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Big Brother 22 – Tuesday Feed Updates 9/29

September 29, 2020 | 69 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Can you believe it’ll be October in just two days? At this point of the year, Big Brother has wrapped up and I’m mentally prepping myself for another miserable winter of cold and snow (I seriously have to move south). However, this year I’ll be blogging well into October for the first and only time since 2016 when they had the Big Brother: Over the Top season  (re-watching some clips, Julie mentioned a few times that was the inaugural season. Well, that was a disappointing lie).

Last night, Cody was talking with Enzo and said that Derrick backed out to help give Cody a chance to win, and I’m going to call this out as bullshit.  I am 100% convinced that Derrick backed out because he knows his gimmick is exposed and will have a much harder time playing against experienced people who already know his background rather than rookies he had fooled.  If he is really expecting us to believe it was to help Cody, that only strengthens my theory that he was too scared to lose and no longer be known as a mastermind (ie, lose his belt).

Dr. Will was the original mastermind who went into Big Brother: All Stars with his former parter in crime (Boogie) and all that did was essentially help Boogie win that season. First, Derrick (like Will) would have had a much bigger target on his back which would have been a fantastic shield for Cody to slide under the radar. Second, if Derrick does make it to jury, he (like Will) could have spent that time convincing the other jury members why Cody was so deserving of the prize.

Will (the real GOAT) summed up my feelings on the Derrick situation brilliantly here:

will calls out derrick

Translation – Derrick was scared to defend his title so he tried to play the game from the sidelines where he risked nothing but gained even more rep. This season proves that Derrick is no longer in the discussion of the Big Brother GOAT.  It’s Will and Dan.  Derrick is a good player as are many others, but those two are in a completely different tier than the rest.  Dan and Will both won their initial season only to come back and basically do magic tricks to wind up back in the final 4. Dan probably should have been the only 2x winner for maneuver that saved him from going home on Week 7. I mean there is a painting on the wall of that maneuver (Dan’s funeral).  It was by far the most brilliant strategy I have seen in this game since Will pulled the ‘I hate you all’ speech.

Alright, rant over. Summary – Derrick will now be known as a good but not great player. And it will be that way until he defends his title.


  • 1:00 pm – Kevin is working Enzo for his vote.
    • He is beginning to push the $10k prize route.  Anyone with a pulse knew Kevin was going to push David out because he took the $10k so it’s very unlikely this will sway anyone. He’ll have to add a new wrinkle to this argument.
    • Kevin says he wants to ‘fuck shit up’. That’s the opposite of what I’d do in his situation. Unfortunately, Kevin, Da’Vonne, David, etc really needed to adjust their strategy to play dead. It’s not fun gameplay, but it was probably the only thing that would have advanced them further.
    • Here would be my pitch right now. Go to the guy with the power, and say – “Look Cody, I’m going to be real with you. I clearly suck at this game. I try, but I suck. Now, I may get lucky and win an HoH down the line if I stay, but that’s unlikely.  Here is what I offer you – if I actually do luck into an HoH, it’s yours. I’ll nominate whoever the fuck you want because I don’t really care who goes home at this point. And if we’re sitting in the final 2 together, I’m going to accept that I win second place. In fact, I may actually hint that you deserve the money over me and just be happy with my $50k.  Think about it. Enzo is super well liked, Nicole has the former winner argument which could benefit her if she makes it that far, Dani is liked in the jury, Tyler has played a solid game.  While your game has been phenomenal, there are only a few people in this house you’re 100% guaranteed to win that $500k, and one of them is me. The difference between me and say Memphis is that I’m offering to not only do whatever dirty work you need done but I’ll be praising you in my final 2 speech”
    • Then of course, if I sit in the final 2 with Cody, I then tell the jury that I manipulated Cody into keeping me and my strategy was to play dead because that was my only chance of winning.  Boom. $500k goes to me.
  • Alright enough about me, back to Kevin with his weak pitch to Enzo…
    • Enzo is just doing his ‘yea man’.. ‘hell yea’… and finishes Kevin sentences.  Classic signs he’s not listening or caring
    • Enzo suggests Kevin tell Cody ‘you can put me on the block as a pawn as many times as you want’
  • Kevin moves on to Tyler
    • He is basically begging Tyler to stay just one more week. He says whatever Tyler offers, Kevin won’t even need anything in return other than his vote

  • 2:30 pm – Kevin traps Dani in the kitchen
    • Kevin pitches the ‘I need one more week’ thing. If she keeps him she can nominate him next week. Alright.
  • Tyler meets up with Dani in the bedroom
    • She asks him what Kevin said and he starts re-telling Kevin’s pitch
    • Tyler says Kevin voted out Tyler to try and expose Dani and force her hand. Tyler told him Dani would have voted him out (she wouldn’t have)
    • Dani says she’s starting to get really nervous because of how little her alliance is talking around her.  Yes, she should be. Welcome to being an outcast.
    • Tyler re-tells what he talked about with David. It sounds like Dr. Will said something along the lines of ‘you have to be three steps ahead’ so they assume three people will be evicted this week.
    • They are speculating that someone gets evicted tonight and then a double on Thursday
    • Dani asks how close Tyler is with Christmas. He says not as close as people think.
  • 3:00 pm – Cody and Kevin finally talk
    • Kevin starts with the chips comment. He is putting them all on the table
    • He asks for a week again.
    • He says he doesn’t even think he could win HoH with the people in this house (he was listening!)
    • Kevin asks Cody to let the house decide. Nothing like making Cody think he’s a target because he’s leading the house
    • Kevin tells him he won’t put him on the block, but he also offers to be a pawn next week if Cody really wants someone else out
    • Okay, Im’ bored listening to Kevin repeat himself. Time to find new conversations
  • 3:30 pm – Enzo, Tyler, and Cody are up in the HoH re-telling all the conversations from the day
    • Doesn’t sound like Kevin made any progress. They’re sad because they like Kevin but the fact that he’s campaigning so hard compared to David just shows how much into this game he is than David
    • David is really playing dead and it’s going to get him far
  • 7:30 pm – Was watching the debate but it’s official – we’re run by children.
    • Due to the ridiculous warning Dr Will gave them, they are prepared for 3 people to leave this week. They were expecting 1 tonight and a double on Thursday but now they’ll probably expect a triple. I wanted them to have no time to prepare for a triple. Really pissed me off.
    • Nothing going on inside the house right now.
    • Dani meets up with Nicole to talk
    • She tells Nicole about her conversation with Kevin
  • 8:45 pm – Nicole turns down some food because she’s worried it’ll give her the ‘Hersey squirts’. That’s where we are

  • 10:20 pm – Enzo and Cody are in the HoH room chatting
    • Cody mentions how Christmas mentioned she didn’t want to sit in the final 2 with Cody yet she’s denying it
    • This is after they had a conversation with Memphis. During that conversation, Memphis mentioned how he’d vote out Nicole if she were nominated with Xmas. The guys want to stop that

Check back for updates

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