 pm – Feeds still down. Expect a lot of this today if it is for the neighbor
    • Plus, neighbor today makes perfect sense. Last day with the yard so it’s really the last day they can do it.  They’d do it today rather than say yesterday or Sunday because it’ll be for the HoH competition and they want to at least give them a bit of a chance to remember stuff (plus still edit it into Thursday’s show)
  • 1:45 pm – Feeds are still down. Has to be the neighbor shit. And if so, it’ll likely be down even a bit after it’s over until the talk of that dies down because fuck us for wanting to know what’s going on in the house, right?
  • 3:00 pm – Feeds still down. Going to clean a bit be back shortly
  • 4:00 pm – Feeds have returned to…. nothing. No mention of any neighbor.  I mean it could have happened but as I posted above, production could have waited until talk died down
  • 4:45 pm – Da’Vonne pulls Christmas aside
    • She basically asks her to be honest. Should she dress up on Thursday or wear her athletic gear.  Christmas basically says to dress up
    • Now, that’s a super oversimplified version of the conversation. It wasn’t tense. It was super fake with a lot of fake compliments. But said basically said ‘you go get all dressed up’ and then backtracked by saying ‘if it leans that way’ or some shit.
    • Oh and the downtime may have been a plumbing repair.

  • 7:00 pm – Kevin is inside getting fitted for Da’Vonne’s wig
    • Outside, the house is just super bored.
    • Cody and Enzo keep trying to duck Christmas. They say all she wants to do is game talk and groan whenever she comes near.
  • 8:00 pm – A bunch of covid talk outside. It’s so surreal that they have no clue how the pandemic is going. I should be used to that by now but it’s still always crazy to me.
    • Imagine going into the house this season with absolutely zero clues on how the pandemic is outside. If it spread out of control, if there is a vaccine, etc, etc.
    • Just some random thought on this super slow night in the house
  • 9:00 pm – Another booze delivery. Should be a hint that they’re boring!
    • Nicole and Enzo hide some beer
    • They should have made special exceptions for Christmas this week. Would be nice to see CrazyC on booze with an empty stomach
    • Dani tells Da’Vonne about how Christmas wasn’t a fan of her comic.  How her name was mean and she had a big …. toe
    • That was her comic in BB19
  • Da’Vonne pulls Dani into the heart room
    • She re-tells the conversation with Christmas how she (C) basically told her she’s leaving
    • Day exaggerates a bit by saying Christmas was crying. She teared up a little at one point but she wasn’t bawling
  • 10:00 pm – Christmas, Dani, Nicole, and Memphis are outside talking.
    • Memphis asks if any show went into October. Well, Over the Top if you count it
    • And Christmas begins talking about her son….. again
    • Memphis says he doesn’t understand why people on the block hang out together so often.  Let’s take a guess…..  Just a guess.. just spitballing here..  Maybe because you all have nominated any semblance of pairs throughout the season. Janelle/Kaysar, Bayleigh/Da’Vonne, Kevin/Da’Vonne.  Maybe that’s the reason?  But maybe I’m crazy

  • 12:00 am – I was going to head to bed but there is a little stirring in the house I need to keep an eye on
    • Da’Vonne talked to Dani and got lied to again about the vote but that’s no surprise
    • However, Day came up with a plan to tell David she does believe him about the vote and she’s mad at Nicole and plans to go after her if she stays. Her way of getting his vote
    • Dani tells Nicole and Nicole says she hates the plan because Kevin is very influential. Dani asks what she means and Nicole says he’s easily influenced.  Dani tells her that’s not what influential means
    • Nicole starts to get in a panic about the plan because it could cause enough drama to let the real story slip.
    • I’m guessing this is what they meant about All-Stars:
    • I know, joke has been  used 100x before
    • Enzo comes in and says someone is on a megaphone. Feeds cut.
    • Seriously, fuck you to whoever is doing that.  If you’re a reader of this blog, I hate you.

I’m going to assume the feeds will be down for hours now so I’m off to bed.

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