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Big Brother 22- Tuesday Recap for 8/11/20

August 12, 2020 | 13 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning everyone!  The first week of BB, sometimes we don’t care who goes home, other than the unfairness of night 1 evictions. In a returning player season, it can be a little different. (Some people still don’t care and that’s fine too) Since the veto ceremony is over, (on the feeds at least) I wanted to mention a couple of things about Kevin and Keesha since one of them will be leaving this week. If their stay is only a week, I don’t want them going without at least talking about who they were as players on their original seasons and what got them invited to play again. (Other than some people who were chosen first but said no thanks)


  • BB11

He played on BB11 and made it to the final 3. He was the first houseguest to be evicted on a finale night show and not go to the jury house because the format changed after BB10. He was emotional, sweet but conniving, loyal to his real allies and had some memorable fights with people over discrimination. Jeff walked away with AFP that year and his girlfriend (now his wife) Jordan, won the 500k but many people think if the show had aired a more accurate depiction of Jeff, he’d never have been AFP. Fans remember Jeff and Jordan as the main takaway from BB11. (That’s fine too. If I’d only watched the show, so would I) I’ll always remember Kevins first game as not being afraid to stand up to people, stand up for himself and others and call people out on their bullshit. He was also only 1 comp away from the F2.

  • BB22


  • BB10

Keesha played a great game in BB10. She was backstabbed by Memphis at the F4 but didn’t go down without a fight. She wasn’t afraid to call out Dan, but mostly Memphis at the time and make them both squirm. She went off on the feeds and wouldn’t let them get away without facing her and explaining their reasons. She played loyal to her allies and was a tough competitor. Her friendship was Remy was beautiful and hilarious to watch and her birthday celebration (when the house blew up into a fight) is legendary. She also played a large part in flipping the first vote to evict Brian (Who? Exactly) the first week. He was Dans first alliance partner and could’ve been the Memphis half of the Renegades if that hadn’t happened but we’ll never know. She was also Americas Favorite Player. It may not show this week but Keesha was a firecracker and this week won’t change how I’ll remember her first season.

  • BB22

Now, enough with the nostalgia, let’s get to yesterdays recap:

