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Big Brother 22 Tuesday Feed Updates For Sept 1st

September 1, 2020 | 99 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Well, well, well, what do we have brewing in this Big Brother house of ours?  Is the happy little family of 3,000 alliances going to start crumbling? It seems the wall yeller may actually end up having a serious impact on the game because of what Ian figured out from it.  Side note – I hate wall yellers. I feel these players should be able to play their own game. HOWEVER, if this wall yeller actually does break up the Cody/Nicole thing, that helps balance out the extremely unfair advantage they got by having Derrick’s involvement in the season he was too scared to go on (yes, I said it. Easy to play from the outside when he doesn’t have to put his belt on the line).

One of the two former winners not scared to go back on the show, Ian, started putting the pieces together last night and had a talk with Kevin about it. He said this entire house is being controlled by a core pair of Nicole and Cody and they’re having others like Enzo, Tyler, and crew all feel welcome and safe while those guys fight their battles. He also mentioned that was likely what all the pre-game alliance talk was about because it’s obvious Derrick was coaching Cody and likely paired him up with Nicole. Shit, at this point, I wouldn’t even be shocked to learn Derrick floated the rumors of Nicole getting him kicked from the show as his excuse not to return. Maybe I’m going too far deep on that theory, so let’s just stick with what we do know.

After that talk, Kevin ended up having a conversation with Day and told her about the pre-game alliance theory. That is huge because Da’Vonne and Bayleigh have both been screwed over enough times in this game to know not to trust someone likely to burn them. Da’Vonne even pointed it out when Kevin said that he made a deal with Cody not to put each other up but she quickly said he’d just have someone else do it for him.  So as I said above, I hate wall yellers, but this one kind of balanced things out and may actually make this season fun to watch rather than seeing Cody just steamroll through everyone.

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  • 12:45 pm – Bayleigh is having a rare conversation with Memphis
    • There isn’t a whole lot of game talk, but I mention this because the two of them never talk. She was clearly trying to be kind to him as it appears to be a strategy to start luring in those who aren’t directly connected to Cody (or so they think).
    • Even though Memphis is, he can’t be stupid enough to see what is happening around him, can he?  Or is he that in the dark?
  • Bayleigh moves on and ends up talking with Kaysar
    • She asks him if he actually does have the dirt on Dani and what it is.
    • Kaysar says he only said that to get a reaction but still implies he does have something.
    • Bay asks him what he’d plan on saying, and Kaysar says he’d target the four (Cody, Tyler, Nicole, Dani) and say something along the lines of “So you guys think you’re slick…”
    • That would have been the perfect time for Bayleigh to tell him to make sure to actually use the slick line.  Then expose the slick six so he can drop it on the house.
    • Nicole may feel uncomfortable from that because Cody is in an alliance without her
    • Bay keeps pressing him to drop some dirt and Kaysar just doesn’t see the point. He said nobody is listening now
    • They talk about how David is blinded by the ‘cool kids’ in the house
  • 2:30 pm – It’s an outside relaxation afternoon for the house
  • 3:00 pm – Enzo and Cody meet up in the bedroom
    • Cody is speculating that Tyler went to Dani and told her that Cody/Enzo are a duo. Enzo is sure Tyler did.
    • Cody thinks either Day or Tyler said something
  • 3:30 pm – Dani is re-telling a situation that just happened
    • Apparently, while Cody and Enzo were talking, Dani entered.  She asked what was going on
    • Dani said she talked to Tyler yesterday and Cody said “what? I didn’t tell you to talk to Tyler”. So that pissed off Dani for him being bossy and annoyed
  • 7:00 pm – Slow afternoon but I have some highlights
    • After Dani vented to Nicole, she eventually went and caught up with Cody
    • She asked Cody what was up and he deflected. They went on to have a conversation about the house.
    • They agree the slick six is dead
    • She also re-told what Nicole heard from Christmas is that Bayleigh has some ‘information’ for her likely implying the alliance
    • Cody tells Dani how Tyler is making him nervous lately
    • Meanwhile, Nicole and Ian talk and she told him how she heard how Bayleigh said she’d get Nicole out because Da’Vonne has her pact


  • Ian and Kaysar talk.
    • Ian expresses his concern about his future in the game
    • They talk about Kaysar’s chances this week and he realizes he just has a nearly impossible amount of votes to get
    • Kaysar says someone needs to take a shot at Cody and Tyler but he (Kay) was the only one willing to do it
    • Ian keeps being vague about something he wants to explain Thursday. Kaysar wants to know now seeing as he’s a dead man walking and may be able to help
    • Ian is about 95% sure he knows everything about people in the house. Kaysar asks if anything can help him stay, and Ian says no.  This is true. There really isn’t a whole lot of dirt on Christmas right now
    • Ian claims there is a fake all boys alliance.  He explains that it’s fake for those on the inside but those on the outside (like David) think it’s real
    • He then explains David is outside ring, Enzo is slightly in, and Tyler slightly more in than that.  Kaysar is surprised he doesn’t think Tyler is inner core but Ian explains the wall yeller
    • (note – as of now, Ian is about 95% accurate with his read. The only thing wrong is there isn’t an official all guys alliance but David definitely feels like part of one)
    • Ian explains it’s Cody and Nicole. Dani thinks she’s part of it, but she’s not. She’s like Tyler
  • At this point, I’m beginning to strongly root for Ian. I respect people who can figure it all out without the benefit that I have of watching the feeds.
  • 8:00 pm – Feeds have been down for about an hour. On the bright side, I beat the game I was playing
  • 11:15 pm – Feeds are still down. I’m so glad that I didn’t promote the live feeds much this year because nobody wants to pay for this shit

Check back for updates

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