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Big Brother 22 – Tuesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Tu-Tu-Tuuuuesday in the Big Brother house and the normalcy continues to set in so my mood is much better today than Sunday night when I was playing virtual doctor to anyone with a cough.

Alliances in the house are still all over the place. One thing that is becoming more and more clear, however, is the four person alliance of Cody, NicoleF, Dani, and Enzo.  There are a few on the outside nearly in like Bayleigh and Da’Vonne as a duo with Tyler and Christmas as names floating around, but the four-person one is pretty set right now.


On the other side of the house, it’s very slow movement on any official alliances. Kaysar and Janelle are a duo but they’re struggling to actually get people together. There is a little traction with players like NicoleA, but they all have to jump on the train quickly because that four (mentioned above) is extremely strong.  Here is what we’re looking at:

  • Nicole – Winner
  • Cody – 2nd place
  • Danielle – 2nd place
  • Enzo – 3rd place

Even if you argue that Paul should have won (and I agree), Nicole is still a major force and knows what she is doing. This is a group of people who know how to get to the finish line. The house needs to recognize that asap otherwise I can easily see that as our final four.

Before I do live, Dani and Cody had a conversation earlier today, here are some highlights:

  • Cody tells Dani that Derrick was indeed close to coming in the house but decided not to (for whatever reason, not speculating) in enough time to tell Cody and coach him. I mention this because Tyler was fully expecting to see Kaycee in the house but Cody so she bailed later than Derrick.
  • Dani says the girls don’t really trust Janelle which is weird because she has so many female friends in real life. Maybe her Big Brother personality just pushes away girls
  • Dani jokes that everyone wants to take Cody to the final 2 because they think he’s going to pass up half million for them lol.
  • They both really like Da’Vonne and Cody said he was pissed that Paulie butted heads with her.
  • Cody got his call the second week of April. Derrick got the call the third week of March. Wow, so they basically scrapped newbies the second the lockdown started. Not surprising though.
  • Cody says during the wrap party of Paulie’s season, he (Cody) was pissed at the cast for how they treated his brother. Michelle (Meech) went up to say hi to him and he blew her off. She cried.
  • If Kaysar wins HoH, Cody is going to use the pass to compete.

Now, let’s get to the feeds. Before I do, I want to really thank everyone for their generosity this season. It has really helped recoup some losses of my domain name mistake during the off-season (I nearly lost the name I understand there is a global pandemic and a huge financial struggle, so by no means do I expect anyone to donate. I really enjoy writing down my opinions and will do it as long as I can!  But a huge thank you to Daina for her incredible donation. She is a special person who has supported this site from the beginning and has grown to be a wonderful friend.  If I didn’t thank you yet, don’t worry, I will. But I just wanted to give Daina a special shoutout for being such a wonderful human.



  • 12:30 pm – Many are outside so Janelle is taking the opportunity to work NicoleA on the vote to keep Keesha. It’s not going to work, but at least she’s trying. She clearly isn’t trying very hard because she obviously doesn’t want to stick her neck out for someone week 1 but she does need to try harder because potential allies are going to drop like flies soon enough.
    • But, I do agree with her strategy here. While she certainly wants to keep Keesha, she already has a major target on her back and doesn’t want to make it larger by campaigning for someone else. Sometimes it’s better to take smaller losses for the longterm gain. If her or Kaysar win HoH this week, the entire power dynamic can shift.
  • Christmas is outside working Kaysar a bit. I am not a fan of her, but her social game has been on point this year. She is putting herself in a very good position to attach to successful alliances while not making it obvious. She has the physical means to dominate competitions toward the end when she needs to. If she keeps it up, she’s another to watch.
  • 1:45 pm – Sounds like the backyard is closing soon. Endurance comp on Thursday?
  • 3:00 pm – Cody and Christmas are chatting. He is starting to stress out now about the reality about his vulnerability next week
    • Cody explains Kevin’s issue this week. Here is the summary – During Kevin’s season, he dealt with a certain someone named Jeff. Yes, the guy CBS was trying to force on us the last many seasons for whatever reason. The issue with Jeff is that he made a number of homophobic slurs during his season (11) and showed no signs of growing two seasons later when he had the infamous Harry Potter conversation.
    • And if you’re wondering, the Harry Potter conversation was that Jeff strongly opposes having Dumbledore as a gay character because he worked in a school. I know, you’re probably like ‘wtf does it matter’, it doesn’t. But Jeff was worked up over it.
    • Sooooo, Kevin sees Cody who has the same ‘look’ as Jeff. Immediately he gets nominated for no reason and has memories of the homophobia during his season and gets hurt.
    • The reality is, and Kevin will see it as well, Cody wasn’t even after him at all. Cody has zero homophobia in him and the only reason he nominated Kevin was Janelle and Kaysar were safe. The other ‘old school’ members were Enzo, Memphis, Kevin, and Keesha.  Memphis and Enzo were able to connect a little with Cody so it was just a process of elimination. I’ve said it from the beginning and I’m glad that Kevin was able to understand his sexuality had nothing to do with the nomination.
    • I won’t talk about it again because me talking about it may make people think it was actually an issue. It was a huge misunderstanding that was cleared up. And it also won’t be the reason Keesha goes home. That will be because Keesha has had a pretty nonexistent social game this season.

Stepping away for a bit. Will create a new post for the night stuff soon


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