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Big Brother 22- Tuesday Recap for 8/18/20

August 19, 2020 | 20 Comments
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Author: Mel
  • Good morning BB Junkies. Last night was another late one and slowly (very slowly) a few things are starting to get pieced together for a few of the hg’s.

Yesterday consisted of NicA campaigning for herself, Kaysar working on Ian, DaVonne trying to figure out alliances and most of the house talking trash about Janelle. There was also the potential of a house meeting that’s still in the works but hasn’t happened yet.

  • Christmas was still talking about Kaysar not seeing her season and knowing she was F3. She thinks it’s crazy he wanted to work with her before he even knew how amazing she is!
  • Christmas wants to take over for Julie as host too. Kaysar, Christmas and Memphis chatted outside. While Kaysar and Memphis talked about several subjects, Christmas kept going back to the Julie convo. Finally, Kaysar noticed and said “oh, are you still talking about yourself?” (Kaysar is all of us)
  • Enzo said this season was crazy to NicF. (He was talking about all the alliances, real and fake) He said “if I was watching the live feeds, I’d be like, who the f*ck is with who?” (Enzo is also all of us)
  • Did you know NicF invited Janelle to her wedding? If you watch the feeds, you know it. You’ve probably heard it about 500 times by now. Christmas even told her to stop fixating on Janelle and how she wanted her otb. Christmas said if she kept talking about it, she’d be the one keeping it in the air as a possibility. (Very true, when Christmas can take a break from talking about herself, she isn’t all bad) NicF said she wanted to know where it came from because they asked her “in there”. (“in there” means DR and no, NicF just wants to keep talking about Janelle and how people are mean to her for no reason. That’s her game….all 3 times she’s played) NicF said that “NicA told me that was Janelles plan.” Christmas said “NicA also thought she was safe this week too.” (Haha)
  • Memphis laughing at Christmas because she talks about herself so much

  • Kevin mentioned he didn’t like the bullying from Janelle and Kaysar. (Wtf???) No one is bullying anyone. Most of the hate is coming towards Janelle and talking about Janelle behind her back isn’t bullying. It’s just trash talk and if the hoh comp involved doing it, we’d really have an exciting comp Thursday!
  • NicF laughing about the Core 4 alliance to the camera

  • NicA felt people out about having a house meeting to call out Janelle and Kaysar. (I don’t know what the hell she thinks is left to come out) NicF encouraged it and said maybe they’d get alcohol, Janelle would blow up and losing their votes might get NicA 5 new ones. (NicF knows it won’t) NicF also said Janelle has to go because if she’s in the house “she’s just going to keep pooping on me and my name.” NicF said Janelle is saying vicious things and said she isn’t like that because she has manners and is a good person. She said she doesn’t deserved to be treated like that. (There’s more but I….just….can’t with this!)
  • Christmas complained to NicF about Janelle always using her coffee mug. (I don’t thinks it’s hers with her name on it. I just think it’s one Christmas has used before too) Christmas said she thinks Janelle does it on purpose to show she’s boss. I’m not sure if this is the mug but if it is, I guess this is Janelles version of peeing on a tree to mark her territory:
  • Christmas told Ian “I’m not talking shit, I’m just observing but I don’t think Janelle is the comp beast she used to be.” Ian pointed out that they could have a crap shoot based comp coming up. Christmas didn’t seem interested in hearing about it. However, she did say “I hope it’s a crap shoot you have control over.” (???)
  • NicF told Christmas another good reason for kicking out NicA is America might vote for someone to come back. She said they should give them someone who could beat Janelle. (I don’t think this is happening but they’re delusional if they think anyone other than Janelle would be voted back in)
  • NicA confirms with Christmas and Day that Janelle has been campaigning for her and she’s still trying to figure out Janelles motive for doing it. (Face palm!)
  • NicF really wants Janelle to get an accurate edit that shows how terrible she is and she’s going to be mad if Janelle gets a good edit. She said she doesn’t think the show represents how truly horrible Janelle is all the time and has never shown that side of her. (Didn’t she watch the “bye,  bye bitches” episode or basically, any episode in BB6?)
  • This is a good time to mention Janelle taking over doing dishes for David. She said he was a have not and shouldn’t be having to do other peoples dishes.
  • David happy because Tyler is there to tell him what to do