  • Dani continues to do a good job checking in with Cody. They went over how their alliance building is going, discussed how nuts NicF is behaving and how much babysitting she’s going to need. Dani asked Cody, “Is Nicole f*cking insane?” She tells Cody how NicF is scared of Janelle and came in here hating her. Dani also brought up how she thinks Ian is “using who he is” for the game, the same way she’d done earlier with NicF. Like NicF, Cody said he didn’t see it and didn’t think it was the case. (Sorry Dani, peddle that shit somewhere else)
  • Enzo may be backing off Tyler a little and focusing more on Memphis as someone he doesn’t trust. He’s worried Memphis is working with Janelle and Kaysar and he and Cody talked about it. Enzo also keeps saying this new style brigade includes women instead of just the bros. He says he’s cool with it because he thinks some of the women this year are going to be more formidable than some of the guys. (He isn’t saying this condescendingly and he really connects with Da and Bay especially) As Steve already mentioned, they’ve named themselves Connect4. Cody and Enzo have the same alliance with NicF and Dani. Its 2 parallel Brigade alliances so we’ll see what happens.
  • Dani finds NicF and tries to start the day off better than the day before. She tells NicF “you are smart, you are beautiful, you are strong.” She said a few more positive affirmations to her and told her to stop being so pranoid. NicF started crying again and Dani hugged her. (Dani’s probably resisting the urge to strangle her)
  • Maybe the talk helped because NicF did some cooking yesterday. (She’d already told Dani she wasn’t going to cook because she was afraid no one would like it) Yesterday, she said “I don’t do a lot of seasonings” and I don’t know why but it cracked me up. Maybe NicF isn’t the only one who needs more sleep.
  • Dani also checked in with Janelle and had a more open talk than we’d heard before. It gave us confirmation that Dani and Janelle were working together. (At least, it let us know they’d agreed to work together preseason but I doubt it’s still real. It might be for Janelle but I doubt  Dani was planning on Kaysar being there. This could’ve changed things or Dani could’ve always been planning to throw Janelle utb. It’s not a bad strategy if she doesn’t get caught)
  • Janelle spent time with Nicola A, talked some game and did Nicoles make up. They fake debated who they should keep this week and  Janelle told her Kevin lied and backstabbed on his season, which Nicole ran and told Kevin later. Janelle said she’d like to see strong women work together and said the guys were going to bro it together. She said Keesha would put up 2 guys but Kevin would probably just go to power. Nicole is too afraid to team up with Janelle and Kaysar because she has the alliances all wrong in her head and Janelle may have put her off by wanting to keep Keesha.  She did seem to really love her make up tho. Janelle also invited her for their bedrooms night time chat later. She said they would be discussing shomances, part 2. (Haha, she’s such an asshole)
  • DaVonne did Davids hair and yes, he’s still in the house even though I rarely mention him. He’s talking with DaVonne, Nicole A and Tyler mostly about game and had some personal convos with Kaysar.
  • NicF asked Ian if he’ll do to her what he did to Boogie in BB14. He said no but what else was he going to say?
  • Dani continued to make the rounds planting seeds about how good Janelle and Kaysar are at the game. She knows she can’t take them out but it’s never too early to get someone else to think about it.
  • NicF told Janelle and Bay that on her season Natalie and Victor went out on 1 date the first week in the house. She said they broke up on day 3 and Natalie cried. She blamed that on Natalies mean goodbye message to him.
  • Everyone continued the ‘I don’t know how I’m voting yet’ talk to each other and to Keesha. Kevin has started getting more solid confirmations to keep him. Janelle told Keesha (when she was just chilling with Janelle) that she didn’t need to spend time with her trying to get her vote. Keeshas campaigning is awful and I think going otb the first week threw her. (She didn’t start out BB10 playing from behind and she may not know how to do it. The same can be said for Kevin but he got a handle on it faster AND he’s a have not so no excuses Keesha!)
  • NicF and Christmas talked about their mistrust of Janelle and how a girls alliance may form soon. They wondered if they’ll be included. (NicF needs it to happen because she can’t run and tell Cody everything if it doesn’t)
  • Dani and Tyler said they like Memphis’ alliance plan and they were on board. (They’re both lying)
  • Nicole A told Kevin he should talk to Janelle because Janelle thinks Keesha will nom 2 guys but said she didn’t know what Kevin would do. They also talked about not spending as much time together and think they should pick different bedrooms when have nots are over. (Excellent idea) We may know how the votes are heading but Nicole A doesn’t so she wants him to fight for all of them. (I won’t be surprised if its unanimous by tomorrow)
  • Bayleigh and DaVonne checked in, reaffirmed their loyalty to each other and said it sucked they couldn’t spend too much time together. They both agree that neither of them should win any comps except maybe a veto if they’re in danger.
  • DaVonne talked to the camera and told us she was sorry about Keesha and she knew fans probably wanted them to work together. She said she couldn’t put her own game in jeopardy tho. (Sad for me but very true) She said she was obviously loyal to Bay, was surprisingly feeling good about the alliance with Cody and Enzo and hoped she wasn’t making a mistake by working with Dani and NicF. She also said she loved Nicole A and Kevin but was regretting committing to them so quickly. (I don’t think it’s a mistake for her to work with NicF as long as she doesn’t start to trust her)
  • The hgs had a scheduled covid test so we’ll all wait to see if the season continues, I suppose. Janelle said she thought if someone tested positive, they’d be the only one removed from the game. I’m not sure how this would work because I could see it stopping the entire season. Maybe I’m just still not over BB Canada having to stop the show midway thru back in the Spring because of covid….and in an AMAZING season to boot! (Insert tears here)
  • Janelle brought up meeting Cody for the first time and saying he didn’t want to shake her hand. Cody asked if she was with Evil Dick at the time. She said yes and said ‘you had just had a fight with ED or something.’ This is true and Janelle wasn’t trying to remember it.  She was only managing to make Cody uncomfortable while also mentioning ED with Dani in the room and make her uncomfortable too. (2 for 1 shot)
  • They got some alcohol but it wasn’t enough to get anyone tipsy and cause drama. The deliveries they get with the small amounts of alcohol usually cause more drama by the hgs deciding how to divide it up. (People really hold grudges over this kind of thing)
  • Nicole A camera talked late into the night in the backyard. She can’t believe people want to go to bed at 10:00. She said that’s just when she’s getting started. (Lol, give it time girl, that will change) Hopefully, for her sake, she’ll be more sociable after getting off have nots. I’m not going to bash her because she did spend a couple days puking and we’ll see if she starts doing a better job trying to read the house now that she’s past it. She did have some of the house doing her crazy dance moves last night so she’s getting there.
  • Tyler and Christmas talked about the alliance Memphis started with them. They arn’t really feeling it and Tyler thinks it’s stupid to have an alliance with people that you intentionally never talk with. (Technically, it can work. Danielle and Jason from BB3 did it. The difference is, there were only 2 of them and they did play cards in the evenings together. That’s when they quietly and right in the open, without people noticing, shared info. Otherwise, they weren’t seen together much) I do agree with Tyler tho and don’t see how you can randomly pick people and say ‘hey, lets never talk but we’ve got each other.’ Most people need a little more reassurance and on a regular basis. He can’t repeat what he had with Dan with a group of 6. (Sorry Memphis, you should’ve stuck with Janelle, Kaysar and Keesha and I hope this burns your ass! Truthfully, I don’t even really dislike Memphis.  I’m just pouting) He also couldn’t do this strategy with only one other person without first building some kind of trust. I think this alliance is already falling apart and Tyler said their group needed to talk and share info and if they didnt, they’d know it was a BS alliance. Christmas felt the same way.
  • Tyler met up with Cody and went over the same concerns with the Memphis group. An additional problem Tyler mentioned was that he didn’t think Christmas and Dani liked each other. They both agreed it would be a problem. Cody told Tyler he was for sure his #1.
  • Have nots ended but they still had to sleep in the have not room, for now. Hgs arn’t sharing beds this year so I guess they don’t switch until new have nots are picked. (Not 100% on that one tho)
  • NicF suggests to Janelle they call it a night earlier and get some sleep. She’d said she needed a good nights sleep before Thursday and that she’d never been sleep deprived in the house before. (I don’t know how that’s even possible when it’s the #1 complaint from past players)
  • Janelle suggested they finish talking about shomances instead.

After the first week of play, Bayleigh, Dani and Tyler stand out to me as doing a fantastic job so far. They’re in most of the game talk and people seem to want to work with them. I’d put DaVonne, Christmas and maybe Enzo just below them. Cody isn’t as big of a target as he should be either as an outgoing HOH. (It’s not all my faves but I’ll lie to myself, not on the recap)

So much of how these alliances shake loose could depend on this next hoh. There are quite a few groups that are trying to branch out in 2 or more directions. I think who holds the power next week is going to be very important. (I don’t mean for the hgs, although it is for them too. I mean for which people group together for our viewing pleasure) If Kayar or Janelle don’t win, they’re probably targets. If they do, a few people may stop focusing on how intimidating they are and start remembering how loyal history shows they are and team up with them. I get it, you don’t want to go to the end with them but why wouldn’t you want to work with them for now? It’s also good to have people stay who are a bigger target than yourself.

Have a great Wednesday!

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