  • Kevin was trying to understand why Day wouldn’t vote to keep NicA since they have a F3. (Do you remember that movie where Jim Carey is a lawyer and he beats himself up in a bathroom to get out of court? That’s what I’m going to look like after all this face palming)
  • Throughout the day and talking to people separately about a house meeting: Kev tried to get NicA not to have it, Day weighed the pros and cons of it with her, Dani said no way, don’t do it, (she’s worried about her own stuff coming out) and Tyler was all for it. He did the best job talking to her. (Everything he said will benefit him but it reminded me of just how good he is at this game)
  • Day reminded NicA to stop talking to people whose votes she already has and focus on the votes she needs.
  • NicA tells Ian and NicF that Kayser came up with a plan to cause trouble between the two of them and said Janelle laughed about it.
  • Ian told Cody and Dani that Kaysar was trying to work with him. (They already suspected it)
  • Christmas told Tyler he should at least hear out NicA and consider keeping her. (I mentioned yesterday, I could tell Christmas would like to keep her and Tyler hasn’t filled her in yet on why they won’t)
  • After keeping NicA riled up for days, Kevin told NicA to stop talking about Janelle because it was going to get back to her.
  • Janelle, being the nightmare that she is, made dinner for everyone.
  • NicA talked to the camera and said she wanted to stay and go after Janelle and Kaysar. She said maybe she was wrong about what she was thinking and might have to eat her words.
  • NicF told Christmas she was picking Janelle to be a have not.  She said they needed to be strategic about who they put in the have not room with her and make sure it wasn’t someone who might go over to her side. (She’s right and it’s not a coincidence Christmas has gotten much closer to NicF since they’ve been sharing that room)
  •  Cody talked to Enzo about trusting Christmas more at the moment than he does Dani, Bay or Day. Cody said Dani has an alliance with the entire house and Enzo said maybe it wasn’t that bad if Janelle won the hoh. Cody said no and said he and NicF would go on the block together.
  • Ian kept working on NicF to work with Kaysar once Janelle is gone. She isn’t about that plan at all and hopefully Ian can see it.
  • NicA got very upset with Janelle and Kayser while talking about the votes to keep her. They were being a little too analytical (that’s just how they see the game) and NicA took it as if they didn’t care about her. She got up and said she guessed she was expendable. They were stunned and tried to talk to her but she wasn’t having it. (It was more fuel for NicA’s imaginary fire)
  •  Kaysar and Janelle discussed the importance of taking out Cody if they could win the HOH because they think he’s at the top of the alliance on that side. Janelle told him if she won she would be taking out NicF and said it would be her hoh and said that “bitch had got to go.” (I never said she was sweet. I’ve just said she hasn’t done the things she gets accused of doing)
  •  David talked to Kaysar about why he was trying to campaign against him. Kaysar was honest and said it was because he was working with people that were after him. He said he’d like to work with David but he’d need to see a path to do. David told him the house changes and things don’t stay the same or something like that. (David seems like such a nice person but wow, he sucks at this game)
  •  Janelle and Bay talked about the vote and Bay told her the votes aren’t there. She said Day and Christmas won’t commit and Janelle  was frustrated that if they have a new alliance,  they can’t even vote together. Bay explained she didn’t want to get caught on the wrong side of a vote and Janelle said she’d probably want to leave herself if NicA got evicted. (She’s really turned into a mama bear with NicA. I mean, if she has a bear cub that likes to bite)
  •  Day continued trying to solve the alliance mysteries. She’s been on a mission to figure out if there’s a guy’s alliance, if Memphis is really working with Jan and Kay and whether or not David will choose her and Bay over the guys in the house.
  •  Everyone tried to console NicA after she got so ticked off at Jan and Kay. She said she didn’t want to talk and just wanted to go to bed.
  •  Kevin talked to Janelle and explained to her what he thought NicA was going through. He said she’s working out last years issues on this season and she thinks the situations are the same. (He’s right but he left out the part about him feeding it all week long) Janelle was worried about her and said it made her feel awful for NicA to have doubts about their friendship.
  • Day asked Janelle about the stuff with NicF. Day said NicF keeps telling her she likes Janelle.  Janelle  said she knows it isn’t true. She also told Day about her experience on TAR. She said they were working as a group and NicF back stabbed Rachel the 1st chance she got. She reminded Day its the same way she played BB with Day. Day was finally able to put it together and realize that it isn’t personal on Janelles end. Janelle told Day she just doesn’t like the way NicF plays the game because she isn’t trustworthy. Therefore,  NicF isn’t someone she wants to work with in the game. (NicF has been telling people Janelle didn’t like her because of Rachel. She with half right, Rachel was just another example to show Janelle NicF can’t be trusted. She doesn’t want revenge for Rachel for personal reasons)
  •  Day confided in Kevin some of the things she had been thinking and may have convinced him for the 1st time that he was wrong about the Janelle, Kaysar and Memphis situation.  She also tried to get him on board with the house meeting. She said if NicA was leaving anyway, she may as well leave with a bang  She pointed out that it was 3:00 in the morning and neither of them were even on the block.
  •  Day talked to the camera and said she’s figuring a lot of stuff out. She said Cody has a lot going on and she’s trying to figure out if she will bury herself by trying to get to the bottom of it. (Yes!)

We’ll see if today is another messy game or if some of this starts to become more clear to more of them. Either way, it’s fun for us. Speaking of fun, I hope a lot of the fans of the show (the ones who tend to go after hgs on social media) will remember that these are real people and we’re just all having fun. They’re here for now to try to win money and entertain us. We’re all (the hgs included) waiting to see who gets outsmarted by the others) Regardless who comes out on top, this game ends when the show is over. NicA will deserve a lot of crap regarding her game play for not seeing how loyal Janelle and Kaysar were to her. She won’t deserve criticism as a person. Many people loved Nicole A last summer, especially when she was bad mouthing Jackson to the camera and being confused in the house. This really isn’t any different. Her target in the confusion is only different. I hope people will remember that once this is over because it doesn’t cost anything to be considerate of someone else’s feelings and attacking her or anyone else isn’t right. Be kind, it’s just a game.

Have a great Wednesday!



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